Veterans are among the most successful
franchise owners in our industry.

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Veterans have:

  • Discipline and Structure
  • Strong Work Ethic
  • Attention to Detail
  • Problem-Solving Skills
  • Leadership Abilities
  • Adaptability
  • Resilience and Perseverance
  • Training and Education

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Overall, veterans' unique combination of skills, qualities, and experiences gained from their military service positions them for success as franchise business owners in the home inspection industry. Their ability to adapt, lead, problem-solve, and provide excellent customer service makes them a natural fit for this entrepreneurial endeavor.

Low-Cost Franchise Opportunities For Veterans At Pillar To Post ®

As a military veteran, you already have a wealth of skills to aid you in becoming a successful business owner. However, there is stiff competition and other hurdles that make fulfilling your dream of business ownership and financial independence difficult. Buying a franchise has several advantages over starting a business from scratch. Pillar To Post® Home inspectors has some of the top franchise opportunities for veterans based on your unique skills and experience. Our financial assistance, guidance, and other resources make Pillar To Post® an attractive option among low-cost franchises for veterans. Become your own boss with a flexible work schedule by inquiring about the best franchises for military veterans at Pillar To Post® today.

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  • Our brand name is internationally recognized
  • Partnerships and affiliations all over North America
  • Industry leading marketing teams who help you find your clients
  • Regional business coaches and supportive franchise owners
  • Proprietary technology that makes home inspections easier

We Offer Low-Cost Franchise Opportunities For Veterans

Pillar To Post® is industry-recognized as one of the best franchises for military veterans because of the value we offer. We want to help you achieve your dream of owning a business, and businesses have to be profitable. Franchising with us is a good investment because of our proven business model and lower startup costs for veterans that allow for faster profitability. Cheap franchises for veterans are hard to come by, but you’ll discover many avenues for cost-savings either directly from us or assisting you to tap into veteran-focused
lending opportunities:

  • We offer a 20% discount on the initial franchise fee to all qualified veterans
  • We provide help obtaining funding from several Veterans Administration organizations to launch your career after military service

Why Do Most Businesses Fail?

Many people dream of owning a business, being their own boss, and achieving financial independence. It is possible, but it takes a lot of hard work and, to a certain extent, luck. The statistics on how many businesses fail within the first few years of operation are stark. The reasons why vary from business to business but are typically broken down into these categories:

  • Lack of funding or capital
  • Poor management
  • Ineffective business model
  • Unsuccessful marketing

Despite all the sacrifices veterans have made, they are not immune to these hurdles. Unfortunately, veterans may face more difficulties than civilians in starting a business:

  • Adjusting to civilian life:Transitioning from structured military life can be daunting for some veterans.
  • Competition:The military branches may be known for instilling the idea of “we” and teamwork, but there are many businesses, and all are out for themselves.
  • Understanding of regulations and laws:Military life is marked by many of its own laws and culture. It can be challenging for veterans to quickly become familiarized and compliant with the many regulations and laws affecting the
    business landscape.
  • Injuries:Not all, but many veterans suffer some kind of physical or emotional injury from their time in the service.
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Why Franchising Is Better Than Starting Your Own Business?

Franchising has many inherent advantages over building a business from the ground up, especially veteran-owned franchises. Many of the challenges that small-to-medium-sized startups face are erased when taking advantage of the top franchise opportunities for veterans. The ratio of how many businesses fail within the first few years is even reversed when you research the statistics, and here’s why:

  • Brand Recognition: It could take years for a startup to establish itself in the minds of consumers. Brand identity requires more time (and money) than most new businesses can afford before the lights are turned out. Franchise opportunities for veterans don’t have to worry about it because they can open the doors on day one with a name that customers already know and trust.
  • Proven Business Model: One of the advantages of veteran-owned franchises (and any franchise) is having a business model proven to succeed. When you buy a franchise instead of starting a business from scratch, you’re essentially purchasing a name and a system that has been shown to work. This is how corporations sell their franchises in the first place.
  • Training And Support: You’re not alone when you buy a franchise. There is a lot of trial-and-error for first-time business owners, from choosing the best payment systems to marketing campaigns. They also have to learn how to operate every piece of equipment or process they decide to use. The corporation selling the franchise will provide training to franchise owners to ensure they are competent from day one. The franchise opportunities for veterans from Pillar To Post ® also come with expert support and guidance to help you grow your business and profit.
  • More Resources: Affording or accessing new technologies is hard with limited funding and capital. Attaining marketing materials and mediums, tapping into networking opportunities, and investing in research and development are also harder on SMBs than franchises. Corporations over franchises make much, if not all, of these things available or have access to lower prices on supplies by buying them in bulk.
  • Financing: Many lenders see franchises as having less risk than startups because of their inherent advantages. There is, therefore, more access to lending and often at lower rates. Ex-military personnel also have access to special financing that civilians don’t, including from the Small Business Administration. Low-cost franchises for veterans can result in significant cost savings because of the many financing avenues available.
  • Marketing: Marketing costs will eat into the small budgets of startups. Marketing is nevertheless an essential part of growing your consumer base and profits. Not only do many corporations handle marketing for their franchises, but they also have developed the most effective methods for reaching new clients.

Why Do Veterans Make Good Franchise Owners?

  • Leadership skills: Veterans already have the kind of leadership training businesses pay thousands of dollars for their executives and managers to obtain. Your experience managing teams and resources in the military will transition well to any franchise opportunities for veterans.
  • Discipline and work ethic: Owning a franchise is the same as running your own business. It requires a lot of discipline and work ethic to succeed – qualities that veterans have ingrained from their time in the military.
  • Resilience: Any business will have rough times, even with franchises. Veterans have the mental toughness needed to handle the ups and downs.
  • Adaptability: Adapting to changes in business will be easier for prior servicemembers. There will come a time when adapting to the demands of running a franchise will be beneficial.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit: Current and prior military personnel show a strong desire to become their own boss one day. Veterans will be able to use that mindset to their advantage when growing a franchise.
  • Networking opportunities: Veterans receive networking opportunities that civilians don’t. Many veteran-focused organizations can help you connect to the people and resources that make it easier to grow your franchise.
  • Understanding of systems and processes: Many jobs within the several military branches use complex systems and processes. The skills and insights gleaned from past military work will benefit the systems used in many franchises.

We think veterans bring valuable skills to Pillar To Post ®. Our brand is one of the best franchises for veterans because the skills and attitude needed are perfect for growing a successful home inspection business. Many other franchises are beginning to recognize in ex-military personnel what we have for years and are starting to market themselves highly to that particular talent pool. If you’re interested in finding the best franchises to own for veterans, here is a list of your skills that we are excited to bring on board:


Why Should Veterans Choose Pillar To Post® Home Inspectors?

The best franchises to own for veterans are with Pillar To Post® because we give you all the support and resources you need to become successful. You’ll also find the home inspection industry well-suited to the skills you’ve acquired in the military.  The best franchises to own for veterans are from Pillar To Post® because of our flexible business model. You have the opportunity to run your home inspection business in a way that fits your desired work-life balance, background, and level of experience.  The best franchises for veterans are here with us because we invest in their success. Even with no experience in the home inspection industry, we ensure you are trained and competent to perform to our high standards the first time you walk into a home. The support supplied covers everything you’ll need to know, from our proprietary software to coaching on expanding your business. Additional support you will receive includes:

  • An established brand name known around the world
  • Partnerships and affiliations all over the continent
  • Industry-leading marketing teams and resources that connect you to clients
  • Business coaching within your region and other professional help to help you grow
  • Our own technology makes home inspections easier

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Frequently Asked Questions

Veterans often make great candidates for franchising because they have the necessary skills already built in due to their military training. They are leaders in their own right but know that it takes the concerted effort of a team to truly succeed in business. Their will to not give up in the face of challenges and closely carry out standard operating procedures is what gives veterans a competitive advantage over other candidates. Franchising opportunities are best suited for those who want to go into business for themselves, but with the added benefit that they’re not doing it by themselves.

There are low-cost franchises, like Pillar To Post®, that offer veterans a discount on the initial franchise fee to make it more accessible to them. Because they are uniquely qualified for a role as an entrepreneur, there are indeed incentives for them to join the ranks of other franchise owners. Veterans make up a good portion of American franchisees even though they’re a relatively small portion of the country’s population. Franchises understand the benefits of having military veterans operating their business locations. For this reason, they receive special assistance to obtain funding from the many programs out there geared towards veterans. In addition, we offer in-depth support and training to ease the process of launching and operating the business.

The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) doesn’t offer loans or grants for veterans looking into franchise opportunities. The Small Business Administration (SBA), however, does offer loans especially for veterans through a program called Patriot Express for eligible applicants. Some aspiring franchise owners could find the funds needed through bootstrapping efforts, which means self-funding by leveraging financial resources like family, friends, and using savings. Otherwise, the SBA recommends reaching out to investors for venture capital, crowdfunding, or applying for a small business loan through a bank or credit union. The Office of Veterans Business Development (OVBD) is a liaison between veterans and the SBA, so they can facilitate access to such funds.

The best franchises to own for veterans are those with a supportive environment and flexible business model. These types of franchise opportunities are beneficial because veterans have a complementary skill set that they bring to the table but they don’t need prior industry knowledge. Successful franchise owners from Pillar To Post®, for example, come from a wide range of backgrounds and experience levels. Given that they are prepared to tackle obstacles and adapt to different situations, veterans have what it takes to be excellent business owners.