How Opening a Home Inspection Franchise Differs from Starting a Business from Scratch

home inspection franchise

Prospective franchisees might be motivated by their desire to break out on their own, be their own boss, and experience the thrill of running their own business, but the question soon arises: how do I do it? Do I build a new business from the ground up, or take advantage of an already-existing model?

There are many distinct benefits to franchising, namely the luxury of settling into an established system, with support mechanisms in place. An entrepreneur opening his own business in our industry would have to deal with a higher investment, making connections in an unfamiliar industry, and formulating a business model. A home inspection franchisee, however, has much of these hurdles of business ownership already taken care of.

A Proven Concept

When you invest in a home inspection franchise, you are investing in a proven system that has worked for many franchisees before you.

With a Pillar To Post franchise, you don’t have to worry about your business idea not being financially viable, or whether or not the market exists for your services. We’ve been there before, identified the obstacles, and we set you up to overcome them. Before opening your doors, our team will work with you to make sure your franchise is based in the best possible location and poised for profitability.

No Industry Experience Needed

Because the franchise system is designed with a business plan in place, and provides franchisees with a strong marketing and business-operations support, it is extremely easy for someone with no industry experience to slide into a role as a franchisee. We do, however, expect our franchisees to possess a strong entrepreneurial spirit, self-motivation, an understanding of our mission, and a passion for the business.

Smaller Financial Commitment

When you invest in a franchise, the financial boundaries are clearly defined. The investment amount, including franchise fee and royalty payments, should be easily found on their website, as should a description of what you will receive in return.

An entrepreneur, however, might find estimating costs more challenging. Since they are often working within a new, unproven model, entrepreneurs may struggle to obtain financing through loans, and find themselves with the difficult task of raising money through investors.

Higher Success Rate

Starting a franchise is like entering into a symbiotic relationship. Pillar To Post understands that we cannot be successful if our franchisees are floundering, so we make every effort to set them up for success.

While there are countless successful entrepreneurs who went into business for themselves, the risk is much greater. When you consider that franchisees start off with an established brand, existing customer base, and can reap the benefits of training and support systems, it’s no surprise that franchises have a greater chance to succeed.

If you’re ready to be your own boss and take the leap into home inspection franchise ownership with Pillar To Post, get in touch with us.