3 Reasons Young Entrepreneurs Choose a Home Inspection Franchise

home inspection franchise


Don’t let age be a barrier to success. Young adults with an entrepreneurial spirit can be the perfect home inspection franchise candidate.

Starting a new franchise at any age can seem daunting, but that’s especially true of younger entrepreneurs with little experience in the business world. All kinds of questions are swimming in your mind. Is this the right career move? Am I ready for this? How will I handle obstacles? Many prospective franchisees find themselves caught in this cycle of doubt, and never realize their potential as a successful entrepreneur. Pillar To Post works with franchisees of all backgrounds, including entrepreneurs in their 20s and 30s, who don’t necessarily have a ton of prior experience in business ownership. However, through our proven franchise system, and network of support, we’ve proudly watched them achieve success. In fact, entering the home inspection franchise space at a younger age can actually yield several benefits.

Fewer Financial Responsibilities

Many potential franchisees are discouraged by the time commitment of running a franchise, the startup costs, and the other stresses associated with business ownership. However, young franchisees often don’t have heavy financial burdens like mortgages, mounting bills, or big families to support. They might lack direct franchise experience, but they also lack the distractions and financial obligations of older franchisees.

There is always risk in starting a new business, but we like to think of franchising as a measured, educated risk. Young franchisees might be concerned about their lack of experience, but in a franchise model, you are working within a proven system, with guardrails to ensure you don’t stray off-course.

It’s the Perfect Time to Learn New Skills

As any new business owner quickly realizes, there’s a lot to learn when you start a home inspection franchise. Franchisees who come from other industries, or have vast business experience, can often find it difficult to adapt their skillset to a new space. We love working with our young franchisees because they are always willing to learn the ins and outs of a new industry, are open to receiving advice and guidance, and are eager to learn new skills.

At only 33 years old, Tyler Burley is one of our most successful young franchisees. While he came from a construction and sales background, he learned quickly that there were many nuances of a home inspection franchise that were unfamiliar to him. He notes how being a new inspector in his area, he had to learn quickly how to market himself to real estate agents, and began employing seasonal discounts, monthly emails, and regular sales calls. One of the most valuable skills he picked up was budgeting during the slow months. “From rebranding to new technology,” Tyler has learned that you need to “constantly evolve the business to stay relevant and be an exciting option for clients.”

A Great Support System

It’s important for any franchisee, especially those with little business experience, to take advantage of the support system available to them. We have a support team of over 30 people whose mission is to help franchisees grow their business. We pair you with a personal business coach who will help you brainstorm ideas, solve problems, educate you about the industry, and guide you toward success. No one starts a home inspection franchise as an expert. Whatever your age, there’s always a learning curve, and we pride ourselves on guiding you through the rough patches and giving you all the tools you need to succeed.

If a Pillar To Post home inspection franchise sounds like an exciting new chapter in your career, learn more about the opportunity here.