Franchising 101 — FAQs

What are the Basics of Franchising?

The basic foundation of franchising begins with a business licensing the right to use their brand elements. Savvy professionals or those with entrepreneurial experience are typically drawn to these opportunities because it has the added benefit of an established home office. Candidates go through an application process and secure funding before they join as franchise owners. Once a candidate becomes a franchisee, they receive training to learn how to get their business set in motion. They have the help of mentors who know the ins and outs of launching a new location. From recruiting team members and marketing products and services, franchisees have support every step of the way.

Why is Franchising Important?

Brand value is what makes franchising so important. Unlike other ventures, franchisees are backed by a network of professionals in their field who are invested in their success. The relationship customers have with the brand puts you at an advantage but the expectation must continue to be met. Franchisees are investing in the right to use a certain brand name and operating a location under its direction. It’s highly beneficial to join an established network such as this because you’re working together with the common goal of protecting the brand image along with the familiarity and trust customers have come to associate with it.

Stemming from this network are various systems that help franchisees meet the demand for products and services, such as team training, web development, on-the-job support, and marketing. Because of the leg up they already have, this type of support allows them to grow their business location and see profits much more quickly. However, they’re not competing with other franchisees, because it's this symbiotic relationship that continues to drive success. The strategic approach of building relationships through branding and implementing standardized procedures is ultimately designed to dominate market shares and outdo the competition, which is the most important part of franchising.

What are the Costs of Starting a Franchise and Is It Profitable?

Since a franchise is a ready-made business, you essentially get to build off of their already existing success. You don’t need a business background to jump in and generally make a decent living. It’s important to consider the costs to determine just how profitable your franchise location might be. For example, Pillar To Post Home Inspectors® is an affordable franchising opportunity with startup costs as low as about $101,740. In addition to costs for training, insurance, marketing, and supplies, you should take royalties into account as well as brand fund fees. This initial investment will depend on factors such as the industry, territory, and the type of franchise you join.

The amount a franchise owner earns per year varies largely on their own personal experience, their ability to lean on fellow franchisees, and seek support from the home office. Even a franchise with low startup costs should be committed to helping franchisees thrive, especially in the early stages of launching their new location. By providing all the tools necessary to see high profits, they’re in turn ensuring their mutual success.

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What is the Most Affordable Franchise to Start?

The most inexpensive franchises out there can be found in a variety of industries such as janitorial services and event planning. However, it’s important to think critically about these investment opportunities seeing as many of them make promises of returns that translate into extraordinarily high incomes. It’s wise to think twice about these low-barrier to entry franchising opportunities that don’t have a reputable brand or substantial support. They may utilize high-pressure tactics to get you to join or show signs of financial instability and inexperience. Making the right decision may end up saving you from going through major disappointment or worse—a scam.

On the other hand, Pillar To Post® is an example of a franchise that has a proven method of success. With our home inspection franchise opportunities, you get out what you put in from your business. We back each one of our franchisees with our robust brand and support network to ensure they see a solid return on their investment over time. While we’re a low-cost franchise, it’s what you put into it with hard work and dedication that will make this a lucrative and fulfilling opportunity.

Are Franchises Successful?

Franchises in the home inspection industry enjoy steady profits since the real estate market facilitates a continuous demand. Even so, becoming a franchisee comes with inherent risks from economic downturns to housing fluctuations and a failure to get organized when you’re first starting out. The challenges that come with starting a business from scratch can be a harsh reality check for many who enter the field and it’s a big reason why so many go under. The major advantage of joining an established franchise is the existing structure and brand recognition that you gain from it. It takes care of a number of factors that can make or break newbie business owners, including marketing, business management procedures, and offering competitive products and services. In short, franchises help you avoid early missteps and offer tried-and-true practices that lead you to succeed in your business endeavors.

There are many franchises out there but none quite like Pillar To Post®. As the leading home inspection company in North America, we offer low-cost startup opportunities for those interested in joining our vast network of business professionals. From our satisfactory services to supportive home office, we stand out from the rest in more ways than one. If you want to learn about what it's like working as a Pillar To Post® franchisee, read our testimonials to see what our franchisees have to say.

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