From Oil Engineer to Business Owner

Mike Becker is excited about his new home inspection business in Airdrie.

Becker recently launched his own Pillar To Post Home Inspectors business that will service property markets, by inspecting homes throughout the Airdrie region.

He has 19 years of experience in the oil and gas service industry as a Mechanical Engineer, but the uncertain economy led him to the business of home inspections.

“Alberta’s economic climate was challenging; and it did not take me long to discover that my qualifications and experience were not in high demand,” said Becker.

“An engineering degree and 19 years of oilfield experience posed perceived risks. Potential employers told me they would not hire me, predicting that the very minute the oil industry turns around, I will jump ship and leave.”

“I had to take it into my own hands, and I began looking for a business that fit my experience and would suit what I want from the remaining working years of my life before retirement.”

Becker travelled the world in his previous job, but he wanted to have a more permanent settlement for him and his family and they all wanted to be back home, so Becker made plans to start his business in Airdrie where he had lived for ten years.“It was just time to come home,” he said. 

“My family traveled with me and we lived for eight years is Southeast Asia. It made me appreciate the quality of life we have in North America and especially Canada.” said the University of Calgary alum.

Pillar To Post Home Inspectors have locations across North America. They continue to grow and last year, they added 78 new locations across the continent.

“Most home inspectors just offer a basic home inspection. At Pillar To Post we give you a few options. You can have a basic inspection, or you can get an inspection with higher values added to it,” said Becker. “We can inspect for mold and allergies and these kinds of things.”

Pillar To Post also tries to be as quick as possible when delivering information to its clients. The inspectors have an iPad program that they can use when inspecting a home and deliver the inspection report to a client as soon as the inspection is complete.

When buying or selling a home, an inspection is not required, but it is very wise to do so, and Mike offers just that. “When you’re buying a home, you want to know what you’re buying,” said Becker. “Most people want to know the house that they’re buying is safe and functional, and a home inspection can save you tons of money, instead of buying the house and then finding out about serious problems.”

Pillar To Post Home Inspectors was a good transition for Becker having a childhood where he observed and helped his parents’ home building operations, and having built, decks and garages for summer work during university years. “I think it’s a great fit,” he said.

“I love houses and in my engineering work gained great experience in auditing operations for safety, reliability and quality which I thought was a good fit for a transition to home inspections.”

Even if you’re not planning to buy or sell your house, a home inspection could be beneficial.

“People don’t always look at their furnace, their hot water heater, they don’t pay attention to the house, so a home inspection can help you find if something is not right,” said Becker.