Asking Yourself, “Is Home Inspection a Good Business?” Here Are 3 Reasons Why the Answer Is “Yes!”

As you research franchise opportunities, you are probably wondering is home inspection a good business? There are a lot of businesses on the market today, so what sets home inspection apart? First of all, you can own a home inspection business for a low upfront investment, especially compared to other business opportunities. Second, in spite of the low cost, you get to enjoy all the benefits of being a business owner when you work in home inspections. And finally, the home inspection industry is strong and full of opportunities for you to take advantage of.

Keep reading to learn more about why home inspection makes a great business.

#1 Low Startup Costs

A home inspection business requires a small upfront investment, especially compared to many other businesses. Your startup costs can stay low because most home inspection businesses don’t have a store front, meaning the amount you spend on overhead is negligible.

There are a handful of things that you do need to invest in when you start your business. Most notable of these are your marketing, training, and software for reporting.

  • Marketing: Be sure to invest in quality marketing to attract new business, form relationships with real estate professionals, and get client referrals. A well-made website and thorough social media strategy both go a long way in finding customers.
  • Training: In order to inspect homes professionally, you need to know what you are looking for, so training is key. In addition, each state or province has its own requirements for home inspectors, so make sure to learn what certifications you need before you can operate.
  • Software and Reporting: The software that you use to inspect homes and the reports you give to clients set you apart in the home inspection industry. A good software program will make it easy for you to inspect homes and create a comprehensive, easy-to-read report for your clients.

Hint: Investing in a franchise includes all of these important expenses

#2 All the Perks of Owning a Business

For hard-working, enterprising people working in a traditional corporate environment is not enough. Owning a business is a way for these people to enjoy a fulfilling career and stay independent. Being a business owner gives you the freedom to make all your career decisions, including when and where to work, the employees you hire, and so much more.

A unique benefit of owning a home inspection business—and a big part of the reason we answer “YES” when people ask “Is home inspection a good business?”—is that the amount you work directly translates to how much you can earn. The more home inspections you do, the more money your business can earn, so your only limit is as hard as you want to work.

#3 A Strong Industry Full of Opportunities

There are many reasons to join the home inspection industry. First of all, the industry works hand in hand with the real estate market, which is expected to continue to do well as the younger generation starts settling down and buying homes. The majority of home sales in North America are accompanied by a home inspection, which means that there are opportunities for home inspections everywhere.

As you can see, the answer to your question—is home inspection a good business? —is a resounding yes! At Pillar To Post, the #1 home inspection franchise in North America, we make owning a home inspection business simple. Learn about our franchise opportunity by downloading our infographic!