New franchise owners want to be as certain as possible that their investment will be worthwhile. While nothing can ever be promised for certain, starting a business in a thriving industry, with a positive outlook, gives you the best chance to succeed. Many industries in the franchise space are, unfortunately, oversaturated with competition, or monopolized by a single company. That's not the case in home inspection. Our industry has been steadily growing, especially as Americans are looking to buy homes in record numbers, and there's enough room for newcomers to make their mark. We've designed our business model to capitalize on this continual demand, and give you the tools you need to make the most of the home inspection industry.

Our Industry

The best part about the home inspection industry is that there's plenty of room for new players to make a name for themselves. Unlike many other industries, no single company dominates our space, meaning there's plenty of room for new franchisees to make an impression. Home inspection is a $3 billion industry right now, with an annual growth of 4.6%. Millennials in particular currently comprise around 34% of homebuyers annually, and the number of Americans purchasing a home every year is steadily on the rise.

Investment Fees

When you invest in a new business, it's natural to want that investment to be as affordable as possible and not break the bank. You should be able to launch your franchise without feeling like you've drained your funds, and have to scrape by. That's why our franchise fee is a low $21,900, with affordable financing available for $9,000 of the total. For veterans, or those already in the industry, further financing is available. We also only require 7% of gross revenue as a royalty payment. Our startup costs make us one of the most affordable property inspection franchise opportunities in North America, positioning you to see a quicker return on your investment.

Real Estate Partners and Assistance

Compared to venturing into the home inspection industry alone, the great thing about working with Pillar To Post is that you can take advantage of our vast network of industry partners, including current franchisees and real estate agents. Our extensive network is a key aspect of our support infrastructure, and it's always at your disposal for advice and relationship building. We connect franchisees with one of the world's top real estate firms, making the site selection and lease negotiation processes as smooth as possible. Our industry connections will not only help you meet homebuyers and real estate agents, but also to spread awareness of your franchise throughout the community, and start establishing a positive reputation among potential clients.

To take advantage of the opportunity to start a franchise in the strong, exciting home inspection industry, with a Pillar To Post franchise, reach out to us.

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