Exclusive Training Program

In order to start your home inspection business with Pillar To Post, you need to go through our exclusive training program. This program, called Foundations For Success, teaches you everything you need to know about running a business.

In-Class Learning

For the first stage of your training, you will visit our training center for the in-class portion. This 2 week-long learning session covers all your bases, giving you the knowledge you will need to get started. Some of the topics we cover in the classroom stage include:

  • The Pillar To Post brand
  • Business skills like bookkeeping and management
  • Technical aspects of home inspections
  • The software our home inspectors use
  • Our operations and brand standards

The in-class training portion is important to give you the background information you need to get started. After these 2 weeks of learning, you will be equipped to get your business started.

Training Experience

When you are ready to open for business, you will have the chance to learn online with support from a member of our opening team. There is no substitute for this type of training, and that's what you get when you are ready to open for business. A member of the Pillar To Post team will be there as you make your first contacts, perform your first inspections, and market to prospective clients.

Ultimately, the purpose of the online portion of training is to ensure that you have the tools you need. Wherever your skills or experience are lacking - whether it is the business or technical side - Pillar To Post has the means to help you succeed.

How Can Someone with No Business Experience Succeed?

In addition to our outstanding training program, Pillar To Post gives all our franchisees tools they need to succeed, regardless of their experience. When you join our team, you benefit from our decades of experience in owning a home inspection business. Since we opened, we have learned the tools that franchise owners need to succeed.

Support Team

A huge advantage of joining the Pillar To Post franchise family is our support team. More than 30 people work on this team to help you get your business started. Even more importantly, they are available down the road when you need additional guidance or support.

Personal Coach

A key part of Foundations For Success is your personal business coach. This coach is your partner as you navigate starting your business, going through training, finding clients, and more. You can learn from your coach's many years of experience in franchising to make the most of your business.

Networking Connections

With any business, networking is key to success. When you join us, you are immediately connected to our network of home office support team and fellow franchisees. But the best connection we offer our franchisees is with our real estate partners. We work closely with some of the biggest national real estate brands, which helps you get your foot in the door.

Continuous Learning

Learning new things is how we stay on top of our field. That's why we help our franchise owners with continued training and ongoing learning programs. Stay up to date on the industry, technology, and best practices to really keep your business thriving.

We are proud of the Pillar To Post training program. We take the home inspection business seriously, and training our franchisees it one of the best ways that we can help them succeed. You can learn more about the Pillar To Post opportunity by contacting us for more information.