The home inspection process can be daunting to many homeowners, which is why Pillar To Post makes sure it's as seamless as possible. Learn more about it here.

No one wants to invest in a franchise that makes life difficult for its clients. A franchise with a complicated business model, or poor communication, isn't going to endear itself to customers, and ultimately isn't going to succeed. At Pillar To Post, we pride ourselves on the smoothness of our home inspection process, and giving our customers peace of mind. We understand the home inspections can be a stressful experience for homeowners, so we do our best to make that experience as painless and transparent as possible. This means making it easy to schedule an inspection, working around your schedule, and providing complete transparency when it comes to the inspection itself. Here's why the Pillar To Post home inspection process stands above the rest, making it easy for homeowners to navigate the often stressful experience.


We don't want our clients to wade through six different automated phone menus before scheduling an inspection. That's when people get frustrated and move on to another, more user-friendly company. With Pillar To Post, beginning the home inspection process is simple. All homeowners have to do is go on our website, enter their zip code, and find the closest Pillar to Post home inspector. Then, all that's left is filling out a brief request form and scheduling a convenient time for an inspection.

We recognize that no one wants to put their life on hold for a home inspection, so we work around our clients' schedules to make the inspection as unobtrusive as possible. During this initial scheduling call, homeowners will be able to ask any clarifying questions, or express any concerns about the home inspection process. The ease of these initial stages builds a level of trust between home inspector and homeowner, which is essential to maintaining our stellar reputation in the industry.

The Inspection

Complete transparency is important to our home inspection process. When someone is conducting a thorough evaluation of your home, you want to be present and fully understand what's going on. That's why we invite our clients along for the inspection. As a seller, it's important to see your home from the perspective of the buyer, and as a buyer, it's important to see first-hand any issues that might exist with the home you're about to purchase. Allowing buyers and sellers to join for inspections is crucial to maintaining a high level of transparency and providing peace of mind.

Range of Services

No one wants to hire a home inspector and then realize they're not qualified to assess all aspects of their house. At Pillar To post, our home inspection process is comprehensive, including the structure and foundation, electrical systems, plumbing systems, roof and attics, basements and crawl spaces, gutters and drainage, walls, floors, decks, furnaces, plumbing fixtures, built-in appliances, and more. Home inspectors should be a one-stop-shop for homebuyers, and that's exactly what we provide.

For more information on how the Pillar To Post home inspection process distinguishes itself, and what makes ours an ideal franchise opportunity, check out our website.