There is no better way to invest in yourself than by becoming a business owner. Putting in the time, money, and hard work to be your own boss is incredibly rewarding. If you haven't considered a home inspection business opportunity, now is the time to look into it! Becoming a home inspector comes with many rewards, so here are 3 things you need to know about this industry.

#1 What Do Home Inspectors Do?

As the title suggests, home inspectors perform inspections on houses or other structures. These inspections cover the house from top to bottom, including attic, basement, wiring, heating and cooling, foundation, and so much more. The purpose of the home inspection is to educate the client about the home, if any repairs need to be made, or if there are issues that may need to be addressed in the near future.

A key part of the home inspector's job is to communicate his findings to the homeowner or buyer. The home inspection report comes standard with an inspection, and it gives the customer a thorough overview of what the inspection found. In addition, it is important for the inspector to be able to communicate verbally with the owner or buyer, answering any questions that may come up and presenting the findings without alarming the client.

#2 What Is the Demand for Home Inspections?

The home inspection industry is closely related to the real estate industry and the housing market. That means that when the housing market is strong - like it has been the past several years - there will be a lot of demand for home inspections.

Some good news for people thinking of investing in an inspection business opportunity: The housing market is projected to stay strong. Income is high and mortgage rates are low which has resulted in high demand for housing. Additionally, the millennial generation is starting to buy homes, improving the market even more.

A high rate of home sales is good news for a home inspector because the majority of real estate transactions include a home inspection. Buyers and sellers are looking for an objective perspective, so they can gain a full understanding of the condition of the home.

#3 What Franchise Opportunities Are There in Home Inspection?

The great news about investing in a home inspection business opportunity is that franchising gives you the means to take advantage of all the great things that this industry has to offer. Pillar To Post is the #1 home inspection franchise in North America, and we have franchises in 49 states and 9 provinces.

Pillar To Post franchisees benefit from our nearly 25 years in the business. During that time we have forged relationships with some of the biggest names in real estate in the United States and Canada, giving our franchise owners automatic connections with people in the industry. On top of that, we have outstanding training, tested technologies, and ongoing support to help you navigate the startup process and beyond.

You can learn more about investing in a Pillar To Post franchise by downloading our infographic. Or check out some reasons why we are a great franchise opportunity.