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Starting a property inspection business with a background in construction may be the perfect fit you're looking for. For individuals currently working in the construction and building industry, Pillar To Post® is a natural transition, especially if you have customers and connections that you can leverage to increase your earning potential.

Owning A Property Inspection Franchise Is Your Opportunity To:

Diversify your current company's offerings to include Home Inspection

Ease into a slower, less physical phase of your career

Continue to use your knowledge of construction & help people with important home buying decisions

Obtain a more consistent income level month to month

Simplify your business

Reduce the number of employees and liability

Increase your income

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Be Engaged And Involved

We understand that as a business owner, you may not want to stay behind the scenes. If you are a highly engaged person who would sooner be getting your hands dirty and stay involved in the day-to-day operations of the company, a Pillar To Post Home inspectors® franchise may be your best opportunity. Many of our franchisees are former contractors or home inspectors and relish the chance to stay engaged.

Accessible and Flexible

Those with a background in construction value the flexibility of starting a home and property inspection business as part of a franchise. Whether it’s hiring employees to handle daily operations or doing it all yourself, you have the freedom to structure your business however you want. This freedom is a hallmark of a Pillar To Post® franchise. Regardless of your background or level of experience – whether you’ve worked in the industry before or not – our franchise model is easily accessible, complete with unrivaled flexibility.

Real Estate Inspector Franchise Opportunities

An attractive aspect of starting a property and home inspection business is the ability to structure your lifestyle as you want. Employees in construction and renovation typically face working long hours, early mornings, and weekends. But when you are the boss, you can set your own schedule and decide when and where you work. With Pillar To Post®, you are in complete control of your day and are empowered to strike a balance between work and leisure.

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The Benefit of Experience

Whether you're a builder, contractor or tradesmen, if you have a background in construction, a home and property inspection business will be a seamless fit. Many franchisees are tired of working for someone else. As you're looking to enter a less physically demanding phase in your career, consider our property franchise opportunities. Pillar To Post® encourages flexibility, so our business model is suited for both behind-the-scenes individuals and those who want to be visible. We love adding seasoned contractors to our team. For those with prior home inspection industry experience, check out our franchise discounts to learn how we can make this investment more affordable for you.

No Experience Necessary

While construction experience may provide a slight edge, it is not necessary to have previous home and property inspection experience. A Pillar To Post Home inspectors® franchise is perfect for anyone who needs a change of pace and has an intense entrepreneurial spirit, curiosity about a new industry, and desire to be their own boss.

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We Support You from the Very Beginning

While there is undoubtedly a learning curve and always further information to absorb, our support system is designed to help franchisees who are new to the process, guiding them through any obstacles they might encounter. Our support team is dedicated to helping guide you toward continued growth and profitability. You will be paired with a personal business coach - an expert in franchising and well-equipped to assist you through the unfamiliar nuances of the industry.

Your Success is Our Job

While the thought of becoming a franchise owner may be an overwhelming one, it does not need to be uninformed. We take our role seriously and provide you with a wealth of resources to enable your success as a Pillar To Post® franchisee. Our team is available to answer any questions and assist you every step of the way. Our support system smooths your transition to the home inspection industry and makes your move as seamless as possible.

Ownership Benefits FAQ

To start a home inspection business, there are a few key factors you’ll need to consider. One of them is that you may have to acquire a license and certification to perform work for your clients as a home inspector. Whether or not you’ll need this will depend on the laws and regulations in the state where you work in. In most states, you’ll be required to undergo an accredited training program according to the licensing board or department of consumer affairs. Organizations like the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) offer these courses online and in person. Even when it’s not required, it may help you establish credibility and give you the competitive edge to earn a higher income.

If you’re starting your own home inspection business, you want to invest in a franchise that will bring you great returns. Pillar To Post® Home Inspectors are leaders in the industry and have an established brand that customers trust. By joining our well-recognized team, you can feel confident that you will benefit from an excellent return on investment. While all franchises are different, Pillar To Post is a low-cost franchise with start-up costs as low as $44,285. In addition, we provide a supportive foundation that includes assistance with marketing and recruitment efforts to help you generate income as soon as possible. Our franchisees have all the tools they could need to be successful, and on average, they earn a gross revenue of approximately $277,178, as reported in item 19 of 2022 Pillar To Post® Franchise Disclosure Document.

A few requirements exist for starting a home inspection company, and becoming part of a reputable franchise makes it much easier to accomplish. One of the essential criteria might be making sure you have the necessary licenses and certifications according to your governing state. However, a franchise organization will typically provide the structure and training you need to get you up to speed with these sorts of requirements. Pillar To Post® has already done the leg work of researching the market in order to understand the consumer and how to differentiate themselves from the competition. As a franchise business owner, you must be the kind of person with the drive and motivation to be their own boss and help people get peace of mind during their home-buying experience.

If you want to start a home inspection business, the Pillar To Post® franchise has low startup costs, making it more accessible to candidates of all professional backgrounds. You will benefit from the established brand and structure of a franchise that’s there to give you all the support you need to be successful. Franchise business owners are trained in all relevant areas of the business so that they’ll be able to offer quality services and thrive in their new role. The home office takes care of marketing and recruitment efforts for you to have a skilled team and customers calling from the time you open your doors.

Committed To Success

Pillar To Post Home Inspectors® has a team of franchise experts at the ready to answer any questions you might have. Our team is dedicated to helping franchise owners generate their own success by tapping into the great resource that is our franchise, which provides the necessary support and training to propel you forward. We’re considered to be one of the best family-owned franchise opportunities for a reason, and we’re excited for you to join.

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