Interested in Scaling Your Business? 6 Ways to Grow Your Pillar To Post

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As a business owner, you don’t want to be stuck in a stagnant state of no growth. After you have gotten past the initial startup phase of your Pillar To Post franchise, it is time to start thinking about ways to grow. Take a look at these 6 ways to grow your business and the resources that Pillar To Post provides to make that growth easy.

1. Write Professional Reports

When you give a client their report, that is one of the most important exchanges of your business. The report needs to look professional and be well-organized so that clients can refer back to it later. It is critical to write high-quality reports because this is the tangible thing that you leave behind with your clients after the inspection is done.

Pillar To Post knows the importance of these reports, which is why we equip each franchise owner with specialized software to help them write, organize, and print reports right on the spot.

2. Form Relationships with Industry Pros

Referrals from real estate agents can be instrumental in getting in touch with new customers. Realtors are often the ones who recommend home inspections to their clients, so it is not unusual for them to refer people to inspectors they trust.

When you own a Pillar To Post franchise, you will get to benefit from our preferred status with many of the leading real estate companies in the United States and Canada.

3. Utilize Technology

Technology has changed the game in home inspections. The right technology makes it easy to inspect homes, write reports, communicate with customers, and so much more.

Pillar To Post franchisees use our proprietary software systems to keep their businesses running smoothly. Even better, the seamless integration of the technology allows you to grow your business without having to implement new programs to handle a larger workload. Even better, we have in-house technical support, so when you need help with a computer program our teams can help.

4. Stay Up to Date

Like any field, the home inspection industry is changing all the time. Keeping up to date on all technology, customer needs, and industry regulations is critical to growing your business. Offering outdated services or using old technology are sure ways to make your growth stagnant.

At Pillar To Post, we keep all our franchisees on the forefront of the industry with constant updates. We periodically add services to grow revenue and give customers the services they are looking for. In addition, we offer ongoing training initiatives and constant, personal support

5. Get Customer Feedback

You cannot expect to grow your business if you aren’t giving your customers what they want. That’s why it’s so important for a Pillar To Post franchise to go out of our way to get feedback from your customers and then listen to it.

We have implemented a Net Promoter Score and Voice of the Customer measurement so that our franchisees can get the important feedback and learn from it. These tools are easy to use, making it easy to implement customer feedback.

6. Campaign to Get Customers

It goes without saying that your business cannot grow if you aren’t actively seeking new customers. Concerted marketing efforts to attract customers and build relationships are the lifeblood of your expansion efforts.

Pillar To Post has a dedicated marketing team that is constantly working on structured marketing campaigns that will help you grow your customer base. These campaigns are designed by the pros, taking the guesswork out of marketing in your business.

We are excited to expand our business with new franchisees all over North America. If you are ready to get started, submit a request for more information!