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Why the Initial Investment in a Home Inspection Franchise is Worth It

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As a prospective franchise, you’re looking for opportunities that minimize your costs and yield the greatest chance of turning a profit. Unfortunately, many industries are in decline or oversaturated right now, or are dominated by a single company that has a monopoly on the market. The home inspection franchise industry is unique in that we’ve been thriving in recent years, and only are projected to continue growing. We’ve designed our model to minimize fees and set you up for the highest possible return, as well as give you all the support you need to capitalize on our booming industry.

Startup Costs

Every new franchisee wants to invest in a in a low-cost franchise with as few upfront expenses as possible. We want you to launch your franchise without feeling like you’ve broken the bank, or that you’re starting from a disadvantageous position. That’s why we’ve kept our franchise fee at a low $21,900, with affordable financing available for $9,000 of the total. If you’re a veteran, or an existing home inspector, there’s further financing available. We also only require 7% of gross revenue as a royalty payment. But these costs are only worth your investment if they yield profitable returns. Since 2012, the average gross revenue of a Pillar To Post franchisee has increased by 35%, and is continuing to grow steadily. Our low startup costs and average ROI make us one of the most affordable home inspection franchise opportunities in North America.

Support System

Don’t worry if you don’t have a ton of business experience. We don’t expect our new franchisees to know everything; that’s why we have a team of 30-plus people dedicated to assisting you in growing your franchise and guiding you toward success. We assign each of our franchisees a personal business coach, equipped to help you achieve your goals. Our business coaches have years of franchise experience, and are specially trained to address any questions you may have, and provide the tools and resources you need to make your investment worthwhile.

A Healthy Industry

Many industries are saturated with similar franchises, and while competition is healthy, too much of it can be bad for business. In the home inspection franchise industry, we don’t have that problem. There is no monopoly on the home inspection industry, and no single company dominating our space, meaning there’s plenty of room for new franchisees to make their mark. Home inspection is a $3 billion industry right now, with 4.6% annual growth. Millennials eager to settle into their first house are expected to comprise 33% of home-buyers this year. Timing is essential in franchising, and now is a great time to invest in a home inspection franchise. Nearly six million Americans purchased homes in 2016, with that number only on the rise.

If you’re ready to take the plunge and invest in a home inspection franchise, reach out to us here to get started.

Take Control of Your Career with a Property Inspector Franchise

Franchising is a unique opportunity because it allows you to transfer your business or industry experience from the role of a subordinate to that of an owner and operator. When you run a property inspector franchise, you’re able to leave that restrictive corporate environment, be your own boss, and structure your own workday.

Many franchisees who leave a corporate environment are worried about the transition and want to make sure that they’re entering a stable industry. Fortunately, the home inspection industry is stronger than ever, and Pillar To Post makes our franchisees’ transition as easy as possible.

Transitioning from Corporate

Franchising is a perfect fit for those who are sick of their corporate job and want to be their own boss. Opening a property inspector franchise can really maximize that sense of freedom potential franchisees are craving. Doing so alleviates the pressures of working in a corporate environment and adhering to a set of imposed corporate rules.

We don’t expect our franchisees to have previous franchise experience. We understand that you might be new to this, as well as unsure of what it takes to be successful in an independent, non-corporate environment. That’s why we give you all the tools you need to run a successful property inspector franchise. We make sure to provide low upfront costs, an extensive training program, and a sophisticated, comprehensive marketing plan to help your business grow. You also will benefit from a strong brand with a built-in base of loyal clients, as well as a network of franchisees who want to help you succeed.

Proven Industry Strength

While there are many drawbacks to a career in a corporate setting, one consistent benefit is the stability it provides. Despite their disenchantment, many employees stay with their companies for longer than they’d like, simply because it gives them a reliable source of income and job security, and because they are wary of jumping into a new, potentially risky industry. Luckily, the home inspection industry is thriving. Our industry is worth $3 billion right now, with 4.6% annual growth, and since 2012 the average gross revenue of a Pillar To Post franchisee has increased by 35%. Our franchisees’ average gross revenue is strong as well, and projected to grow steadily in the future. When you’re leaving a relatively stable career to invest in a franchise, you want to be sure that you’re investing in a lucrative opportunity, with room for both profit and growth. A property inspector franchise allows for both. 

If you’re sick of having no control over your career or resent the lack of flexibility of your corporate job, transitioning to a Pillar To Post property inspector franchise may be for you. Reach out to us today for more information.

How Pillar To Post Franchisees Get the Work-Life Balance They Desire

Some of the most attractive benefits of franchising are the ability to leave that restrictive corporate environment, be your own boss, and determine for yourself how your workday is going to look. Franchisees who take advantage of a home inspection business opportunity do so because they want more control of their life and the freedom to structure their own business according to their personal needs.

Many Pillar To Post franchisees are motivated by the desire for a better work-life balance, and the flexibility to determine how to structure their business. This freedom separates the life a franchisee from the life of a corporate employee. Setting your own hours, being your own boss, and scaling your business according to your own vision and capacity all are hallmarks of the franchise system.

The Franchise Difference

The unique thing about franchising is your ability to tailor your business, and your life, with greater flexibility. Franchising is a perfect fit for those who are sick of their corporate job and want to be their own boss, and a home inspection business opportunity takes this freedom to the next level.

We’re big believers in franchisee satisfaction, and that usually means giving them the tools and framework to structure their lives however they want. Whether it’s hiring employees to handle day-to-day operations, or doing it all yourself, that’s what makes franchising so appealing. Many franchisees enter franchising because they felt a lack of control in their previous position, wished they could work from the comfort of their own home, or resented the rigidity of a set-in-stone schedule. Owning a Pillar To Post franchise erases these concerns. The freedom to tailor your lifestyle is a hallmark of a Pillar To Post franchise, and it’s what makes us one of the top 100 franchises of 2017.

Choose Your Role

We understand the desire to pivot your career trajectory or move into a more business-oriented role if you’ve had previous experience working in the field. However, we also understand that you might not want to spend your day in an office when you could be getting your hands dirty and be more involved in the day-to-day operations of the company. Either approach is fine with us. If involvement in the day-to-day labor is a priority for you, a Pillar To Post home inspection business opportunity allows you to continue staying active and working in the field; if you’d rather remain behind the scenes, hire a staff, and work from home, that’s OK too. Many franchisees run operations out of home offices, which usually goes a long way toward saving money. The beauty of a home inspection franchise is that you have the freedom to do either, to experiment with your business model until it works for you.

If you’ve always wanted to strike a better work-life balance, reach out to us today to learn more about a Pillar To Post home inspection business opportunity.

How Opening a Home Inspection Franchise Differs from Starting a Business from Scratch

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Prospective franchisees might be motivated by their desire to break out on their own, be their own boss, and experience the thrill of running their own business, but the question soon arises: how do I do it? Do I build a new business from the ground up, or take advantage of an already-existing model?

There are many distinct benefits to franchising, namely the luxury of settling into an established system, with support mechanisms in place. An entrepreneur opening his own business in our industry would have to deal with a higher investment, making connections in an unfamiliar industry, and formulating a business model. A home inspection franchisee, however, has much of these hurdles of business ownership already taken care of.

A Proven Concept

When you invest in a home inspection franchise, you are investing in a proven system that has worked for many franchisees before you.

With a Pillar To Post franchise, you don’t have to worry about your business idea not being financially viable, or whether or not the market exists for your services. We’ve been there before, identified the obstacles, and we set you up to overcome them. Before opening your doors, our team will work with you to make sure your franchise is based in the best possible location and poised for profitability.

No Industry Experience Needed

Because the franchise system is designed with a business plan in place, and provides franchisees with a strong marketing and business-operations support, it is extremely easy for someone with no industry experience to slide into a role as a franchisee. We do, however, expect our franchisees to possess a strong entrepreneurial spirit, self-motivation, an understanding of our mission, and a passion for the business.

Smaller Financial Commitment

When you invest in a franchise, the financial boundaries are clearly defined. The investment amount, including franchise fee and royalty payments, should be easily found on their website, as should a description of what you will receive in return.

An entrepreneur, however, might find estimating costs more challenging. Since they are often working within a new, unproven model, entrepreneurs may struggle to obtain financing through loans, and find themselves with the difficult task of raising money through investors.

Higher Success Rate

Starting a franchise is like entering into a symbiotic relationship. Pillar To Post understands that we cannot be successful if our franchisees are floundering, so we make every effort to set them up for success.

While there are countless successful entrepreneurs who went into business for themselves, the risk is much greater. When you consider that franchisees start off with an established brand, existing customer base, and can reap the benefits of training and support systems, it’s no surprise that franchises have a greater chance to succeed.

If you’re ready to be your own boss and take the leap into home inspection franchise ownership with Pillar To Post, get in touch with us.

Thinking of Opening a Home Inspection Franchise? What do Home Inspectors Look for, Anyway?

If you’re considering opening a home inspection franchise but you don’t have any industry experience, you may be wondering: what do home inspectors look for? Is this a line of work I can get excited about, and what, exactly, will I be providing for my clients? While some of our franchisees are former contractors, builders, or home inspectors, many of our licensees have never worked in the industry before, and may have only a surface understanding of what the home inspection industry entails. Don’t let lack of experience be a deterrent. Education is a big part of our franchise process, and we expect all our franchisees—regardless of prior experience—to undergo training and conduct extensive research to thoroughly understand our industry. Through this education process, you’ll quickly realize the excitement of owning a home inspection business, and how gratifying it can be to provide an essential service to homebuyers and sellers.

What we do

You may have a basic understanding of the home inspection industry, but if you don’t have any direct experience, you might still be wondering: what do home inspectors look for? If I decide to be hands-on, what can I expect? Even if you do have industry experience, this is a question you will have to answer for your clients.

On a basic level, home inspectors use their expertise to conduct a thorough inspection of a home, chiefly its structure and essential components. Our job is to identify any potential problems, and bring them to the attention of our customers. Mainly, we are looking for issues within the home’s structural integrity and major systems, which can include code violations, wear and tear, or poor construction.

Any prospective franchisees must have a keen eye for detail and understand the importance of thoroughness. Among many other areas, we look at the home’s structure, the exterior, roof and attic, plumbing, heating and AC, electrical systems, appliances, and garage.

Typical issues we generally find include roof problems, electrical malfunctions, cracks in the foundation, and poor storm drainage that exposes the home to water damage. These are all highly important issues that can make a huge difference when it comes to buying or selling a home. It is worth noting, however, that these are just some of the issues you might find, which is why our thorough training is such an asset to you as a home inspector.

Why Our Work is Important

The process of buying or selling a home is a huge event. It can mark a monumental transitory period in someone’s life, and a crucial turning point for any family. Our clients want to know that as they embark upon the next chapter of their lives, they have all the information to make a smart investment. That’s where we come in. By identifying any potential problems in a home, we are saving homebuyers from incurring a massive expense down the road, and families from taking up residence in a house that may be unsafe. Our goal is to make our clients as informed as possible, so they can make an educated decision regarding their purchase. Our franchisees recognize the importance of this role, and take great pride in executing it faithfully.

If you’re excited by the prospect of giving people peace of mind as they enter the next chapter in their lives, a home inspection franchise might be the right move for you. Get more information about Pillar To Post franchise opportunities here.

The Pillar To Post Advantage: Invest in a Leading Home Inspection Franchise

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Considering opening your own home inspection franchise? Here’s what some top franchise publications are saying about Pillar To Post.

As a company that depends heavily on our franchisees for us to grow, and maintain a position of prominence in our industry, we put a great deal of time and consideration into our franchise system. It’s important to us that our franchisees don’t feel lost at any stage in the process. We make sure to instill in them a thorough understanding of our core values, and support them every step of the way. Our support system is unparalleled, and our training is designed to make even the least experienced franchisee an expert on home inspections.

While we take great pride in the work we do for our customers, we are also proud of our franchise reviews and awards. The multiple recognitions we have received for our franchise system validate our stellar support and training system, and prove that Pillar To Post is among the best franchise opportunities on the market.

Entrepreneur Franchise 500

Entrepreneur’s Top 500 Franchise ranking is the most comprehensive franchise ranking in the world, and Pillar To Post made the list for the fifth year in a row. Not only that, we were named #1 in the Home Inspection Franchise category—a designation of which we are extremely proud. Over one thousand franchise brands apply for consideration, and Entrepreneur takes 150+ data points into account in the making of their list.

Entrepreneur mainly evaluates franchises based on their affordability, growth potential, support system, brand strength, and financial stability. We’re pleased to say that we ranked high in all categories, and lead all of our competitors by a large margin.

Franchise Business Review

For three years running, we have been fortunate enough to be named in Franchise Business Review’s Top 50 Franchises, and as one of the top 30 home services franchises. We were also honored to be featured on the cover of Franchise Business Review’s official magazine! Franchise Business Review ranked Pillar To Post highly in every area, finding our core values and franchisee community particularly noteworthy.

We owe these positive reviews to our commitment to extensive, professional training, and our broad network of support. We strongly believe that working side by side with our franchisees leads both to their own happiness, and company profitability.

Franchise Gator

Franchise Gator utilizes hundreds of franchise disclosure documents, conducts interviews, and takes a variety of other factors into account before releasing its Top 100 Franchises rankings. They recognize that Pillar To Post is trusted and reliable, and that we are committed to providing our franchisees with the smoothest experience. We’ve been highly ranked for the past four years, and those rankings have only improved with each passing year. From 68th in 2014, we’ve now reached the 19 in 2017, and can’t wait to see what future years hold.

Our rankings and reviews might be encouraging, but don’t just take it from the publications. Check out what our franchisees are saying about working with us. We value their feedback most of all, as we consider franchisees our close partners and, indeed, members of our family.

To learn more about a Pillar To Post home inspection franchise, and how to get involved, download our infographic.

3 Reasons Young Entrepreneurs Choose a Home Inspection Franchise

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Don’t let age be a barrier to success. Young adults with an entrepreneurial spirit can be the perfect home inspection franchise candidate.

Starting a new franchise at any age can seem daunting, but that’s especially true of younger entrepreneurs with little experience in the business world. All kinds of questions are swimming in your mind. Is this the right career move? Am I ready for this? How will I handle obstacles? Many prospective franchisees find themselves caught in this cycle of doubt, and never realize their potential as a successful entrepreneur. Pillar To Post works with franchisees of all backgrounds, including entrepreneurs in their 20s and 30s, who don’t necessarily have a ton of prior experience in business ownership. However, through our proven franchise system, and network of support, we’ve proudly watched them achieve success. In fact, entering the home inspection franchise space at a younger age can actually yield several benefits.

Fewer Financial Responsibilities

Many potential franchisees are discouraged by the time commitment of running a franchise, the startup costs, and the other stresses associated with business ownership. However, young franchisees often don’t have heavy financial burdens like mortgages, mounting bills, or big families to support. They might lack direct franchise experience, but they also lack the distractions and financial obligations of older franchisees.

There is always risk in starting a new business, but we like to think of franchising as a measured, educated risk. Young franchisees might be concerned about their lack of experience, but in a franchise model, you are working within a proven system, with guardrails to ensure you don’t stray off-course.

It’s the Perfect Time to Learn New Skills

As any new business owner quickly realizes, there’s a lot to learn when you start a home inspection franchise. Franchisees who come from other industries, or have vast business experience, can often find it difficult to adapt their skillset to a new space. We love working with our young franchisees because they are always willing to learn the ins and outs of a new industry, are open to receiving advice and guidance, and are eager to learn new skills.

At only 33 years old, Tyler Burley is one of our most successful young franchisees. While he came from a construction and sales background, he learned quickly that there were many nuances of a home inspection franchise that were unfamiliar to him. He notes how being a new inspector in his area, he had to learn quickly how to market himself to real estate agents, and began employing seasonal discounts, monthly emails, and regular sales calls. One of the most valuable skills he picked up was budgeting during the slow months. “From rebranding to new technology,” Tyler has learned that you need to “constantly evolve the business to stay relevant and be an exciting option for clients.”

A Great Support System

It’s important for any franchisee, especially those with little business experience, to take advantage of the support system available to them. We have a support team of over 30 people whose mission is to help franchisees grow their business. We pair you with a personal business coach who will help you brainstorm ideas, solve problems, educate you about the industry, and guide you toward success. No one starts a home inspection franchise as an expert. Whatever your age, there’s always a learning curve, and we pride ourselves on guiding you through the rough patches and giving you all the tools you need to succeed.

If a Pillar To Post home inspection franchise sounds like an exciting new chapter in your career, learn more about the opportunity here.

Looking to Break Into the Home Inspection Industry? Top 3 Reasons Pillar To Post Is a Smart Investment

With any investment, there are no guarantees. The success of a new franchise in the home inspection industry is always dependent upon the business owner’s willingness to learn, make mistakes, and meet challenges. While there is no such thing as a “sure thing,” we try to ensure our franchisees’ success as closely as possible. With our proven and tested support infrastructure, minimal investment cost, and network of expert partners, we give you all the tools you need to make your investment feel like the best decision you ever made.

Our Proven System

One of the best things about investing in our home inspection franchise is that you’re not reinventing the wheel. We’ve been there before. Our business model is the product of 23 years of experience and success, and we’re proud to pass it along to you. It can be difficult to create brand awareness, educate consumers, and reach your target audience all on your own. Luckily, we have the infrastructure to help.

When you take on the home inspection industry as our franchisee, you get all the benefits of a well-established brand. That includes a sophisticated training and support system, comprehensive operations manuals, and in-house technical and computer support.

Low-Cost Investment

With any investment, you want to make sure you see a worthwhile return. We try to keep our investment costs low so that you can launch your franchise without feeling like you’ve broken the bank. That’s why we offer affordable options to finance your franchise. If you’re a veteran or an existing home inspector, there are even more options available to you. To keep our startup costs as beneficial to you as possible, we reallocate 4% of your gross revenue across all of our franchisees to assist with advertising costs.

Now that you have an idea of what the investment looks like, you’re thinking: But is it a smart investment? Well, the home inspection industry is worth $3 billion right now, with 4.6% annual growth, and since 2012 the average gross revenue of a Pillar To Post franchisee has increased 35%. Our franchisees’ average gross revenue is strong as well, and growing steadily. In a world where investors rightly weigh their investment decisions carefully, trends are more important than ever.

Existing Network of Real Estate Partners

It goes without saying that the more players you know in a given industry, the bigger advantage you have. This is especially true of a new business owner. Pillar To Post partners franchisees with industry experts, including already-successful franchisees and real estate agents, to get the biggest advantage we can give you. A strong network is not only important for generating client leads and making important industry contacts, but also creating brand awareness in your community.

We also partner franchisees with one of the world’s top real estate firms, who aid immensely with site selection and lease negotiation. Their long-established presence across the U.S. will prove invaluable to franchisees choosing a home for their business. This kind of networking will not only help you connect with real estate agents but also prospective homebuyers.

Don’t be afraid to take advantage of our brand recognition! As the biggest home inspection franchise in North America, we have preferred status with several leading real estate companies; use our connections to take your franchise to the next level.

Reach out to us today to see how you can take the first step toward this smart investment.

You Don’t Have to Take it From Us! Read the Home Inspection Franchise Reviews That Show Why Pillar To Post is Great!

home inspection franchise reviews


Thinking of starting a career in home inspection? Our franchise reviews are a must-read for anyone wondering if franchising is right for them.

When choosing a franchise, you’re not only choosing a company to work with, but a partner who has a vested interest in your success. At Pillar To Post, we’re beside our franchisees every step of the way, from helping you implement our proven franchise system, to lending valuable training and support. We want you to have the flexibility to run your business your way, but offer guidance and structure where needed. To really make you feel like part of the family, we’ll introduce you to our network of business partners and franchisees, who are always on-hand to give advice when needed.

Franchisee Reviews

When we say we have a great relationship with our franchisees, we mean it. Our franchisees really value the support we give them, and the sense of community we foster. But don’t take our word for it—check out our home inspection franchise reviews below to see what our franchisees are saying.

“It’s a sense of independence and just that feeling that we’re doing something good in our
”- Wayne DeJong, Franchisee in Vancouver, BC

“The tools that Pillar To post has are by far superior to anything I’ve ever seen out there. I couldn’t be happier with the choice that I made.”-Patrick Dickinson, Franchisee in Charles, MO

“The impact [Pillar To Post has] had on our family, the strongest impact is financial security and independence. We like to travel, we have a busy lifestyle with our three daughters.”- Kevin Ratliff, Franchisee in Vancouver, WA

“It was a no brainer. With marketing, IT, any support that you need is there for you. There’s a plan. If you follow that plan, success is at the end of [it]. So if you’re able to follow the plan and implement what’s on there then you’re good to go.”-Mark Dailey, Franchisee in Nashville, TN

Realtor Reviews

Pillar To Post’s relationships with leading realtors nationwide is one of the most valuable resources for franchisees. As a franchisee, your partnership with real estate agents is crucial, and we give you all the tools you need to learn from them, and make solid networking connections.

“I am a big supporter of Pillar To Post. They support us, we support them. They’re one of our biggest sponsors. I love Pillar To Post! I recommend them to all of my buyers. I even recommend them to my sellers for a pre-listing home inspection. It’s a great company!”-Jana Vanek, RE/MAX Executive.

“I solely refer to Pillar To Post. I love [my inspector], he’s very educated. He has a lot of relationships in the industry. He knows a lot that he brings to my clients so I can very easily refer him.”-Tommy and Lisa, Keller Williams Realty.

“Have you ever had a home inspection where the inspector blew the deal? That’s not likely to happen with Pillar To Post…They print out the report right there on site so the buyer has the report immediately in hand, can review any questions or concerns with the inspector, and the inspector will make their recommendations without alarming your prospect and killing the deal.”- Brian Moses, National Association of Expert Advisors Coach.

“After every inspection, we get a follow up call or email asking us how he did. We always say ‘5 stars’ We not only use them for our buyers’ home inspections but as many pre-listing inspections as we possibly can.”- Lisa Larkin, RE/MAX Excalibur.

Customer Reviews

At the end of the day, it’s all about the customer. Nothing we do really matters unless the customer is satisfied with our work, so we pride ourselves on their glowing reviews most of all.

“Detailed inspection, cleared electrical and other equipment information, also spent good time to do inspection. Everything explained.”- P.M.

“Great costumer service with flexible hours that met my needs. So thankful for the great feedback brought to me during my first home feedback experience.” – J.L.

“Very fast and did a great job”- S.S.

“Very thorough. Love the detailed explanation with pictures.”- B.B.

In addition to the kind words of our partners and customers, we’ve been recognized by the Franchise Business Review for the past three years as one of the Top 50 Franchises. Check it out for yourself, and fill out the request form to join the team!

3 Tips for Marketing Your Home Inspection Business Locally

A solid marketing strategy is essential to any industry, especially home inspection businesses. As a franchisee, you’ll need to thoroughly understand your territory, target audience, potential clients, and connect with local experts and potential clients. Doing your research, meeting people, and taking advantage of the franchise’s built-in support network, will catapult your marketing game to the next level.

Learn Your Market

In the home inspection business, effective marketing is all about understanding the territory your franchise covers, and staying in tune with the needs of your community. Every community is different. Whether it’s a focus on suburban neighborhoods and larger houses, or condominiums in more densely-populated urban areas, you will need to refine your marketing strategy to coincide with your target demographic.

One of the unique benefits of owning your own home inspection business is the flexibility to adapt your services to the existing market. Pillar To Post offers a variety of added services to specialize our inspections as much as possible. If your area is more suburban, with an abundance of swimming pools, you’ll want to tailor your marketing to emphasize swimming pool inspections services. If your area has a lot of apartment buildings or condominiums, you might choose to highlight your mold sampling services.

For any home inspection franchise, it’s important to thoroughly research your territory to determine your target demographic and make sure they’re fully educated on the range of services you offer.


Networking is vital in any industry, but especially to new franchisees in the home inspection business. The more people you know, the more help you’ll end up receiving from industry experts, and the better leads you’ll get for potential clients.

Engaging with your community is one of the best ways to meet people, and create some brand awareness. Keep business cards handy, so that when you speak with real estate agents or prospective homebuyers, you’re always prepared to kickstart a new relationship. Attend open houses, visit real estate offices, and take a vested interest in learning the territory inside and out. People will sense your enthusiasm and appreciate your passion for the franchise.

Pillar To Post franchisees have access to built-in networking opportunities. As the biggest home inspection franchise in North America, we have connections with real estate companies throughout the U.S. and Canada, and encourage franchisees to take advantage of our brand recognition to take their marketing efforts to the next level.

Use Our Marketing Resources

Unlike an independent small business owner, who either needs to hire an outside marketing agency, or create a marketing strategy from scratch, Pillar To Post franchisees have the benefit of an experienced marketing department. Our strategists will help you develop a marketing plan to grow your business.

We pair each of our franchisees with a personal business coach, who has years of marketing experience in the home inspection business. They will be invaluable to you as you build out your franchise and marketing strategy.

Ready to learn more about a Pillar To Post franchise opportunity? Download our infographic here.