Profitability with your Franchise Ownership

You can confidently take the first step to own a home inspection franchise when you invest in Pillar To Post Home Inspectors. We have built a solid business model that supports individual franchise owners geared to their success. We keep our franchise ownership fees low and provide financing. We will further discount your startup fees if you are already a home inspector or a veteran. Our low startup costs make us the most affordable home inspection franchise in North America.
A franchise’s success is dependent upon an owner’s motivation, drive and acumen, partnered with a solid business model and supportive home office. Pillar To Post franchisee average gross revenue has increased 35% since 2012 with continued steady growth.

Franchise Opportunities

Owning a Pillar To Post Home Inspector franchise is a solid step in growing your future with a company that supports you every step of the way. Our business model and internal training and support system are designed to help you succeed. We are an excellent home inspection franchise opportunity for individuals and couples ready to invest in career satisfaction. Pillar To Post Home Inspectors franchise is for anyone interested in:

  • Being their own boss
  • Spending more time with their family
  • Making money
  • A career they enjoy
  • Helping people
  • Networking

Partnering with Pillar To Post as a home inspector franchise owner is an excellent way to align your financial goals with your career and future. Our proven business model for franchise ownership is focused on your success. Join forces with the #1 home inspection company and the #1 home inspection franchise.


Begin a new, less physically demanding phase of your life with Pillar To Post. Our franchisees have left long hours and exhaustive work behind as they enter the career of a home inspection franchise owner.


Pillar To Post is a seamless fit if you stay active but want to lead more people. Owning a franchise will allow you to stay in the day-to-day operations while you have more time for yourself.

Skilled Tradesman

If you are tired of working for someone else it's time to partner with Pillar To Post. Being your own boss, setting your schedule and running your own team with a supportive home office behind you is a great way to make your living.

Real Estate Agents

Pillar To Post franchise ownership aligns well with those who have strong interpersonal skills and enjoy networking. If you are a people person and like to foster relationships, become a franchise owner.

Home Inspectors

Increase your inspections, revenue and leisure time when you join Pillar To Post. As former independent inspectors take advantage of a successful business model, opportunities for a better life become attainable.

Consider Pillar To Post as your post-service career


Pillar To Post is a smart and reliable choice for our military. Our supportive environment and flexible business are the perfect matches for those with military experience. As a veteran-friendly franchise, we offer discounted ownership fees as a thank you for your service.

Pillar To Post Home Inspector Franchise Owners

As the top property and home inspection franchise company, we are a suitable fit for anyone wanting a change of pace who is ready to be a leader. Successful Pillar To Post franchisees demonstrates amazing qualities that help this partnership thrive. These qualities include:

  • Take pride in your ability to help others
  • Strong interpersonal skills and high engagement level
  • Willingness to educate and share your knowledge
  • Enjoy being around homes and construction
  • Self-driven, eager, entrepreneurial and passionate
  • Committed to executing Pillar To Post’s proven system
  • Wants a positive work/life balance

Grow, Scale and Thrive

The potential for your Pillar To Post home inspection franchise to thrive is built into the business model. It is the product of 23 years of successful experiences, a growth mindset and a proven track record. During our tenure in the industry, we have developed the ideal business plan, marketing strategy and inspection process to help you grow your Pillar To Post Home Inspector franchise. There is no need to reinvent the wheel; you are purchasing a turnkey business.

We understand that the home office plays a part in your success and supports you proudly. Each of our franchisees is paired with a personal business coach who possesses years of experience and training in franchising. Well-equipped to answer questions, they provide you with the guidance, tools and resources you need to make your investment worthwhile. A drive to learn, aptitude to develop and change when needed and flexibility will set you well on your path to be an insightful home inspection business owner.

Man holding daughter

Financial Freedom with our Franchise Opportunities

Taking the first step to financial freedom can be frightening. There may be a level of uncertainty that might hold you up, and we understand that. Pillar To Post recommends that you research our proven track record for franchise ownership.

Open Communication

It is important to understand marketing and territories in the home inspection franchise business. When you understand where your territory is, you know who to market to. Pillar To Post will help you with a strong marketing strategy for your territory, whether it is suburban or city.

Set Up for Success

Entering a new industry without contacts is a disadvantage that we hurdle for you. Pillar To Post partners franchisees with industry experts who work hand in hand with you. Your partnership is designed to educate clients, generate leads and network to build a better location. Your partnership with already-successful Pillar To Post franchise owners and real estate agents will prove invaluable to you scaling your business.

A Reliable Industry

With Pillar To Post home inspection franchise opportunities, you can be confident knowing there is no single company dominating our space in home inspections, or franchise ownership. There is ample room for your franchise to develop, grow and compete. Timing is crucial in franchising, and with the housing market growing rapidly in North America, continued expansion is there. We are currently a 3 billion dollar industry with 4.6% annual growth. Conditions are right for you to step into owning your own Pillar To Post Home Inspectors franchise.

Committed to Success

Pillar To Post has a team dedicated to answering your questions about our home inspection franchise opportunities. Fill out the form to the right and an expert will connect with you as soon as possible.

We are committed to providing the support and guidance needed to thrive as a new home inspection franchise owner, no matter what your personal or professional background is. When you become a Pillar To Post franchise owner you join a network of people who are eager to succeed and improve the lives of others.

The Steps of Your Pillar To Post Home Inspection

The purpose of a home inspection is to educate you about the home you are choosing to buy, sell or live in. Our step-by-step process is all about providing the information necessary to make the most informed choice in homeownership.

We’d Love to talk to you. Call us with your questions about franchising.


Partner with Pillar To Post

  • Our brand name is internationally recognized
  • Partnerships and affiliations all over North America
  • Industry leading marketing teams who help you find your clients
  • Regional business coaches and supportive franchise owners
  • Proprietary technology that makes home inspections easier

Pillar To Post is the #1 North American Home Inspection Franchise with more than 550+ locations in North America.

That’s the type of company that you want backing you up.

Committed to Success

Pillar To Post has a team of franchise experts at the ready to answer any questions you are bound to have.

Fill out the form to the right and an expert will connect with you as soon as possible.

We are committed to giving you the support and guidance needed to thrive as a new business owner, no matter what your personal or professional background is. When you become a Pillar To Post franchise owner you join a network of people who are eager to succeed and improve the lives of others.