Best Franchise To Own in Home Inspection Industry

Joining the Pillar To Post® team as a home inspector franchise owner is an excellent way to align your financial goals with your career and future. Our proven business model is focused on your success, making us the best franchise to own. Join forces with the #1 home inspection company in the nation.

Pillar To Post Home Inspectors® franchise is for anyone interested in:

  • Being their own boss
  • Spending more time with their family
  • Making money
  • A career they enjoy
  • Helping people
  • Networking
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With Pillar To Post®, you're part of a notable company, and you can benefit from all the perks that come with it. The biggest advantage of joining our organization is that you'll have the bonus of business ownership while having the support of a dedicated home office. We’re here to help your business develop a growth strategy, gain repeat customers, and prosper in the long term. You won't need to fret about finding your own clients because we have an in-house marketing team that can help you build your network and gain leads. You get to direct your attention on your performance with an added flexibility on improving your own management.

We are dedicated to providing all our franchise locations with the tools they need to thrive. It's our intention to make the process go as effortlessly as possible when you begin your own home inspection franchise. You'll have access to our proprietary technology so that you can handle your inspections efficiently. Those who already have a background in the home inspection realm but are interested in taking the reins, this franchising opportunity could be the perfect.

Advantages of Owning a Franchise Business

You can help customers confidently take the first step towards home ownership as the leader of a home inspection team. When you invest in a Pillar To Post Home Inspectors® franchise business, you’re entering a lucrative industry that is both personally and professionally rewarding. We have built a solid business model that is geared to your success and provides plenty of support to each of our individual franchise owners across the country. As one of the best franchises to own, we keep our franchise ownership fees low and provide financing options.

In conjunction with being the top home inspection franchise, our low startup fees, the training we offer, and the support we provide gives our franchisees everything they need to succeed. We’re dedicated to helping you achieve your business goals, so we are with you all along the way. Our flexible business model allows you to prosper and expand your business to the size you want. Whether you run a small core of home inspectors or employ the services of multiple people, Pillar To Post® fits your needs exactly. Prosperous franchise owners possess specific traits important to their development, these include:

  • Leadership
  • Self-motivation
  • Discipline
  • Strong communication skills
  • Willingness to educate others and share your knowledge
  • Dedication to executing Pillar To Post's® methods
  • Enjoys being with people
Home Inspector reviewing exterior inspection items with homebuyers

A Successful Home Inspector
Starts with Drive and Dedication


Owning a Pillar To Post Home Inspectors® franchise allows you to run your own business because we provide a structured opportunity to plan a future you can engage in.

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Skilled Tradesmen
Skilled Tradesmen

A background in construction is a valuable asset for owning a home inspection business. Whether you direct a team or go it alone, you have the freedom to grow your business however you want.

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Experienced Entrepreneurs
Business Leaders

Pillar To Post Home Inspectors® franchise ownership allows you to create a better quality of life outside of the corporate sphere because you’re investing in your well-being and your future.

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Young Entrepreneurs
Young Entrepreneurs

Our franchise owners encapsulate the spirit of entrepreneurship, and our business model keeps your drive and discipline focused on a direct path for success. We help you excel.

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Real Estate Professionals
Real Estate Professionals

Your previous work in the real estate industry makes you a perfect candidate to own a Pillar To Post® franchise. Our business model lets you put your experience and skills to work in a new way with minimal effort.

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Family Owned
Family Owned

There’s nothing more beneficial than family members starting their own business. With individual skills and strengths, you can focus on what you do best.

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These qualities include:

  • Take pride in your ability to help others
  • Strong interpersonal skills and high engagement level
  • Willingness to educate and share your knowledge
  • Self-driven, eager, entrepreneurial and passionate
  • Committed to executing Pillar To Post®'s proven system
  • Wants a positive work/life balance

Pillar To Post Home Inspectors® Franchise Owners

As the top property and home inspection franchise company, we are a suitable fit for anyone wanting a change of pace who is ready to be a leader. Successful Pillar To Post® franchisees demonstrates amazing qualities that help their business thrive.

Grow, Scale And Thrive

The potential for your Pillar To Post home inspectors® franchise to thrive is built into the business model. It is the product of 30 years of successful experiences, a growth mindset and a proven track record. During our tenure in the industry, we have developed the ideal business plan, marketing strategy and inspection process to help you grow your Pillar To Post Home Inspectors® franchise. There is no need to reinvent the wheel; you are purchasing a turnkey business.

We understand that the home office plays a part in your success and supports you proudly. Each of our franchisees is paired with a personal business coach who possesses years of experience and training in franchising. Well-equipped to answer questions, they provide you with the guidance, tools and resources you need to make your investment worthwhile. A drive to learn, aptitude to develop and change when needed and flexibility will set you well on your path to be an insightful home inspection business owner.

Financial Freedom with our Franchise Opportunities

Taking the first step to financial freedom can be frightening. There may be a level of uncertainty that might hold you up, and we understand that. Pillar To Post® recommends that you research our proven track record for franchise ownership.

Open Communication

It is important to understand marketing and territories in the home inspection franchise business. When you understand where your territory is, you know who to market to. Pillar To Post® will help you with a strong marketing strategy for your territory, whether it is suburban or city.

Set Up for Success

Entering a new industry without contacts is a disadvantage that we hurdle for you. Your realtionship with already- successful Pillar To Post® franchise owners and real estate agents will prove invaluable to you scaling your business.

Your Experience Will Create Your Success

There are specific traits that would make you a good franchise business owner with the Pillar To Post® team. Think about if you possess the entrepreneurial chops to be a valuable member of our home inspection company. You should be the type of service professional who likes being in real estate and helping potential home buyers make an informed decision about the home they're interested in. Ideally, you'll also have great social skills and have a readiness to execute on our proven system. In exchange you'll receive a positive balance with your career and your life that will bring financial rewards and personal gratification. If you're a self-motivated individual who wants a flexible schedule, is eager to develop relationships and has a passion for business, this is an excellent opportunity for you.

Return On Investment

Those curious about our home inspection services opportunity for experienced home inspectors are sure to find the career pivot they're seeking out with Pillar To Post®. We are a reputable franchise home inspection company with over 30 years in the industry, providing top-tier service and noteworthy outcomes to our franchise owners. Your return on investment with our team is at a higher percentage due to our excellent prestige, lower startup costs and training possibilities. Every one of our home inspection business franchisees is set up for success from the start. Home inspectors have experience, equipment, and technology to provide their customers a valuable experience with comprehensive reports. We dedicate ourselves to delivering the finest service and can't wait for you to team up.

Reach Out to Pillar To Post®

When you're ready to become a business owner in a premier home inspection organization, Pillar To Post® has an excellent franchising opportunity for you. We understand the devotion you're making to build a new path in your career, which is why our home team is here for any information you need. Our committed staff offers accurate and comprehensive information about the process of becoming a home inspection franchise business owner. Whether you're just beginning or you're a seasoned, professional home inspector, you'll have the framework and direction to succeed. Begin your career as a franchisee in the home inspection field with the best in the industry.

Pillar To Post® Franchising Opportunities

We will further discount your startup fees if you are already a home inspector or a veteran. Our low startup costs make us the most affordable home inspection franchise in North America. A franchise’s success is dependent upon an owner’s motivation, drive and acumen, partnered with a solid business model and supportive home office. Pillar To Post® franchise average gross revenue has increased 35% since 2012 with continued steady growth. So, don’t hesitate to learn more information and get started with your franchise business ownership opportunity right away!

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Committed To Success

Pillar To Post Home Inspectors® has a team of franchise experts at the ready to answer any questions you might have. Our team is dedicated to helping franchise owners generate their own success by tapping into the great resource that is our franchise, which provides the necessary support and training to propel you forward. We’re considered to be one of the best family-owned franchise opportunities for a reason, and we’re excited for you to join.

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