It is no secret that franchising is a good career option for veterans. After leaving the armed forces, many veterans want to find a career that will give them the daily challenges and satisfaction that came from military service. Low cost franchises for veterans can give you that, in addition to stability and flexibility.

So how does a veteran go about choosing a franchise to invest in? Check out our 3 tips, as well as some of the reasons why franchising is a great choice.

Tips for Choosing from the Low Cost Franchises for Veterans

There are literally hundreds of franchise opportunities out there. Veterans who are ready to transition back into civilian life and own their own businesses have their work cut out for them when they research these opportunities. These 3 tips should help you as you research your options.

Tip #1: VetFran

If you are looking for unbiased information about amazing low cost franchises for veterans, VetFran is the source you need. VetFran is dedicated to helping veterans connect with the right franchise for them and their families, and has developed a ranking system for the many opportunities on the market. VetFran members are ranked in the STAR program - 1-star, 3-stars, or 5-stars - which lets you know more about the franchise brand. A 5-star VetFran member (like Pillar To Post) offers a host of support systems and best practices that their franchisees use to succeed.

Tip #2: Affordability

Becoming a franchise owner requires an investment, so affordability should be a big consideration. Some franchises can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars just to get started, though these do not qualify as low cost franchises. Choose an opportunity that is affordable for you, because when you pay less upfront you earn a profit even faster.

Tip #3: Discounts

Many franchise opportunities offer discounted initial fees or royalties to veterans. These discounts make it easy for you to leverage your skills and get involved with quality brand. However, it is worth noting that a discount isn't everything. So many brands offer discounted fees that this is hardly a definitive mark of a good investment. Remember to look for the other signs of a quality franchise in addition to a discount.

Why Choose Franchising?

Use the Skills You Learned in Your Service

Service in the armed forces teaches you a lot of valuable skills, many of which translate well to franchise ownership. Some of the most useful skills that veterans use are:

  • Leadership
  • Personnel management
  • Determination
  • Decision making
  • Calmness under pressure

Serve Others

Being a business owner makes you a pillar in your community. Choose a brand that provides a necessary service or product to the members of the community. Even better, owning a successful business will mean that you can hire employees, creating important jobs and helping people support their families.

Becoming a business owner is a big step in your post-military life. It is a great way to stay independent but still benefit from a supportive team like you are used to. As you research low cost franchises for veterans, look into Pillar To Post. We are 5-Star VetFran members because we care about the veterans in our franchise family. Check out our opportunity.