There are so many franchise brands out there now, and nearly all of them have discounts or incentives for veterans. Pillar To Post is certainly not unique in wanting hardworking, dedicated, and skilled men and women in uniform to join us on a franchise journey, but we are different from the other brands. When you join as a Pillar To Post franchisee, you are joining our family.

At Pillar To Post, we value diversity, support, and honor. We know that we can all benefit from each other's different strengths, so we support each other as we seek honor in our professional and personal lives. Working with Pillar To Post includes:

A Diverse Group

At Pillar To Post, each of our franchise owners is unique, and their unique experiences and methods come together to create a strong family. Our team of franchise owners' varying backgrounds include military, public service, construction, corporate, and many others, so we all benefit from the range of experience. Young and old, each franchisee brings something to the table that no one else can.

This diversity makes our team stronger and smarter than any other. Some franchises only want owners who fit a specific profile, but at Pillar To Post, we know that our different strengths improve our business.

Support from All Sides

One of the biggest reasons to choose Pillar To Post is the unparalleled support that we offer. Not only do we offer complete training before you go into business, but we also provide support for the life of your business. Anytime you need assistance, advice, help with technical issues or marketing campaigns, our experienced Start-Up Coaches and Regional Directors can help.

In addition to corporate assistance, the Pillar To Post family of franchise owners is a tight knit group across 49 states and 9 provinces, so you can turn to one of your fellow owners for advice too. We encourage our franchisees to build and foster relationships with each other for this exact reason. Learning from your brothers and sisters in the field can help you and your business immensely.

An Honorable Profession

Probably the best part about joining the Pillar To Post family is how much you can take pride in your career. Our business - inspecting homes in real estate transactions - has a direct impact on a family who is buying a home. There is nothing more honorable and rewarding than knowing that each and every day you are helping someone buy a home they love - or avoid purchasing a house that would cause them grief.

The skills you will learn as a home inspector will allow you to be part of the exciting process of buying a home, whether it is a first-time buyer, a family looking to expand, or a couple choosing a home for retirement. Your involvement in this will be incredibly rewarding, on top of the rewarding feeling of owning your own business.

Investing in a Pillar To Post franchise will make you part of our huge extended family that covers the United States and Canada. Like any good family, we support you, cheer for you, and work with you to keep moving forward.

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