We have an all-inclusive philosophy at Pillar To Post, wherein any prospective franchisee is welcome to join our family as long as they possess the right level of motivation, determination, and passion for the business. However, we particularly encourage franchisees with an industry background - whether that's construction, renovation, building, or contracting - to consider opening a home inspection franchise.

We pride ourselves on our comprehensive training an support system, but those with industry backgrounds are able to jump right into the opportunity with a smaller learning curve. They are also able to leverage their industry connections and relationships to really maximize their success. We offer a highly-accessible home inspection franchise opportunity with a sophisticated training and support infrastructure, but franchisees with prior industry experience will find the opportunity more accessible than most.

The Perfect Career for Industry Insiders

Whether you're a builder, contractor, construction worker or home renovator, if you have industry experience of any kind, a home inspection franchise could be a great fit for you. We understand the desire to branch out from your current career, to seek a change of pace, and perhaps move to a more business-oriented role where you're in charge of your own your business. For those with industry-related experience, we offer franchise discounts to make the transition easier. We love welcoming seasoned contractors, construction workers, and home renovators onto our team, and find that they make great additions to the Pillar To Post community.

Most industry insiders switch to franchising not because they're bored of their career, but because they're tired of working for someone else. Oftentimes they're also looking to enter a less-physically demanding phase of their career. A home inspection franchise is perfect for those contractors, builders, or renovators who still love the industry, but want to take a more hands-off role, and focus on the business and management side. If involvement in the day-to-day labor is important to you, however, Pillar To Post also allows franchisees to continue staying active and working with their hands. We understand the importance of flexibility to franchise ownership, and want our franchisees to be able to run their business in a manner consistent with their vision and lifestyle goals.

Don't be Discouraged by a Lack of Experience

One of the great things about a home inspection franchise is that you don't have to be a builder or contractor to open your own business. While franchisees of a certain background may have a slightly easier learning curve, Pillar To Post is perfect for any entrepreneur who is sick of their corporate job and wants to be their own boss.

We don't expect you to be an expert in our industry. That's why we employ a special team dedicated to helping you grow your franchise and guide you toward success. Each new franchisee is paired with personal business coaches who are experts in franchising, and well-equipped to make your investment worthwhile. It's our job not only to give you access to our business model, but also to give you all the tools and support you need to be successful.

To take the first step toward starting a home inspection franchise with Pillar To Post, reach out to our franchise team today for more information.