Many of our franchises come from careers outside the home inspection industry, with no prior direct experience. However, what's often overlooked is that experience in other industries can often prove valuable when transitioning to franchise ownership. We understand that many potential franchisees might be wary of jumping into a home inspection franchise with little industry or franchise experience, but Pillar To Post has a track record of turning ambitious, passionate entrepreneurs into successful home inspection franchisees.

Steven Peterson

One of our franchisees, Steve Peterson, worked for 19 years in the post-secondary educational institution field. He began to realize, however, that it might be a smart career move to make a change. "Shrinking enrollment and governmental regulations," he says, "made it harder on educational institutions to meet budget numbers." Peterson was offered a buyout, and he took it, eager to open a new chapter in his career. He decided that this was the "perfect opportunity to get back to my roots, as I grew up working for a family-owned construction business, and I am excited to get back into the industry."

While it might not seem like a career in post-secondary education is relevant to a home inspection franchise, Peterson's relationship-building skills align perfectly with what makes Pillar To Post uniquely stalwart in its industry. Franchisees need to be able to connect with realtors, homebuyers, and sellers, and utilize exceptional communication skills to deliver concise, well-written reports.

Robert Williams

Robert Williams is another one of our franchisees who made the successful transition to a home inspection franchise. Before joining the Pillar To Post family, Robert was a financial services consultant, but looking to build a business of his own. Robert is thankful that Pillar To Post gave him "the opportunity to work for myself and to interact with clients face-to-face, versus sitting at a desk all day." He is incredibly enthusiastic about being able to "meet, greet, and help people with their futures. Home inspection is part of a big step in a person's future."

The relationship-building skills learned in the financial services industry make Robert a prime candidate for a home inspection franchise. He was also excited to be able to use his new career to help families in need. In August 2017, he spent more than two months utilizing his home inspection training to assist 175 families affected by Hurricane Harvey in the Houston area through FEMA. He says, "By assessing and reporting the storm's damage to homes, I helped Texans get their claims processed and receive the needed relief as soon as possible."