In April, John and Cathi Lynch celebrated their 18th year as owners of their Pillar To Post Home Inspectors. As veteran home inspectors, the couple reflects on how, aligned with North America's #1 home inspection company, they were able to build a career that gave them more control over their life than ever they had before.

For John Lynch, home inspection holds special significance; John's career working with homes stretches back to his time assisting his father in the construction business. But after a series of career changes for both himself and his wife Cathi, it became evident that it was time for a change. "We wanted to have control over our own success in life and didn't want to have to worry about a company laying us off," said John. Emboldened by this desire, the couple came upon Pillar To Post Home Inspectors and, sensing a unique opportunity to be their own bosses while still having a support system for which the franchise is well known, joined as franchisees.

That decision was made in 1998. Today, their Pillar To Post franchise is going strong, a fact John attests to the passion the couple has for their daily work."We love educating people about their new homes and providing the peace of mind necessary to make an informed decision when deciding to purchase one," said John. "The services we provide can help ensure that the homes people live in are safe and that they're getting exactly what they pay for-you can't put a price on that."

For the Lynch couple, business is definitely a family affair. "Over the years, all four of our boys have helped within the business," added Cathi. "They assembled the binders and rode along with John on inspections as assistants. We have grown from an in-home business with just the two of us to having an office, full-time staff and three employee inspectors. It has been awesome to be able to build a team of our own that have the same drive and desire to help homeowners with the largest purchase of their lives."