Now Is the Time for Young, Business-Minded People to Invest in a Home Inspection Franchise

If we’re being honest, millennials get a bad rap. Called “entitled” and “lazy,” the younger generation is frustrated by a job market that doesn’t have a lot of options, so they are looking for alternatives to traditional corporate life.

These young, talented, business-minded people have a lot to offer, which is why we at Pillar To Post want to show you why investing in a home inspection franchise is a smart investment.

This is not yet another article about the industries millennials are “killing,” or the ways the younger—and bigger—generation is allegedly failing. Instead, we are here to talk about millennials’ potential and the habits you have that just work.

You Work More Flexibly

Post-recession jobs pay less—because the majority of the jobs created in economic recovery are low paying—even as more and more young people obtain college degrees. That means that you have to be flexible in your work, often working more than one job. While 29% of workers have second jobs, the same survey found that 39% of people age 18-24 and a whopping 44% of people age 25-34 work second jobs. So much for the lazy millennial.

You Save Harder

Low wages and hard work have resulted in millennials saving more tenaciously than the generations who came before them. A small scale survey revealed that your generation is saving a higher percentage of your paychecks than older generations (6-10%), both for emergencies and for retirement.

You Invest Differently

Research shows that millennials don’t trust public stock markets like previous generations have, and it’s no mystery why. In the span of the millennial generation, three major stock market crashes have killed your faith in traditional investments, so much so that 93% of your generation doesn’t trust the stock market.

So, What Are Millennials Investing In?

80% of survey respondents say that their jobs are a far cry from being dream jobs. Millennials have fewer options for retirement. Lack of confidence in the stock market means you are wary of traditional investments. So, what is a millennial to do?

Work for Yourself

Owning your own business is one way to alleviate all of these concerns in one fell swoop. As a business owner, you can make your dream job a reality and earn as hard as you work. Owning a business is an investment in your community and your future, which is what has driven 54% of millennials to start or plan to start their own businesses.

Start a Franchise

How do you take the leap to work for yourself with the security and support of an experienced network? Franchising!

Owning a franchise is different from a startup because a lot of the legwork is already done. When you invest in a franchise, you are investing in a proven brand with established best practices, which provides structure and stability. In essence, franchising is the best parts of entrepreneurship (independence, potential for high return on your investment, flexibility) combined with the best parts of working for an established company (thorough training, support network, clearly defined programs and services). Franchising alleviates many of the struggles that plague entrepreneurs as well, including high costs of real estate and startups.

In an interview with Entrepreneur, Paul Segreto—CEO of a franchise development firm—predicted, “In home-based and low-cost franchises, Millennials will make up 50 percent of new franchisees over the next two years.” Just such a low-cost opportunity is in the home inspection franchise industry.

Home Inspection Franchise

If you like working with your hands, remaining active, and working in a non-traditional environment, home inspection may be a good fit. Home inspection franchises like Pillar To Post offer:

  • Financial freedom
  • Schedule flexibility
  • Control over your future
  • Balance between work and life

The best part? The home inspection industry offers job stability and business growth! The majority of real estate purchases include a home inspection, and as the number of home buyers continues to increase the home inspection industry is expected to remain strong. Indeed, the industry is worth an estimated $3 billion annually, so investing in this a home inspection franchise is a smart move.

Pillar To Post is the #1 home inspection franchise, and we are currently looking for young, smart, and talented people to invest in our amazing opportunity.

We think we’re pretty great, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Read our franchisee testimonials to see what real franchisees think of our brand!