Danny Shetter

Danny Shetter: Revolutionizing Home Inspections in Texas

Since launching his Pillar To Post franchise in September 2022, Danny Shetter has swiftly made a mark in Texas. His bold decision to hire an employee from the start enabled efficient management of a growing workload, allowing his team to perform more inspections and maintain high service standards. "For us to achieve goals that we want in life, we have to think a little crazy and do things that are a little abnormal," Danny reflects on his approach.

Danny employs innovative marketing strategies that extend beyond traditional methods. He actively participates in community events and local real estate open houses, significantly increasing his visibility among real estate professionals. "The realtors say, 'Oh my goodness, I hope he selects my open house.' When we first started, everybody said, 'What are you doing here? No home inspector does this, this is weird,'" Danny recalls about his community engagement.

Quick to adapt to market needs, Danny expanded his service offerings early on, introducing additional inspection services that cater to specific local demands. This adaptability not only meets client expectations but also enhances the financial health of his business.

His approach, characterized by the philosophy of doing 'what others won't,' sets him apart in a competitive field. This proactive and occasionally unconventional method has not just attracted clients but has also fostered lasting community relationships.

Looking back over the past year, Danny credits his success to aggressive marketing and community involvement. His innovative thinking and community focus are a testament to the extraordinary achievements possible in the home inspection business.

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