Think a Building Inspection Franchise Won’t Satisfy Your Entrepreneurial Dreams? Think Again!

While there might be a certain glow surrounding the idea of building your own business, persevering through all the hurdles, and scratching and clawing your way to eventual profitability, here’s the truth: franchising is a much more low-risk, cost-effective alternative, with the same sense of freedom as a small business-owner. That’s because with a Pillar To Post building inspection franchise, you are a small business owner. With the help of our proven business model and support structure, you can enjoy the same success as the most profitable entrepreneurs, without all the question marks.

The Industry Advantage

One of the biggest challenges of starting your own business is that, unless you’re an industry expert with a rolodex of contacts, it can be difficult for a new company to be successful in any given industry. There are always larger, more seasoned competitors with bigger market share, and even if you do everything right, you’ll find yourself up against daunting odds. The great thing about the building inspection industry is that no single company dominates market share, meaning there’s plenty of room for your franchise to grow and compete.

Right now, home inspection is a 3 billion dollar industry with 4.6% annual growth. If you’re considering becoming a franchisee, and are shopping around different industries, there couldn’t be a better time to feel secure in our space. The housing market is booming, with nearly 6 million Americans purchasing homes in 2016—and that number is only rising.

Building inspection franchises also allow for greater flexibility than franchises in other industries. Depending on your lifestyle goals, you can run a one-man operation from a home office (if being involved in the day-to-day labor is important to you), or expand to hire employees, and stay behind the scenes.

Proven Model

Unfortunately, 25% of startups fail within their first year, while 50% of those remaining fail within five years. Launching a startup can be rewarding, but also extremely risky.

Since franchisees operate under an established business model, they often escape many of the burdens shouldered by independent business-owners. New business owners often encounter the obstacle of creating brand awareness, educating consumers, and generally reaching their target audience.

With a Pillar to Post building inspection franchise, you’re not starting from scratch. Essentially, you’re investing in a ready-to-go, neatly-packaged business. Our brand is well-established, making it easier for customers to recognize and trust your franchise.

Training and Support

As an independent business owner, you would be tasked with educating yourself. You need to create your own policies, write your own operations manuals, and determine what software is needed to keep your business running smoothly. With franchising, the infrastructure is already in place.

We have a team of 30+ people dedicated to helping you grow your franchise. Each of our franchisees is assigned a personal business coach who will help guide you along the way. Their job is to answer questions, brainstorm ideas, and give you the resources you need to succeed.

If you want the gratification of an entrepreneurial endeavor, without the entrepreneur’s headache, check out our infographic to learn more about franchising with Pillar ToPost.