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Pillar To Post is proud to partner with realtors all over the United States and Canada. These partnerships are incredibly valuable to our franchise owners, who benefit from being connected with major names in real estate.

We like to emphasize our connections with these companies as one of the benefits of becoming a Pillar To Post franchise owner. There can be no doubt that an existing relationship with major real estate agencies is a big benefit to our franchisees, but that’s not all. Our widely recognized brand name can help you build relationships with real estate agents in your market, giving you a way in the door.

For a taste of what real estate agents think about Pillar To Post inspectors, check out our video testimonials.

Here are some of our real estate partners’ favorite things about Pillar To Post:

  • Mobile App: Our app makes scheduling easy for realtors and home inspectors alike.
  • On-Site Reports: Print out the detailed report right there at the home, giving both the real estate agent and the potential buyer the chance to ask questions.
  • Knowledge and Training: Our training teaches you how to use our software to recognize potential problem areas in a home so that you can speak with authority.
  • Extras: With each inspection, the buyer gets a binder with a bunch of extras (repair/upgrade cost guide, seasonal maintenance guide, and more) that add value to their investment.
  • Network: As the biggest home inspection franchise in North America, Pillar To Post has over 550 franchisees to help real estate agents pretty much anywhere.

Realtor Testimonials

“Have you ever had a home inspection where the inspector blew the deal? That’s not likely to happen with Pillar To Post…They print out the report right there on site so the buyer has the report immediately in hand, can review any questions or concerns with the inspector, and the inspector will make their recommendations without alarming your prospect and killing the deal.”

Brian Moses

National Association of Expert Advisors Coach

“I am a big supporter of Pillar To Post. They support us, we support them. They’re one of our biggest sponsors. I love Pillar To Post! I recommend them to all of my buyers. I even recommend them to my sellers for a pre-listing home inspection. It’s a great company!”

Jatana Vanek

RE/MAX Executive

“After every inspection, we get a follow up call or email asking us how he did. We always say ‘5 stars’ We not only use them for our buyers’ home inspections but as many pre-listing inspections as we possibly can.”

Lisa Larkin

RE/MAX Excalibur

“The greatest thing that Pillar To Post does is the estimate of renovation costs. I love that checklist, my buyers love that checklist. I have handed hundreds of them out over the course of the last 7 years that I’ve been an agent.”

Kay Conageski

The Keyes Company

“The mobile app from Pillar To Post is an invaluable tool for me. I’m able to schedule appointments and…know when my inspector is available…It notifies my client so I look like a hero, [Pillar To Post] looks like a hero. The mobile app makes scheduling so easy and in today’s market…we’re not getting 15 day inspection periods anymore, we’re getting 5 or 7. Being able to schedule without waiting for a call back is extraordinary.”

Ben Simanton

RE/MAX Optima

“I solely refer to Pillar To Post. I love [my inspector], he’s very educated. He has a lot of relationships in the industry. He knows a lot that he brings to my clients so I can very easily refer him.”“He’s really good at being very clear and concise. It’s not just about getting the inspection done that day. It’s following back up: ‘Do you understand the right way? Do your clients understand? What am I going to do to make it better?’”

Tammy and Lisa

Keller Williams Realty

“My clients have been super happy and they leave confident, confident, confident that the home they’re buying has been pre-inspected. [He] impresses every one of my clients. Great for me, great for my clients. Couldn’t be happier.”

Brooke Russo

Big Block Realty Inc.

“I would not use anyone else unless my clients force me, but then I force them back to go to Pillar To Post. The reason I can do that is because I tell them they get those onsite inspection reports, they’re easily accessible, they’re knowledgeable…Their team is just amazing.”

Robin Howard

Robin’s Nest Realty

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  • Proprietary technology that makes home inspections easier

Pillar To Post is the #1 North American Home Inspection Franchise with more than 550+ locations in North America.

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