Franchising and veterans go together like peas and carrots, peanut butter and jelly, Lennon and McCartney. Though there are a wide variety of low cost franchises for veterans, Pillar To Post has one of the best franchise offerings on the market. We combine a supportive environment, a flexible business format, and a truly smart investment to help our franchisees of all backgrounds succeed.

Here are a few of our impressive numbers showing how dedicated we are to working with veterans:

  1. In 2016, 20% of our new franchisees were veterans
  2. We were one of 100 companies awarded 5 star VetFran status
  3. We have been named the #1 veteran franchise by numerous publications in the United States and Canada
  4. Veterans get a 20% discount on our already inexpensive franchise fee

Support for Franchisees

One of the reasons that veterans do so well in franchising is because they are used to working in a system where they are supported by the team and simultaneously encouraged to be leaders. Investing in Pillar To Post gets you similar support and encouragement from our expert team.

From the start, we are here to help each of our franchisees get started and continue to grow and succeed. From Discovery Day - when you meet the Pillar To Post team and learn everything about our brand - to your first inspection, we have the people and resources to make your transition into business owner easy.

Business Resources for Investors with No Experience

Speaking of transitioning into the role of business owner, our business resources and training make that switch go as smoothly as possible. Believe it or not, many of our franchise owners have never owned businesses before, but they go on to thrive as Pillar To Post franchisees because of our resources and training.

From proven software to an operations manual to startup assistance, we have all the resources you need.

Low Cost Franchises for Veterans

There are many franchise opportunities for veterans, but Pillar To Post works hard to stand out among the crowd. We have written before about how to choose a good franchise, and why Pillar To Post has everything veterans are looking for. But something we haven't written about enough is that we give opportunities for low cost franchises for veterans.

We keep startup costs low to make our franchise more accessible. Take a look at some of the expenses you will incur with your investment:

  1. Franchise Fee: $21,900 minus 20% veteran discount
  2. Average Startup Cost: $35,100

Additionally, our experience in the industry helps you finance your investment. Many of our franchisees qualify for in-house financing for $9,000 of the franchise fee, to help ease those initial costs. On top of that, we can help veterans get funding from various veterans' associations and programs designed to help vets get started on their post-service careers.

If you are looking for a franchise opportunity that will let you use the skills you learned in the military and make a real difference in people's lives, Pillar To Post is the franchise for you. We are committed to giving our franchisees the assistance that will help them thrive as business owners.

Get in touch with us to get started!