3 Ways Running a Home Inspection Franchise Differs from Working for Someone Else

running a home inspection franchise

Many people have the same goal: To be their own boss and own their own business. But the idea of starting a business from scratch seems too risky and time consuming, which keeps many people away. What they don’t realize is that becoming a franchise owner gives you the same benefits of owning your business, with some extra perks. Whatever way you slice it, franchising can be a much better career than just going to work every day. Here are three reasons why running a home inspection franchise beats working for someone else.

#1 Independence

Probably the biggest difference between owning your own business and working for someone else is the obvious one: Being an independent owner. As owner, you get to choose your employees, customers, hours, location, and so much more. You are free to make the decisions that are right for your business and your personal life.

Owning a franchise means that you are a business owner with benefits. You get to enjoy the independence and freedom of being your own boss without missing out on a supportive system. In this way, being a franchise owner takes the good parts of working for someone else—industry experience, tested and proven systems, and a built in network of peers.

#2 Results

Running a home inspection franchise is unique from many other businesses in the way that you can drive results. Especially in the beginning, this is a business where the number of home inspections you do directly correlates with your income. That means that you will see results based on how hard you work, how many hours you put in, how many inspections you do.

It is invigorating to see the results of your hard work. When you work for someone else, even in construction or renovation where you can see the project move forward, you do not get to see the direct financial results of the time and effort you put in each day. As a business owner, you do.

#3 Flexibility

Typically, jobs in construction and renovation mean long hours, sometimes working into the night or on weekends. But when you are the owner, you have the flexibility to set your own schedule and decide when and where you work. Perhaps the greatest thing about running a home inspection franchise is that you can adjust your work schedule to fit your life, rather than the other way around. You can always make after school pickup or lunch with friends from out of town because you are in control of your schedule.

If you are ready to make the change and start working for yourself, the time is now to invest in a franchise. Pillar To Post is the #1 home inspection franchise in North America, and our decades of experience in the industry will help you start a strong business. Becoming a Pillar To Post franchisee allows you to enjoy all these perks of being your own boss, with some extras added into the deal. Check out our website to learn more about our brand and about running a home inspection franchise.