Especially with younger franchisees, there is a great deal of uncertainty that comes with opening a franchise. It's easy to get wrapped up in a cycle of doubt and procrastination, and never realize your potential as a business owner. As far as many entrepreneurs are concerned, young adults are in a unique and enviable position; they may not have much experience in the business world, or the home inspection space, but they are hungry for new opportunities and to learn the ins and outs of a new industry. We've found that entering the home inspection industry at a young age can actually yield several benefits, so we've designed our home inspection business opportunity to be as accessible as possible for young entrepreneurs.

It's The Perfect Time to Learn New Skills

Everyone knows its easiest to learn new skills and new systems for doing business at an early age, before we become too set in our ways.

There's a lot to learn when you pursue a home inspection business opportunity, and franchisees who come from other industries and long careers can often find it difficult to adapt their existing skill set. We find that our young franchisees are always eager to learn a new industry, and are open to receiving advice and guidance.

A Great Support System

It's important for any franchisee to take advantage of available support systems, and we have a team of over 30 people whose mission is to help franchisees grow their business. This is especially handy for young entrepreneurs who lack extensive business experience. We'll pair you with a personal business coach, who will help you brainstorm ideas, solve problems, educate you about the industry, and guide you toward success. We understand that whatever your age, there's always a learning curve, and we pride ourselves on giving you the support infrastructure to guide you through the rough patches.

Kalen Gelo

A resident of Winter Garden, Florida, 24-year-old Kalen Gelo made the big decision to pursue his dream of business ownership with a home inspection business opportunity. He has become one of our newest and youngest franchisees, and is looking forward to serving home buyers and sellers in Seminole and Orange County.

A lover of the outdoors, Gelo had been managing the outdoor department of a fishing and vacation resort when he decided to make the transition to the home inspection industry. In the past year, he read about the Pillar To Post opportunity and realized it was the right time to embark upon a new business venture. His intent is to turn it into a family business, which has already started with his mother, who plans to play an active role in the company from its inception.

"Growing up I learned many different trades including going to auto diesel school and cabin remodeling, which I really enjoyed," Gelo said. "I thought it was time to put those skills to good use, and I always had a strong desire to work for myself. Pillar To Post, with its amazing reputation, was an easy choice after due diligence of franchises available. I saw and still see a great future with them."

Gelo's skills and expertise align perfectly with what makes Pillar To Post a premier home inspection business opportunity. We are excited to have him aboard, and look forward to helping him and other young franchisees fulfill their entrepreneurial dreams.

If you're a young entrepreneur who would like to take the next steps along the path to business ownership, contact us today to speak with a representative.