Hear Todd Goodwin, a former insurance adjuster tell how his varied career experiences gave him the foundation to start his home inspection business with Pillar To Post.

Todd speak directly about:

  • What Pillar To Post is
  • What drew him to own a home inspection business after being an insurance adjuster
  • What drew him to a franchise
  • What kind of support Pillar To Post provides

As a former insurance adjuster, Todd Goodwin witnessed the devastation and loss that can occur in people's lives. In the aftermath of tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, he helped families find temporary housing, provided funds for food and clothing, and helped coordinate with building contractors to replace or repair the homes.

Goodwin now draws upon his adjuster experience as the owner of local Pillar To Post Home Inspection of greater Houston area. With over 520 existing franchises through the 48 states and Canada, Pillar To Post has been offering stellar home inspection services for more than 20 years.

"I felt that the transition to home inspection would go very smoothly with the skills I was utilizing as an insurance adjuster," said Goodwin, 49, who also worked for NASA for five years teaching astronauts to work in zero gravity underwater.

"I was in search of a way to help prevent these kinds of home losses from happening." He researched opportunities and found Pillar To Post ideal for his skill set and "it allowed me to be in control of my own destiny."

Pillar To Post Home Inspectors recently ranked as the number one franchise in their category by Entrepreneur Magazine (January 2016 issue). Understandable since they represent the evolution in home inspection companies. With the help and support of the franchisor, there is ease of booking, use of sophisticated equipment, same day reports, and most importantly ongoing training and the latest tools and data available in the industry.

"I didn't want to go this alone", says Goodwin, "a good franchise is the best way to go independent in business and I had so many of the natural skills for looking for problems on properties. This is the answer for me."

The company is currently North America's leading home inspection franchise, whose professional inspectors work with both the real estate community and the buyer or seller of a home to provide on-the-spot inspection reports that allow for rational thinking about an emotional purchase.

What excites Goodwin about the home inspection business is "watching the progress and technology that is now incorporated in new construction." He also thoroughly enjoys continually learning about the history of older homes and the progress that is made in home construction and safety today. "My main goal is to educate and assure home buyers that their families will be happy and safe in the home they choose."