Finding the Best Franchises for Veterans

When you leave the armed forces, deciding what to do next can sometimes feel overwhelming. The possibilities are endless for someone with your skills, so narrowing down options requires serious thought and research. If you haven’t already, start looking for the best franchises for veterans because becoming a franchise owner is a great way to use the skills you gained during your service.

Veterans + Franchising = Two Peas in a Pod

It is no secret that many franchise brands look for veterans to invest, even going so far as to offer significant discounts and incentives specifically for vets. But what is it about being a veteran that makes you so appealing to franchises? The skills you gained in the military translate well into business ownership. The following are some of the skills you learned in your service and how they will help you as a franchisee.


Learning how to lead is one of the most useful skills that vets take with them after service. Good leadership skills are critical to be a good business owner because you have to lead your team to accomplish goals and objectives. Military service teaches the qualities of a good leader and instills service members with these qualities. When you leave the military, you have all these skills that are ready to adapt to the career of your choice.

Ability to Follow a System

Leadership is an obvious skill that will help you as a business owner, but as you research the best franchises for veterans you will find that your ability to follow a system is equally important. A key part of franchise ownership is following the company’s proven system to help build your success, and military service prepares you for that. In the military, the strict systems in place keep everyone safe and ensure that everyone knows their role to help the whole team succeed. In franchising, the systems help you get started on the right path and grow your business.

Hard Work

If you want to achieve something worthwhile, you have to work hard to get there. Nothing teaches you hard work like serving in the armed forces. The appreciation and willingness to work hard make you an incredibly attractive franchisee candidate, because you are willing to put in the time and effort to achieve your goals.

Decision Making

As a franchise owner, you are responsible for making a lot of critical decisions day in and day out. Being able to make tough calls will be instrumental to your success as a business owner, and the armed forces prepared you for that. Although you will likely never be making life or death decisions as a franchise owner, your ability to quickly weigh the options and choose the best path will no doubt be beneficial for your business.

In your search for the best franchises for veterans, you will come across hundreds of opportunities that are designed specifically for former service members. Finding the right franchise to invest in requires that you research the brands to find the opportunity that best fits your interests and skills.

Pillar To Post is a home inspection franchise that provides opportunities to veterans all over North America. We have made a name for ourselves by being a veteran-friendly franchise, and we love working with our former service men and women. Read more about the ways we work with vets to get them started as business owners.