Owning a home inspection franchise might sound like an exciting career prospect for you, but if you're a bit older, it can also come with a lot of question marks. As you enter the next phase of your career, you want to make sure you're physically capable of managing a home inspection business. Here's why age won't be an issue as you start your franchise.

Owning a home inspection franchise is an ideal second career for many entrepreneurs, as it gives you a significant amount of freedom and flexibility. However, if you're not quite as young as you once were, you might be looking to move away from the physical rigors of the construction or contracting jobs you once held. A Pillar To Post franchise is the perfect way to do that. Especially if you've already put in many years of strenuous labor, you're probably a bit wary of embarking on a new career, at an older age, with physically intensive work. With Pillar To Post, however, age should never be a concern. We offer unparalleled versatility to our franchisees, to allow them to take as active a role as they feel comfortable. You can manage your business in a way that suits your desired lifestyle, and participate as much or as little in the day-to-day operations as you like. Whether you want to take an active physical role in the franchise and handle every single home inspection yourself, or you prefer to remain behind-the-scenes, and hire a staff of home inspectors, we try to make our franchise opportunity as flexible as possible.

The Freedom of Franchising

Unlike other ways of running a business, franchising is truly unique because it allows you to run your business the way you want, and truly customize your lifestyle. Especially for those who are sick of answering to someone else, and crave greater freedom, owning a home inspection franchise is a perfect fit. We want our franchisees to exercise as much freedom as possible, which may mean either handling all home inspections yourself, or hiring a team of inspectors and working from the comfort of your own home. Most of our franchises are one-man operations, but if you don't have the physical stamina anymore, or need to cut down on physical labor for health reasons, you can work behind the scenes and play a less hands-on role. Your business should support your lifestyle goals, and Pillar To Post understands that.

Minimal Strength Requirements

If you do decide to take a physical role in your home inspection business, don't worry. The demands aren't too difficult. You don't need to be in pique physical condition, but you should be able to lift a ladder, crawl into small spaces, and perform other basic tasks. Anyone in decent physical condition should have no issues, though if you have any serious handicap, or are prone to claustrophobia, you might have some reservations. For the vast majority of franchisees, however, owning a home inspection franchises never poses any physical issues.

Pillar To Post is a great second career regardless of your age. To learn more about the opportunity, reach out to us today.