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Become Your Own Boss by Starting a Home Inspection Company

Starting a home inspection company is exciting for many reasons: you get to exercise the independence you’ve always wanted in your career and be your own boss.

Many who start a franchise are motivated to do so because they’re sick of the restrictions of their corporate job, and are eager to become their own boss. Starting a home inspection company with Pillar To Post means having greater control of your life, and the freedom to structure your business according to your personal needs. Our franchisees were motivated to jump into a home inspection franchise by their desire for a better work-life balance, and the flexibility to determine exactly how their workday will look. Being your own boss, setting your own hours, and growing your business at your own pace truly separates the life a Pillar To Post franchisee from that of a corporate employee.

The Independence of Franchising

Being able to tailor your business to your lifestyle is one of franchising’s most unique and attractive benefits. Provided that you’re a self-motivated individual, this makes the franchise model perfect for those who have always wanted increased flexibility in their workday. Starting a home inspection company with Pillar To Post, however, means you should be incredibly self-disciplined, and able to work independently. Although many new franchisees thrive with this model and take full advantage of the independence afforded to them, for some the unfamiliar sense of freedom can prove to be a challenge.

In addition to structuring your schedule however you like, our franchise model also gives you the tools and resources you need to help you open your doors with confidence, so you definitely won’t miss the corporate overhead. Most people transition to franchising because they felt a lack of control in their previous job, and resented the rigidity of their schedule. Starting a home inspection company with Pillar To Post gives you the freedom to strike a happy work-life balance.

Role Flexibility

The desire to pivot toward a role that better-suits your goals is a dream for many in corporate life. Starting a home inspection company means being able to craft the kind of workday that you’ve always wanted. For example, if you’ve spent your entire career engaged in physical labor, we understand that you might want to take a more business-oriented role. However, if you do want to stay intensely involved in the day-to-day operations of the company, we encourage that as well. When you start a home inspection company with Pillar To Post, you really do have the freedom to experiment with your business until it works for you.

To strike that work-life balance you’ve always wanted, reach out to us today to learn more about starting a home inspection company with Pillar To Post.

How The Top Home Inspection Brand In North America Thrived During Pandemic

Brand Review

How The Top Home Inspection Brand In North America Thrived During Pandemic

Leadership Lessons Practiced Throughout an Entire Group of Home Service Brands

Dan Steward, President and CEO of Tampa and Toronto based Pillar To Post Home Inspectors, says ” A home inspection is a crucial step in each and every home ownership story.”

In 2004, Steward took the helm of what is now considered the leading home inspection company in North America. The combination of cutting-edge technology, efficiency, and a stellar reputation among the real estate community, have all come together to put Pillar To Post Home Inspectors at the top of their industry. One of the reasons for this is the company culture. Steward is determined to offer the company’s nearly 600 franchisees spread over 49 states and nine Canadian provinces, quality of life and a secure future for them and their families.

The franchise model at Pillar To Post Home Inspectors allows the franchisee to start small and grow the business at a measured pace to create a larger, equity-rich company that meets the growing concerns of homebuyers and owners. Moreover, Pillar To Post Home Inspectors, whose parent company FirstService Brands specializes in home service franchise brands, has been repeatedly recognized as No. 1 in the Home Inspection

Pillar To Post Home Inspectors

category by numerous publications and associations. The same or similar culture is found throughout the FirstService Brands sister companies.

Surviving and Thriving During a Global Crisis

In a year that began with high expectations, few could have predicted a global pandemic that would bring much of the business world to its knees.

“The year started brilliantly. ” says Steward. “We had a year of growth and innovation, and we were charged up for more of the same. We not only

added over 50 new franchisees in 2019 but our painstaking and innovative project, the PTP360 tour had finally come to fruition. “

It all came to a slowdown in the third week of March, when Covid-19 slammed into American shores and shut down all but the most essential businesses. Real estate sales dropped 8.5 percent in the first month and were widely expected to decline by up to 40 percent over the course of spring and summer.

American consumers, upon realizing that the pandemic was going to mean a likely long stint of working from home, looked for the homes of their dreams while taking advantage of historic low interest rates. Pillar To Post Home Inspectors had to pivot immediately to set up all new protocols that guaranteed the safety of their inspection teams and their customers.

Turning a Negative into a Positive – Making the Company Stronger Against Covid-19

“Like real estate, we are a people business. ” says Steward. “Keeping people safe was our first priority, so first in our playbook was devising foolproof safety protocols. “

As the need for home inspections soared, Steward and taskforce made up of franchisees, real estate professionals and customers devised new safety procedures for keeping people safe and instilling confidence in the home inspection process.

“The bottom line is that health crisis or not, buyers need to know the condition of the home they are buying. “ says Steward.

While Pillar To Post home inspections typically include the presence of the agent, and often the buyer, with traditional procedures upended by the pandemic, it seemed easiest to restrict access to the inspector. But franchisees quickly pivoted to Zoom technology to keep customers involved.

“The human factor is critical. ” says Steward. “People want to see how the toilet flushes and how much water pressure there is in the shower.”

So, using 360-degree digital technology and strict safety protocols – gloves and shoe coverings, wiping down doorknobs and any other surfaces touched – Pillar To Post Home Inspectors began providing customers with a real-time, personal inspection experience.

Dan Steward

Digital copies of the inspector’s report are provided after the inspection so that the agent can effectively negotiate with the seller about any needed repairs.

According to Steward, this touchless sharing of information enables buyer confidence even for those who are buying property far from home. In an industry where reputation is everything. Pillar To Post chooses their franchisees with infinite care.

“Our franchisees are the best trained in the industry.” Says Steward. “They come to us from a variety of backgrounds, but they are people who love all things real estate, and who had the desire to own their own business. Some 25 percent of our franchisees are military veterans, and I’m happy to say we have an increasing number of women and couples joining our ranks.”

They are people like Paula Camarena in Huntington Beach, Calif., a 20-year sales manager for technology products who knew, even as she was completing

her MBA, that she wanted to be her own boss. A real estate investor with a love of houses, she researched multiple business possibilities. When a real estate agent friend suggested the home inspection business, she began a conversation with Pillar To Post Home Inspectors, and quickly became convinced this was the right business for her.

“When I launched my Pillar To Post franchise in 2018, I challenged myself to be successful, and I am so happy I made the move. ” Says Camarena. “I feel blessed to be able to help my clients in one of the biggest purchases in their lives, and grateful for the training and company support that has helped to make me so successful.”

3 Ways We Help Homeowners Navigate the Home Inspection Process

The home inspection process can be daunting to many homeowners, which is why Pillar To Post makes sure it’s as seamless as possible. Learn more about it here.

No one wants to invest in a franchise that makes life difficult for its clients. A franchise with a complicated business model, or poor communication, isn’t going to endear itself to customers, and ultimately isn’t going to succeed. At Pillar To Post, we pride ourselves on the smoothness of our home inspection process, and giving our customers peace of mind. We understand the home inspections can be a stressful experience for homeowners, so we do our best to make that experience as painless and transparent as possible. This means making it easy to schedule an inspection, working around your schedule, and providing complete transparency when it comes to the inspection itself. Here’s why the Pillar To Post home inspection process stands above the rest, making it easy for homeowners to navigate the often stressful experience.


We don’t want our clients to wade through six different automated phone menus before scheduling an inspection. That’s when people get frustrated and move on to another, more user-friendly company. With Pillar To Post, beginning the home inspection process is simple. All homeowners have to do is go on our website, enter their zip code, and find the closest Pillar to Post home inspector. Then, all that’s left is filling out a brief request form and scheduling a convenient time for an inspection.

We recognize that no one wants to put their life on hold for a home inspection, so we work around our clients’ schedules to make the inspection as unobtrusive as possible. During this initial scheduling call, homeowners will be able to ask any clarifying questions, or express any concerns about the home inspection process. The ease of these initial stages builds a level of trust between home inspector and homeowner, which is essential to maintaining our stellar reputation in the industry.

The Inspection

Complete transparency is important to our home inspection process. When someone is conducting a thorough evaluation of your home, you want to be present and fully understand what’s going on. That’s why we invite our clients along for the inspection. As a seller, it’s important to see your home from the perspective of the buyer, and as a buyer, it’s important to see first-hand any issues that might exist with the home you’re about to purchase. Allowing buyers and sellers to join for inspections is crucial to maintaining a high level of transparency and providing peace of mind.

Range of Services

No one wants to hire a home inspector and then realize they’re not qualified to assess all aspects of their house. At Pillar To post, our home inspection process is comprehensive, including the structure and foundation, electrical systems, plumbing systems, roof and attics, basements and crawl spaces, gutters and drainage, walls, floors, decks, furnaces, plumbing fixtures, built-in appliances, and more. Home inspectors should be a one-stop-shop for homebuyers, and that’s exactly what we provide.

For more information on how the Pillar To Post home inspection process distinguishes itself, and what makes ours an ideal franchise opportunity, check out our website.

What Does Our Building Inspection Franchise Investment Look Like?

No one should invest in a franchise without fully understanding that investment. Learn about what our building inspection franchise investment entails here.

Anyone looking to dive into the world of franchising, particularly for the first time, is likely looking for a business model that minimizes upfront costs. While every franchise requires an initial investment, Pillar To Post endeavors to make that investment as manageable as possible, while providing a high degree of upside once your building inspection franchise opens its doors. Prospective franchisees know there can be no guarantees of success, so they often look for telltale signs within the industry and franchise model to determine if the investment is viable. Luckily, our franchise model is designed to minimize fees, and give franchisees all the support they need, while the home inspection industry has been thriving in recent years, and is only projected to continue growing in the near future. Here’s everything you need to know about investing in a building inspection franchise before taking the plunge

Startup Costs

There are always some startup costs associated with starting a franchise. At Pillar To Post, we try to keep those costs to a minimum. When you invest in a building inspection franchise with Pillar To Post, your franchise fee will be a manageable $21,900, with affordable financing available for $9,000 of the total. Further financing is available if you’re a veteran or an existing home inspector. We also require 7% of gross revenue as a royalty payment, which is important to keep in mind as you budget for the opportunity.

Support Network

As with any investment, you’ll want to know that your initial startup costs are being put to good use, and actually result in some valuable benefits. We believe that one of the most useful resources to new franchisees is having access to experts who know the process inside and out, which is why we have a team of 30+ experts on hand to assist you with growing your franchise. Each of our franchisees is assigned a personal business coach with years of experience in franchising and the home inspection industry, whose job is to help you achieve your goals.

A Promising Industry

Before investing in any franchise, you should be aware of the strength of the industry, as it will directly affect your ability to turn a profit. Luckily, the building inspection franchise industry has a strong outlook. When you make the home inspection franchise investment, you won’t be entering an industry where one company dominates the space, and you’re forced to struggle to carve out your own market share. Home inspection is a $3 billion industry right now, and with an increasing number of millennials looking to buy their first homes, it’s the perfect time to invest.

To learn more about the building inspection franchise investment with Pillar To Post, reach out to us on our website.

Retired Air Force Master Sergeant Credits Military Skills As Foundation For His Pillar To Post Home Inspectors® Business


Steven Cordova, Modesto resident and veteran, recently launched operations as a franchisee with the No. 1 home inspection company in North America, Pillar To Post Home Inspectors.

The 43-year-old services California’s Central Valley which includes Modesto, Ceres, Turlock, Oakdale, Manteca, Tracy, Ripon, Stockton, Lodi, Merced, Atwater, Bridgeport, Sonora, Mariposa, Yosemite Valley and Los Banos.

Cordova was a Master Sergeant in the United States Air Force for 24 years.  He served in both Iraq and Afghanistan as a part of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. He was stationed at F.E. Warren Air Force Base in Wyoming, Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana, Travis Air Force Base in California and Dyess Air Force Base in Texas. In addition, he was stationed internationally at Anderson Air Force Base in Guam, Lajes Field in Azores, Portugal and Kadena Air Force Base in Okinawa, Japan.

“I always had the ambition to operate my own business and the military provided me with the tools and discipline necessary in business,” said Cordova. “With Pillar To Post Home Inspectors’ startup program and franchisee support system, I knew that achieving my goal was obtainable. I look forward to what the future brings and the challenges ahead because I know that with the foundation the military has given me and the corporate team at my side, I will be successful.”

Pillar To Post Home Inspectors is the brand to which more than three million families have turned to for more than 25 years to be their trusted advisor when buying or selling a home. Consistently ranked for 23 years on Entrepreneur Magazine’s annual Franchise500®, Pillar To Post Home Inspectors is enjoying its eighth consecutive year as No. 1 in its category on that coveted ranking. In addition, the company has 5-Star status with VetFran, a program offered by the International Franchise Association that provides discounted franchise fees to veterans.

A professional evaluation both inside and outside the home is at the core of Pillar To Post Home Inspectors’ service. Pillar To Post Home Inspectors input data and digital photos into a computerized report. All information is provided to clients in a customized binder for easy reference, allowing homebuyers or sellers to make confident, informed decisions.

About Pillar To Post Home Inspectors®

Founded in 1994, Pillar To Post Home Inspectors is the largest home inspection company in North America with home offices in Toronto and Tampa. There are more than 600 franchises located in 49 states and nine Canadian provinces. The company has ranked in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise500® for 23 years in a row, the past eight years as No.1 in Category. Long-term plans include adding 500 to 600 new franchisees over the next five years. For further information, please visit To inquire about a franchise, go to

Pillar To Post’s Home Inspection Franchisee Training Teaches you the Essentials

When you embark on your franchising adventure, you will have all kinds of questions about the process, and encounter several obstacles. Our job is to answer those questions to your satisfaction, and equip you with the knowledge and assistance you need to overcome those obstacles. Whether it’s giving you a support system of like-minded franchisees to learn on for advice, offering resources that allow you to really increase your brand exposure, and generate new business, or helping you forge industry relationships within the real estate community, Pillar To Post makes sure you’re in a position to succeed. We encourage our franchisees to take advantage of our resources and networking opportunities to really maximize their home inspection franchise’s chances of success.


While networking is important to any company, it is especially crucial in the building inspector industry. For a new owner of a home inspection franchise, the more industry players you know, the more help you will be positioned to receive. With a Pillar To Post franchise, you  have the benefit of brand recognition and brand awareness, that goes a long way toward helping you meet people in your community, including real estate agents and prospective homebuyers. Also make sure to frequently attend open houses, and stop in at real estate offices to establish a presence in the local real estate community.

We also encourage franchisees to take advantage of our built-in networking opportunities. As the biggest home inspection franchise in North America, we have connections with real estate companies throughout the U.S. and Canada, and franchisees are always pleased with the results.

Marketing Resources

Compared to those who strike out on their own to open an independent business, you won’t need to shell out the exorbitant cost of hiring an outside marketing agency, or burden yourself with creating a marketing strategy from scratch. As a Pillar To Post franchisee, you will have access to an experienced  marketing department to help you develop a plan to grow your business.

We assign each franchisee with a personal business coach, equipped with years of marketing experience in the building inspector industry. As you grow your home inspection franchise and continue to build a presence in your community, they will be invaluable to you.

Further Support

We understand the importance of offering continued support and encouragement, no matter how long you’ve been with us. We know the transition into a franchise isn’t always smooth, especially if your home inspection industry experience is limited, so we try to make that transition as smooth as possible. We help each new franchisee grow and succeed. From Discovery Day when you meet the Pillar To Post team and learn the ins and outs of our brand, to your first inspection, we provide the support and resources to make your transition as smooth as possible.

For more information on our training and support offerings, or to take the first step toward home inspection franchise ownership, contact us today.

What Are the Steps Toward Owning a Property Inspection Business?

Starting a property inspection business might just be the most rewarding decision you’ll make. However, first you should understand what to expect on the way.

Unless you have prior franchise experience, starting a property inspection business can feel like a pretty daunting undertaking. It takes a great deal of effort and dedication to open a franchise, and while Pillar To Post tries to make the process as smooth as possible, you should still be aware of what to expect, and when to pull the trigger on investing. We don’t want franchisees going in blind. When you franchise with us, we want you to be fully educated about what our franchise model entails, what investment costs you can expect, and the benefits you will receive from us in return. It’s also important to evaluate whether you’re a good fit for our industry, and consider whether you possess the qualities necessary to be successful. Here are the three steps you should take into consideration before opening a property inspection business.

Is This For me?

Starting a franchise means you will have freedom perhaps like you’ve never experienced before. But with great freedom comes great responsibility, meaning you must be extremely self-motivated and self-disciplined. Many franchisees struggle to structure their time when not on a fixed schedule. Keeping yourself on task, and having excellent communication skills with both clients and staff, is integral to your franchise’s success. Indeed, developing trust with customers and community members is crucial. You must be able to clearly communicate instructions, goals, and feedback to clients and employees. Being transparent and maintaining open lines of communication will help you cultivate trust and loyalty in your community.

Understand the Franchise Difference

Before starting a franchise, you should understand how exactly a franchise differs from a conventional startup business. When you start a property inspection business with Pillar To Post, you will have the benefit of products and services, branding, infrastructure, and a proven business model already in place. The market for your services is already established, making it easier for you to attract customers. Keep in mind, however, that you’ll still need to pay attention to marketing and networking, and make sure you forge solid new relationships in your community. These aspects of franchising make it highly appealing to many prospective franchisees, but before investing, you should make sure you thoroughly understand the franchise process and what sets it apart.

Make the Investment

The final step in deciding to open your property inspection business is actually making that all-important investment. Our franchise fee is a manageable $21,900, with affordable financing available for $9,000 of the total. If you’re a veteran or an existing home inspector, there’s further financing available. And once you do officially invest with us, you won’t be going it alone. We give you all the tools you need to get your property inspection business up and running on day one, including an extensive training program, and a sophisticated marketing plan to help your business grow. We also have a team of 30+ expert coaches on hand to advise you throughout the process.

For more details about the process of opening a property inspection business with Pillar To post, reach out to us today.

When You Start Your Property Inspection Franchise with Us, You Can Count on Expert Training and Support

Anyone who is starting their own small business probably looks forward to the day when they can open their doors and start doing business, but that can be kind of an intimidating thought, too. After all, there’s a lot to running a business, and operating a property inspection franchise is no different. The good news is, Pillar To Post has been a leader in the home inspection industry since 1994, which means we know a thing or two about it. That valuable experience and expertise is something we make a point to share with all our franchisees, before, during, and after they open their home inspection business’ doors. So, don’t let lack of experience in our industry keep you away from becoming a successful part of it! We can help you capitalize on that industry, through our expert training and support.

Our Foundation for Success Training Program

When you sign your franchise agreement with Pillar To Post, you gain immediate access to our years of experience, and you’ll tap into that expertise during the two weeks you spend as part of our Foundation For Success program, in Toronto. While there, we’ll go over everything you need to know about running your property inspection franchise smoothly and successfully, including the technical training you’ll need to become a Pillar To Post inspector. We’ll also bring you up to speed on day-to-day operations, sales, marketing, bookkeeping, and more. Once your two weeks are finished, you’ll return home to enjoy an additional three months with our webinar series that will delve into a host of important subjects, like business planning and how to build a relationship with realtors.

After Your Doors Open

One of the ways we go above and beyond the support offered by our competitors is by pairing our new franchisees with their own dedicated business coach who will be there to guide and advise them for up to nine months. That kind of franchisor commitment means new Pillar To Post owners never feel alone, and are in business for themselves but not by themselves. Add to that our expert marketing teams to help all our franchisees reach their best customers, proprietary technology that helps them do their jobs more easily, and a network of other supportive franchisees, and you can begin to understand why partnering with Pillar To Post is the answer for so many who are interested in starting their own property inspection franchise.

You’ll Be Part of a Powerhouse Brand Family

Because we’ve been in business for so long, and have been relied upon by millions of home buyers and sellers across North America, the Pillar To Post brand name has become synonymous with excellence and expertise. What does that mean for our franchisees? It means you start your career as a Pillar To Post owner with the advantage of brand recognition that is unmatched. Furthermore, our business model, tried and tested for decades, takes a lot of the guesswork out of running the day-to-day operations of your franchise, leaving you free to concentrate on other important aspects of your business. Combine that with our partnerships and affiliations all over North America, and the value of our investment opportunity becomes crystal clear.

To learn more about a property inspection franchise with Pillar To Post, get in touch with us today!

When it Comes to How to Start Your Own Home Inspection Business, We’re an Industry Leader!

Going into business for yourself is an exciting and rewarding endeavor, especially when you do so as part of a robust industry. If you’re wondering about how to start your own home inspection business, you’ll be pleased to know that our industry is projected to grow 10% by 2026. Furthermore, it’s one with plenty of room for growth because no single company dominates the market. We’re proud to be home inspection experts, having served communities across the country since 1994, and today, we are the leading home inspection company in North America. That means we know a thing or two about how to how to start your own home inspection business, valuable knowledge and expertise we share with each and every one of our franchisees.

Our History

Believe it or not, the home inspection industry is fairly young. Not that long ago, when homebuyers needed advice about a potential purchase, they would often turn to contractor friends or handy family members to help them inspect a home for any problems. But in 1994, in response to what our founder, Mike Brewer, saw as an important market need, the first Pillar To Post franchise location was opened to serve its community. Today, our 550 individually-owned and operated franchises serve thousands of home buyers and sellers a month, and the knowledge we’ve gained as leaders in our industry has helped us to develop and refine a business model that takes a lot of the trial and error out of running a home inspection business. This allows our investors to more easily capitalize on a growing industry.

Furthermore, we make sure all our new franchisees see comprehensive training that will get them up to speed and ready to serve their communities, from the moment they open their doors. They’ll also enjoy ongoing support, in the way of expert marketing teams and regional business coaches, among other resources, to help them stay on track toward success. We know the Pillar To Post brand depends on each of our franchisees thriving, which is why, when it comes to how to start your own home inspection business, you’ll never go it alone with us as your franchisor.

Powerful Brand Recognition

We didn’t become a leader in the home inspection industry by accident. It’s taken us years of dedication to customer service and franchisee support to build our trusted and respected reputation. The powerful brand recognition of Pillar To Post is one of the most important benefits of partnering with us, and when you join our brand family you might discover that it’s much easier to grow your business as a result that. Many of our franchisees find that working to establish relationships with local real estate agents and prospective homebuyers is facilitated by the Pillar To Post name, as they leverage our tremendous brand power.

It’s not often that a small business owner begins his or her career with the help of experts. But that’s exactly what our franchisees can expect when they partner with Pillar To Post, and you can, too!

Ready to jump into a rewarding industry with the help of leaders in it? Get in touch with us today!

What is an FDD and Why is it So Important to Understanding Home Inspection Franchise Costs?

If you’re excited by the possibility of becoming part of the Pillar To Post brand family, and are wondering about what some of the home inspection franchise costs might be, you can count on our franchise disclosure document, or FDD, to answer that question completely for you. All franchisors are required to have an FDD and make it available to serious potential investors because an FDD clearly provides important information, not just in terms of cost, but also in terms of responsibilities. Here, we’ll take a closer look at what role an FDD plays in general, and what knowledge you can expect to gain when you spend time with ours.

Time to Review

Reviewing an FDD carefully is a very important step in the franchise process, especially when it comes to home inspection franchise costs. FDDs are meant to be comprehensive documents that provide complete information about a brand, its history, its key players, and more. It should serve as vetted and validated information that can be used to help you make an educated decision about investing, which is why you’ll be given a minimum of two weeks to review ours before anything can be signed. Because this document covers a lot of territory, it’s often helpful to read it with an attorney, and you shouldn’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions you might have while reading ours. We want you to be as well-informed as possible before investing is our brand.

The Home Inspection Franchise Cost

It’s probably safe to say that the first section any potential Pillar To Post franchisee will turn to in our FDD is the one that goes over the cost of franchising with us. Our FDD provides a complete breakdown of that, including the initial franchise fee, ongoing royalty fees, and any marketing fees you’ll be responsible for. It will also discuss multi-unit fees and the cost of necessary supplies and materials. The great news is, ours in an investment opportunity with initial start-up costs as low as $36,350, which includes your initial franchise fee, and because we’re a home-based business opportunity, you’ll enjoy low overhead expenses as well.

We’re Here for You

Here’s some more good news: your initial franchise fee of $21,900 covers the cost of your onboarding and training, which will prepare you to open your franchise fully prepared to make the most of our robust industry. Franchisor training is a very important section of our FDD, and while reading through it, you’ll learn more about the details of that, as well as about our ongoing support of you, including what marketing resources you can expect to have access to, and important information about industry sources and operational items.

Your Responsibilities

When you become part of the Pillar To Post franchise family, you become a trusted and important representative of our brand, which is why it’s important for you to know exactly what’s expected of you as our franchisee. Our FDD lays this out in clear language so there’s no ambiguity. Rest assured there will be plenty of room to run your franchise the way you want, making executive decisions on your own, and hiring who you’d like; but you’ll also be expected to adhere to our business model, utilize all our proprietary materials, and stick to the culture of our brand. This kind of consistency helps to keep our franchisees on track to achieve steady growth.

If you’d like to learn more about the home inspection franchise cost, we’d love to hear from you, so reach out today!