How Pillar To Post Helps Build Relationships With the Real Estate Community

One of the most vital aspects of your success in the building inspectors industry is your relationships within the real estate community, and your ability to network. Building connections from scratch, generating your own marketing materials, and identifying the industry players can be one of the toughest parts of starting a new business for any entrepreneur. Luckily, Pillar To Post comes with a built-in network of contacts and real estate relationships. We encourage our franchisees to take advantage of our contacts and brand recognition to really catapult their franchise to the next level.


Networking is important to any company, but especially in the building inspectors industry. For new franchisees in the home inspection business, the more people you know, the more help you will receive from industry experts and existing franchisees. With a Pillar To Post franchise, you have the benefit of brand recognition and brand awareness when meeting people in your community, including real estate agents and prospective homebuyers. Make sure to also attend open houses and stop in at real estate offices to establish a presence in the local real estate community. Industry players will notice and appreciate your enthusiasm.

We also give our franchisees access to built-in networking opportunities. As the biggest home inspection franchise in North America, we have connections with real estate companies throughout the U.S. and Canada, and encourage franchisees to use these relationships to their benefit.

Marketing Resources

In contrast to those who break out on their own to open an independent business, you won’t need to hire an outside marketing agency or create a marketing strategy from scratch when investing in a Pillar To Post franchise. Our franchisees have access to an experienced marketing department who will help you develop a marketing plan to grow your business.

We assign each franchisee a personal business coach equipped with years of marketing experience in the building inspector industry. As you grow your franchise and continue to build a presence in your community, they will be invaluable to you.

Real Estate Partners

Perhaps the most valuable asset we offer at Pillar To Post is our network of industry players—including already-successful franchisees and real estate agents—who are always available for advice and relationship-building. We also partner franchisees with one of the world’s top real estate firms, which is a significant asset when it comes to site selection and lease negotiation for your franchise. This level of networking will not only help you connect with real estate agents but also with prospective homebuyers. Whether it’s real estate agents, other franchisees, or homebuyers, cultivating a strong network around you goes a long way toward not only generating client leads but also building a strong franchise foundation.

If you’re excited about owning your own building inspector franchise and building out a solid network of contacts to help you achieve success, reach out to us here for more information.