We understand that many workers make a career change because they want the independence of running their own business, and to serve as their own boss. Being your own, boss, however, can come in a variety of forms, including running a one-man operation, or managing a staff, including a property inspector (or team of them).

Whether you're looking for a more business-oriented role, or want to be heavily involved in day-to-day labor, Pillar To Post is the opportunity for you. We understand that the prospect of hiring and training a whole team might not appeal to you, and you'd rather do the work yourself. That's why we allow our franchisees to be as involved as they like. Many franchisees run solo operations out of home offices, which gives them the freedom they've always sought in their career.

Work With Your Hands

While you might be keen on running your own business, that doesn't mean you want to deal with the hassle of hiring a whole team of property inspectors. After all, why spend your day in an office when you can be in the field getting your hands dirty. Structuring your life however you want is what makes franchising so appealing, so if you want to run a solo operation and handle the property inspector duties yourself, we give you the tools you need to make it happen. The freedom to tailor your business to suit your lifestyle is a hallmark of a Pillar To Post franchise, and it's what makes us one of the top 100 franchises of 2017.

Flexible Hiring Models

What sets franchising apart from running your own business is the ability to tinker with your business model to make it work best for you. While Pillar To Post will give you a set of guidelines, and a comprehensive network of support, you are still very much in charge of your own business, and are free to experiment with different strategies of how best to run it. This includes hiring practices. You might start out running a solo operation and performing home inspections yourself until you become comfortable enough to hire property inspectors under you. This will give you the industry experience and comfort necessary to train your employees, while allowing you to ease into a supervisory role. We want our franchisee experience to be extremely fluid, and encourage you to experiment with different hiring dynamics to find the best fit for you.

Training and Support

If you do decide to hire a staff of home inspectors, yet you feel ill-prepared when it comes to training and management, don't worry. We have a team of 30-plus people dedicated to assisting you grow your franchise and foster the team environment you need to succeed. We pair each of our franchisees with a personal business coach, who will guide you in every aspect of the business, including hiring and training. Our business coaches, along with the rest of our franchise team, are well-equipped to give you the tools and resources you need to make your investment worthwhile.

If you're excited about becoming a property inspector, and owning your own home inspection business, contact Pillar To Post today to learn how to get started.