We welcome people of all backgrounds to franchise with us, but you should possess certain qualities. Here's what we look for an in a home inspection franchisee.

The great thing about franchising is that it's truly open to people of all backgrounds and professional histories. You don't need extensive industry experience to be successful in the home inspection industry, but you do need to possess certain personality traits that we believe are conducive to running a successful business. To capitalize on our proven and well-established franchise opportunity, you should feel comfortable working within a set of guidelines, be willing to learn new and evolving aspects of the business, know when to ask questions, and possess excellent communication skills. If you're considering becoming a home inspection franchisee, here's what we're looking for.

Willingness to Learn

We know that our new home inspection franchisees won't know everything about our industry from the start, and that's perfectly fine. You should, however, be comfortable identifying where you need help and take initiative in asking for assistance. We offer an array of resources, and give you access to our network of fellow franchisees and support team on whom you can lean for advice. While you might have some prior knowledge of business-ownership or have worked as a contractor before, there's always more to be learned, especially in a constantly-evolving industry like ours.

Ability to Follow Our Business Model

Franchise ownership differs from traditional business ownership in that you're provided with a proven business model, not starting from scratch. Our model has been proven to work for previous franchisees, especially when it comes to helping them through the difficult nuances of franchise ownership. Failure to follow our franchise model will prove detrimental to your progress, so we recommend all prospective franchisees have the ability to trust our process and adhere to our guidelines.

Self Discipline

Being a home inspection franchisee means not having a boss constantly looking over your shoulder. But that also means it's largely up to you to take initiative and be self-motivated. Many home inspection franchisees love the flexibility and freedom they get with Pillar To Post, though figuring out how to structure your time when not on a fixed schedule, with set hours, can sometimes be difficult. Having the ability to stay on task is crucial to the success of your franchise.


As with any business developing trust with customers and community members is integral to the growth of your franchise. You need to regularly and clearly communicate instructions, goals, and feedback to clients and employees, which will help you build long-term business relationships. Being transparent and maintaining a steady stream of communication will go a long way toward cultivating trust and loyalty among both your staff and clients.

If you think you'd make a great home inspection franchisee, and are eager to learn more about the process, contact us today to speak with our franchise team.