A successful franchise owner is a certain kind of person - one who is willing to work hard, learn a proven system, and take a calculated risk to build a career. Many of our franchise owners leave a career in a corporate setting, sometimes after decades of working the daily grind, to start their own businesses in home inspection.

One of the most common concerns that these franchisees have before they get started is that they do not have any experience in renovations or home inspections. They fear that their lack of "relevant" work experience disqualifies them for our opportunity; this could not be further from the truth.

At Pillar To Post, your experience matters less than your abilities - you can have all the renovation experience in the world, but without a willingness to work hard and adapt to our proven systems, you will not be a good fit. When we are reviewing franchise candidates, we do not only look for one kind of experience; instead, we look for skills that work well for franchise owners, a set of personality traits that indicate that we will work well together, and a willingness to delegate responsibilities when necessary.

Transferable Skills

A large number of our franchisees come from a corporate background without any experience in renovations and home inspections. Lacking technical experience may feel like an insurmountable obstacle, but in reality, this is just one aspect of owning a business. In most cases, a career in a corporate setting sets you up to own a Pillar To Post franchise better than almost anything else.

In the corporate world - whether you are in sales, middle management, finance, real estate, or any other setting - you learn a handful of skills that are relevant and necessary to own a business. These are just some of the transferable skills that many of our owners bring to the table:

  • Customer service
  • Ability to build relationships
  • Understanding of budgets and expenditures
  • Marketing
  • Sales

There are so many skills that you have cultivated during your corporate career, you will be surprised at how relevant they are. And even better, Pillar To Post's thorough training will help you learn the skills that you are missing - whether you just need technical training or you need to learn how to best utilize profit and loss sheets. Our training is one of a kind, so you will be prepared to open your business with confidence.

Traits We Look For

As we already mentioned, your experience does not matter as much as your willingness to work hard and learn our systems; indeed, those are the first two traits we look for in a franchisee. Most of our franchisees have a certain list of personality traits that make them successful. Take a look at these qualities of a franchise owner and see how you measure up:

  • Affinity for hard work
  • Focus on the big picture
  • Confidence in the future
  • Readiness to take a calculated risk
  • Affection for working with people
  • Willingness to learn our proven systems
  • Ability to follow the proven system

These are certainly not all the qualities we look for in our franchise candidates, but this is a good place to start. With the abilities you already have, if you are prepared to learn from us, utilize our systems, and keep the future in mind, then Pillar To Post might be a good choice for you.

At Pillar To Post, we offer a franchise opportunity unlike any other. Use the skills you have, learn new ones, and build a business that can grow with you. You don't have to take our word for it - check out what some of our franchisees have to say about working with us.