Meet the Team

Senior Leadership Team

Pillar To Post has one of the most experienced leadership teams in the industry with firsthand experienced home inspectors and decades of business and franchise leadership experience within the team. This team leads the strategic vision for Pillar To Post and helps ensure our franchisees have the tools and support they need to successfully deliver the Pillar To Post brand experience and build their franchises to achieve their goals and dreams.

Dan Steward

President & CEO

Dan utilizes decades of both franchise and non-franchise service based business experience to strategically drive Pillar To Post and continue helping our franchisees succeed in their businesses.

Charles Furlough

Senior Vice President, Operations

Charles owned a Pillar To Post franchise in North Carolina from 1998-2007, with his business completing over 10,000 home inspections. In 2007 he joined the Home Office team as a Director, and now SVP of Operations.

Chuck Gravely

Vice President, Technical Standards & Development

Chuck has been in the home inspection industry for more than 23 years, both as a home inspector as well as a technical trainer. Since 2004, he has helped our franchisees succeed with the highest quality training and technical standards.

John Verdon

Vice President, Marketing

John brings 20 years of marketing leadership to the team including 5 years as the VP Marketing of a franchise-based restaurant chain. John and the marketing team are dedicated to helping franchisees reach their goals.

Jeff Sholdice

Vice President, Finance

Jeff brings years of experience as a franchisee of Great Clips as well as over 20 years as a finance executive with multiple global manufacturing organizations, including Ford Motor Company. He brings data and technology together to help Pillar To Post franchisees meet their business goals. Jeff holds an MBA and CPA designation which he uses in a teaching role as a part-time Professor of Finance and Accounting at a leading Canadian College.

Guy Dewar

Vice President, Information Technology

Guy has a passion for pragmatic approaches for IT, specializing in systems design, strategic planning and project management. Guy has been successful in a number of highly decentralized businesses including supporting a network of 850+ stores and restaurants across 100+ airport locations. He is skilled at building strategic technology road maps and operating user-focused help desks and support systems.

Jake Sweeney

Vice President, Special Projects

Jake joined Pillar To Post as VP of Finance and Administration in 2007, moving to CFO in 2010. In 2018 he transitioned to Vice President, Special Initiatives, overseeing new and exciting projects to enhance the Pillar To Post brand, and the lives of our franchisees. Prior to joining Pillar To Post, Jake was VP of Finance for PartyLite Gifts from 1996-2006.

Jeff Campbell

Director, New Franchisee Start-up

Jeff has almost 20 years of experience as a business owner/operator including over 15 years as a franchisee with several different brands. He now is focused on ensuring our new franchisees have a successful start to their new business.

Franchise Advisory Council

The FAC are a group of current Pillar To Post Franchisees located throughout North America. They are elected by their peer franchisees and volunteer their time to provide a voice for franchisees and input to the Home Office with a goal of improving the brand and franchise system.

Paul Grise

FAC Chair

Marco Miranda

Marco Miranda

FAC Vice Chair

Jerry Black

FAC Past Chair

Fred Larsen

FAC Member

Joseph Lang

FAC Member

Jeff Schroeder

FAC Member

Bradley George

Bradley George

FAC Member

Mike Williams

Mike Williams

FAC Member

Recruitment Team

This is the group of people that will help you learn about the Pillar To Post franchise opportunity, and help you assess if it is the right franchise for you. At the same time, they will learn about your skills and core strengths to assess your potential of being successful with a Pillar To Post franchise. We look for long-term, win-win relationships and the recruitment team are great guides to help you toward owning your own business.

Damon Crandall

Franchise Recruitment Director

Damon started his own Pillar To Post franchise in 2001 and conducted over 1,800 home inspections. He joined Pillar To Post again in 2013 and has helped more than 100 people achieve their goals and dreams of business ownership.

Brenda Gemmell

Franchise Recruitment Director

After working in high tech for many years, Brenda entered the franchise world owning her first franchise in 2010. She has helped over 200 people find the right franchise to join and enjoys helping share the experience of business ownership.

Nathan Millhouse

Franchise Recruitment Director

Nathan has over two decades of experience in franchise operations, business coaching, and franchise development experience together with over six years of franchise ownership. He enjoys helping people realize their dream of owning their own business.

Start-up & Training Team

This team combines technical expertise with adult-learning know-how to ensure all of our new franchisees understand what it takes to do a great home inspection and run a great business. The team includes former Pillar To Post franchisees and home inspectors as part of this team as well as subject matter experts to cover all areas to successfully run your business. The start-up team members are your real-world coaches dedicated to your start-up and successful first year of business operations.

Jay Gregg

Director, Franchise Development

In May 2005, Jay joined Pillar To Post as a franchisee and has inspected more than 2,000 homes. In 2011, he sold his franchise and joined Home Office as Director of Marketing. Jay now trains new franchisees on how to run their own successful franchise.

Kimberely Baker

Director, Training & Development

Kimberley has been involved in franchise training for more than 16 years, and as part of the Pillar To Post team since 2006. She uses her experience to continuously enhance the development and implementation of our in-house and online training.

Trevor Welby-Solomon

Technical Instructor

Trevor became a Certified Home Inspector in 1994 and joined Pillar To Post in 1999 as VP of Technical & Training until 2014. Trevor is now involved as a Technical Instructor, sharing his experience with our new franchisees.

Graham Clarke

Technical Instructor

Graham entered the home inspection industry in 1989 and managed a large multi-inspector company for many years. He is the President of the Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors and a Technical Instructor with Pillar To Post.

Rita Lombardi

Training, Development, & Office Coordinator

Rita handles & organizes all training logistics for our Franchise Partners when they come to Pillar To Post on-site training. She ensures their visit runs smoothly and efficiently.

Randy Weaver

Start-Up Director

Randy brings 23+ years of experience in coaching, training, and support to new franchisees. With a strong background in startup and performance coaching, he has helped launch over 200 new franchisees.

Ken Belleman

Start-Up Director

Ken has been in the franchise service industry for over 30 years. His management and training experience are a great asset in his role with new franchise partners. Ken has helped over 400 new franchisees start their business.

Stephanie Bowling

Director, Marketing

Stephanie brings 25+ years of franchise experience in the restaurant industry and has worn many hats including training, operations and of course marketing. She will ensure you have all the marketing tools and know-how to help you reach your business goals from start-up and beyond. This is the exciting and fun stuff and Stephanie is ready to share it!

Field Operations

Our Field Support team are your in-the-field coaches who work with you once you are up-and-running. They help and coach you to achieve your goals and will support your dreams in building your Pillar To Post business. This team mixes business ownership experience with coaching and goal-setting expertise to help our franchisees meet their goals and deliver a great Pillar To Post brand experience in a world of ever-changing circumstances and opportunities.

Stephanie Fisher

Regional Director

Stephanie brings 13+ years of operations experience helping franchisees create growth in their business. In addition, Stephanie was a franchisee with Merry Maids for over 8 years. While with Merry Maids, Stephanie was responsible for every facet of the business.

Melissa Schmitt

Regional Director

Melissa has spent the past 25 years in franchising including time as a multi-unit franchise owner and served in multiple field support capacities. She focuses on operations and helping franchisees become profitable and enjoy their businesses.

Kevin Lovejoy

Regional Director

Kevin is a 20 year franchise veteran with a varied background. He has a passion for helping business owners reach their goals. Kevin is committed to assisting franchisees in delivering a consistent and excellent brand experience.

Ray MacNeil

Regional Director

Ray came out of General Construction ownership into franchising in 2002. Working in Digital Marketing for 15 years and combined with his Sales background, Ray is now helping Pillar To Post franchisees in Canada build personal success.

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