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The Best Franchise Opportunity For Veterans

We’ve always felt that franchising opportunities for veterans and Pillar To Post® are a perfect, complementary match. Though veterans have a wide selection of options from which to choose, Pillar To Post® offers one of the best franchise opportunities for veterans. We pride ourselves on providing a supportive environment and flexible business model, making us a smart, reliable investment for franchisees of all backgrounds and levels of experience. When considering a home inspection franchise for veterans, Pillar To Post® is a natural fit, because we are the top franchise opportunity
for veterans.

Pillar To Post® is proud to be recognized with 5-Star VetFran status from the International Franchise Association! Of the 600 companies that participate in this program, only 100 franchisors received the 5-star status. We have been named the #1 Veteran-friendly franchise by Entrepreneur Magazine and G.I. Jobs Magazine. We are also honored to participate in the Canadian Franchise Association’s Military Veterans Program. We offer a newly increased 20% discount on the initial fee to all qualified veterans who become Pillar to Post® franchisees. In 2016, 20% of our new franchisees were veterans who took advantage of this discount! The bottom line? We work hard to make Pillar To Post® the best franchise opportunity for veterans. We have written before about how to choose a good home inspection franchise for veterans, and why Pillar To Post® has everything veterans are looking for. However, it’s also important to note why we are, value-wise, among the best investments around.

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Military-Friendly Benefits With Our Franchise Opportunities for Veterans

  • 1-A 20% discount on the initial franchise fee to all qualified veterans who become a Pillar To Post® franchisee
  • 2-Assistance in obtaining additional funding from the many Veterans Administration programs to help veterans establish their new careers outside of the military
  • 3-Support and training to help you start, launch, and operate your business

Additionally, we help you finance that investment as best we can. Many of our franchisees qualify for in-house financing, which covers $9,000 of the franchise fee, but veterans can also take advantage of funding from various veterans’ associations and programs, designed to help ease their transition into a post-service career.

In 2022, we ranked #13 out of 150 for franchises for Veterans. Learn more here.

Entrepreneur Top Franchise for Veterans 2022 award

Home Inspection Franchise For Veterans

One of the reasons Pillar To Post® is a top-ranked franchise opportunity for veterans is because these individuals are used to working in an environment where they are supported by a team and simultaneously encouraged to be leaders. Veterans also have strong communication skills, including ensuring their voice is heard in high-pressure situations. Communication is crucial in the home inspection industry. You need to be able to clearly explain complex processes and concepts to clients as well as exchange ideas and give directions to your team of employees.

With Pillar To Post®, our franchisees are team members, all working together to achieve a common, mutually beneficial goal. We’ve found that veterans fit particularly well into this realtionship.

No Experience Needed

If you haven’t worked in the home inspection space before you have nothing to worry about. Pillar To Post® supports our veteran franchise owners with extensive training and in-depth resources designed to cultivate success. Even with home inspection industry experience, the transition can be difficult and come with a steep learning curve. Whether it’s our proprietary software, operations manuals, or our startup assistance, we have all the resources you need. Believe it or not, many of our veteran franchise owners have never owned businesses before and go on to thrive as Pillar To Post® franchisees because of our proven methods, support and strategies.

From Discovery Day—when you meet the Pillar To Post® team and learn everything about our brand—to your first inspection, we help each of our franchisees get started on their journey. By lending support where needed and guiding them toward continued growth, we cultivate success. If you are a veteran looking for a military-friendly franchise opportunity which allows you to utilize a familiar skillset, join a supportive family, and make a real difference in people’s lives, Pillar To Post® is the home inspection franchise for you! Regardless of whatever servicing arm of the military you served in, we are committed to giving you the support and guidance to thrive as a new business owner.

Pillar To Post® is a Top Franchise Opportunity for Veterans

We are a top franchise opportunity for military veterans who are seeking out a flexible and fruitful career path. Typically, military personnel have the types of characteristics we look for in a home inspection business owner. Pillar To Post® has experience offering satisfactory support to new business owners who need the help when they first get started and at other points along the way. We want to set you up for an amazing outcome, so we offer a sturdy foundation from which to work in. Get your home inspection service franchise started with the help of our professional team today.

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Pillar To Post® is a veteran-friendly franchise

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Franchise Opportunities for Veterans

Veterans often make great candidates for franchising because they have the necessary skills already built in due to their military training. They are leaders in their own right but know that it takes the concerted effort of a team to truly succeed in business. Their will to not give up in the face of challenges and closely carry out standard operating procedures is what gives veterans a competitive advantage over other candidates. Franchising opportunities are best suited for those who want to go into business for themselves, but with the added benefit that they’re not doing it by themselves.

There are low-cost franchises, like Pillar To Post®, that offer veterans a discount on the initial franchise fee to make it more accessible to them. Because they are uniquely qualified for a role as an entrepreneur, there are indeed incentives for them to join the ranks of other franchise owners. Veterans make up a good portion of American franchisees even though they’re a relatively small portion of the country’s population. Franchises understand the benefits of having military veterans operating their business locations. For this reason, they receive special assistance to obtain funding from the many programs out there geared towards veterans. In addition, we offer in-depth support and training to ease the process of launching and operating the business.

The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) doesn’t offer loans or grants for veterans looking into franchise opportunities. The Small Business Administration (SBA), however, does offer loans especially for veterans through a program called Patriot Express for eligible applicants. Some aspiring franchise owners could find the funds needed through bootstrapping efforts, which means self-funding by leveraging financial resources like family, friends, and using savings. Otherwise, the SBA recommends reaching out to investors for venture capital, crowdfunding, or applying for a small business loan through a bank or credit union. The Office of Veterans Business Development (OVBD) is a liaison between veterans and the SBA, so they can facilitate access to such funds.

The best franchises to own for veterans are those with a supportive environment and flexible business model. These types of franchise opportunities are beneficial because veterans have a complementary skill set that they bring to the table but they don’t need prior industry knowledge. Successful franchise owners from Pillar To Post®, for example, come from a wide range of backgrounds and experience levels. Given that they are prepared to tackle obstacles and adapt to different situations, veterans have what it takes to be excellent business owners.

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