Why Tim James Left Corporate Life Behind to Become a Pillar To Post Franchise Owner

Tim James has always been comfortable working with his hands, which makes his initial career choice as a corporate tax professional puzzling to everyone, including Tim himself. After 15 years in corporate tax, Tim realized something: “I was not born to sit in a chair and do what I was doing as a career and I desperately needed a change.” That’s when he started thinking about going out on his own as a business owner.

Useful Skills

It comes as a surprise to many franchise owners that a corporate background teaches a variety of useful skills to business owners and home inspectors. Tim explains, “This is a business at the core, not a job that you purchase, so my background was a huge help in understanding how to run it that way.”

Some of the skills that Tim uses in his franchise include:

  • Explaining complex concepts in an easy-to-understand way
  • Working well with team members at every level
  • Cultivating a community with other franchise owners and employees

Tim’s philosophy on working as part of any company—franchise or otherwise—is simple: “You are only as good as the people that surround you.”

Overcoming Challenges

When Tim first started out, he was concerned that his corporate background would hold him back. Even though he had some experience and understanding of building and construction, Tim worried that realtors and clients wouldn’t take him seriously because of his past career in corporate tax. This worry proved unfounded, as most realtors “assume and expect that you are qualified.”

Even better, Tim and his team were able to quickly show their realtor connections that Pillar To Post franchisees are well-trained with both technical aptitude and service. He explains, “What [realtors] really care about is what you have to offer and how consistently you can deliver and exceptional level of service.”

The Pillar To Post Difference

Tim and his franchise were able to meet their 5 year revenue and inspection volume goals in just 2 years, and they are continuing to expand. The support that he has received from his startup and regional directors has proven useful, as they ensure “you have the level of support you need without getting in the way.”

The Pillar To Post support team has helped Tim and his franchise get where they are now. From the beginning, the startup director helped Tim stay on track to meet his goals and follow his plans. Then as his business came out of the startup phase and into the growth phase, the regional director was there to help keep his eyes on the broader horizon.

A Bright Outlook

Like many people who feel stuck in a job they have no passion for, Tim used to “lay in bed thinking of a halfway decent excuse to stay home [from work],” but not anymore. Now that he owns his business, Tim greets each day with optimism and enthusiasm for the challenges ahead.

He and his wife, Laura, work hand in hand to make their business grow. Together, they have built a franchise that is growing rapidly. They are optimistic that within a short time they will be able to spend more time working on their business, rather than working in their business, which will give them the freedom to spend time watching their three young daughters grow.

Advice for New Franchisees

Tim advises prospective franchise owners to enter into the opportunity with a realistic expectation of how much work is required. A “drive to succeed” is essential, as well as passion for the work and “trust in the product or service that you provide.” These things together will help you keep your eyes on the prize.

Tim also reminds that your franchise will have its ups and downs, but he offers this piece of encouragement: “Understand that the effort you put forth will be in direct correlation with the results you achieve…that is exactly what we are experiencing with Pillar To Post.”

The bottom line for Tim? “Your own success depends upon your own effort.” In just 2 years as a Pillar To Post franchisee, Tim has been able to see his business grow into the fastest growing and most respected home inspection team in his area. We can’t wait to see where he goes next.

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