Looking for a Franchise That Lets You Work with Your Hands? Check Out the Home Inspection Industry

Sometimes as a business owner, you don’t want to be behind the scenes. Who wants to spend their day in an office when they can be in the field, getting their hands dirty, and intensely involved in the day-to-day operations of the company? Structuring your life however you want—whether it’s hiring employees to handle day-to-day operations, or doing it all yourself—is what makes franchising so appealing. The freedom to tailor your lifestyle is a hallmark of a Pillar To Post franchise, and it’s what makes us one of the top 100 franchises of 2017. Regardless of your background or level of experience, the home inspection industry is highly accessible, with unrivaled flexibility.

Industry Insiders Welcome

If you have a background in construction, whether you’re a builder, contractor, or tradesman, we understand the desire to diversify your offerings or move into a more business-oriented role. We offer franchise discounts for those with home inspection industry experience and love adding seasoned contractors to our team.

Maybe you still love the industry, but you’re tired of working for someone else. Or maybe you’re looking to enter a less-physically demanding phase of your career. If involvement in the day-to-day labor is important to you, Pillar To Post gives you the opportunity to continue staying active and working with your hands. Many franchisees run solo operations out of home offices, and usually save a lot of money in the process. But if hiring a team of employees and staying behind the scenes is your goal, that’s fine too.

No Experience? No Problem!

The great thing about franchising in the home inspection industry is that you don’t have to be a builder or contractor to open your own business. A Pillar To Post franchise is perfect for those who are sick of their corporate job and want to be their own boss. Potential franchisees often wonder whether their lack of experience will hinder them as they enter the home inspection industry; and while there is certainly a learning curve and new information to absorb, we have a deep support system designed to aid franchisees who are new to the process.

We employ a special team dedicated to helping you grow your franchise and guide you toward success. We pair each of our franchisees with personal business coaches who are experts in franchising and are well-equipped to make your investment worthwhile. Pillar To Post takes its role as franchisor seriously and provides resources wherever possible to help you succeed.

We understand that the decision to start a franchise is a huge, especially if it involves transitioning from a steady, corporate job. The flexibility offered by the home inspection industry, along with Pillar To Post’s extensive support system, makes that transition significantly easier.

For more details on what it takes to dive into the home inspection industry with Pillar To Post, download our pamphlet.