It can be a struggle to find a veteran-friendly franchise that meets your needs. During your military career, you learned a wide range of skills that allowed you to function as part of a well-oiled machine. You likely enjoyed the confidence that comes with knowing your role, and you might have even enjoyed working with your hands. At Pillar To Post, we understand that starting an entirely new civilian career can be intimidating to someone with your experience. That's why we've worked hard to make ours a veteran-friendly franchise to help you thrive in civilian life.

Easing the Burden of the Initial Investment

Everyone knows that starting just about any new business requires a significant initial investment. Pillar To Post is no exception, although our business model is remarkably cost-effective. Because our franchisees are selling a service rather than a product, they don't need to invest in many of the expenses (e.g. inventory) that other business owners do. Our way of thanking veterans for their service and welcoming them to Pillar To Post is to offer them a 20% discount on our initial franchise fee. We also help to connect them with veterans organizations that can help them secure additional funding and/or financing. Because of all this, many veterans find that franchising with Pillar To Post is more affordable than they'd predicted.

An Engaging Business Model for Veterans

A key reason that we're a veteran-friendly franchise is that many of the skills you picked up in the military will be of good use to you as a Pillar To Post franchisee - particularly your organizational skills. One part of the job that our veteran franchisees especially love is that they're not cooped up in an office. They're free to decide when they'd like to work, how to structure their day, and they spend a good deal of their time out at job sites. Many veterans feel stifled working in a corporate setting, but running a Pillar To Post franchise affords you a good deal of freedom throughout the workday. Best of all, you'll be able to continue serving your community by ensuring that their homes are safe and sound.

We've Been Recognized for Our Efforts

Many franchises try to attract veterans, but few go as far as Pillar To Post. Because of our supportive environment and flexible business model, ours is a great franchise for veterans, and they agree. We've been named the #1 veteran-friendly franchise by Entrepreneur and G.I. Jobs magazine. We have a five-star rating from VetFran, which few franchisors receive. Of course, all of these accolades would be meaningless if veterans didn't agree, but in 2016 20% of our new franchisees were veterans. We're dedicated to continuing to work hard to build a franchise brand that allows veterans to enjoy the many benefits of business ownership.

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