What Makes a Franchise?

Pillar To Post® has a proven method of success with our home inspection franchise opportunities. Anyone considering becoming part of our company should have a few characteristics to be successful. As a Pillar To Post home inspectors® franchisee, you should demonstrate the following qualities:

Why Pillar To Post® May Be Your Next Home

  • Startup costs as low as = $101,740
  • Royalty = 7% of gross revenue
  • Brand fund (for advertising) = 4% of gross revenue
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Marketing Your Franchise for Success

You can build a great home inspection company with a solid team of experts, but if no one knows you exist, it's all for nothing. Before deciding to own a home inspection franchise, you should be prepared to conduct independent research and take advantage of the support system within Pillar To Post® to build out a comprehensive marketing strategy that includes our tailor-made marketing plan.

Strategies Designed for You

You must thoroughly understand your territory and target audience. Then, connect with local experts and potential clients to grow your home inspection franchise. Attending to these essential aspects of the business will go a long way toward promoting the growth of your franchise.

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Utilize All Our Resources

Valuable and easy to utilize resources are part of the deal with our home inspection franchise opportunities. Pillar To Post® has created a marketing plan for you, so there is no need to hire an outside marketing agency. We believe you are in business for yourself, not by yourself, so we provide you with access to our highly experienced marketing department.

Build Your Local Expertise 

Our strategists will help you develop a marketing plan to grow your business successfully. With years of experience in marketing for home inspection companies, our team is your best resource to create a strategy that works for your franchise.

Skills To Succeed

  • Enjoy being around houses and construction
  • Enjoy learning how a house works
  • Take pride in your knowledge and ability to help others
  • Want a positive work/life balance
  • Want to set work hours that are suitable to your lifestyle
  • Have a knack for talking to people about what you do
  • Are passionate and positive about life
  • Possess an entrepreneurial spirit, self-motivation, and discipline
  • Interpersonal skills to foster relationships with realtors
  • Willingness to commit to and execute Pillar To Post®'s system

What to Learn?

Learn Your Territory

With any home inspection company, effective marketing is all about understanding your territory and keeping up with the needs of your community. Every territory is different. Whether it's a focus on suburban neighborhoods and larger houses or condominiums in more densely-populated areas, you will need to tailor your marketing strategy and materials to reflect your target demographic. The great thing about owning a home inspection franchise is the flexibility to adapt your services to local markets. Pillar To Post® specializes our inspections as much as possible with a variety of added services. If your area is more suburban, with an abundance of swimming pools, you'll want to tailor your marketing to emphasize swimming pool inspections services. If your area has a lot of apartment buildings or condominiums, you might choose to highlight your mold sampling services. To determine your target demographic, and make sure your potential consumers know your range of services, it's essential to thoroughly research your territory and talk to people in the area.

Networking to Grow your Home Inspection Franchise

Networking is vital for success in any industry, but especially to those looking to own their first home inspection franchise. Pillar To Post® franchisees must be comfortable meeting new people and forging connections with customers, realtors, and other industry experts. With these connections gained through successful networking, you receive more help from specialists and better leads for building your clientele. Engaging with your community is an excellent way to meet people and grow your business. When you own a home inspection services franchise, you must be prepared to invest in business cards, and keep them handy at all times. You need to be ready to kickstart a new relationship when it presents itself, whether with real estate agents, prospective homebuyers or anyone with whom you cross paths. Attend open houses, visit real estate offices, and take a vested interest in learning the territory inside and out. People will appreciate your enthusiasm and passion for the franchise and will be eager to work with you.

We make networking easy and convenient by providing access to built-in networking opportunities. As the most prominent home inspection franchise company in North America, we have connections with real estate companies throughout the U.S. and Canada. We encourage our home inspection franchisees to use them! Take advantage of our brand recognition to fully propel your marketing efforts. If you believe you exemplify these qualities, want control of your financial future, and are prepared for the exciting challenges of owning a home inspection franchise, we want to talk to you!

Committed To Success

Pillar To Post Home Inspectors® has a team of franchise experts at the ready to answer any questions you might have. Our team is dedicated to helping franchise owners generate their own success by tapping into the great resource that is our franchise, which provides the necessary support and training to propel you forward. We’re considered to be one of the best family-owned franchise opportunities for a reason, and we’re excited for you to join.

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