Build a Business to Pass On: Utilize Your Construction Experience to Invest in a Franchise

Investing in a business later in life changes the way you think about it. If you are looking for a second career, choosing a business that you can pass on is a top consideration. At Pillar To Post, many of our franchise owners invest later in life and are looking for a business that they can build, then pass on to their children or grandchildren.

When you think about passing your franchise on, it is important to think about the relevance and longevity of the industry. Additionally, choosing a business that allows you to be flexible is incredibly convenient as you get older.

Pillar To Post is the franchise company that makes passing on your business easy. Here are a few reasons why our franchise opportunity is a good one for anyone interested in investing in a business they can pass on, whether it’s now or in 30 years.

building a house

The Industry Is Essential

Home inspections are a necessary part of the home buying process. Many experts recommend getting a home inspection before making a purchase as large as a home, and buyers seem to be listening. In a survey of home buyers in the United States, more than three-quarters of respondents bought their home after having it inspected by a professional.

The home inspection is an essential part of any home sale, and consumers need an inspector who they can trust. Home inspectors provide an important service in the real estate industry, and owning a home inspection franchise will let you bring that service to your community.

You may be wondering how Pillar To Post fits in the construction industry. As home inspectors, we need to be able to see issues with a home’s construction at a glance. Though Pillar To Post franchisees have nothing to do with the actual contracting or constructing of a home, you will be trained in spotting problem areas for your clients.

The Business Has Longevity

Because home inspections are such a necessary part of the home buying process, starting a Pillar To Post franchise is an investment with staying power. There will never be a time when people are not buying and selling homes, and as long as there is a real estate market there will be a home inspection market.

Many franchise owners who get in the business later in life or as a second career choose to invest in construction franchises because of their longevity. A Pillar To Post franchise is something you can pass on to your children or grandchildren when you are ready to be done working. Build a business now that you can pass on to your posterity, and see how proud it makes you to see them building on your accomplishments.

The Career Can Be Flexible

According to a survey by Ernst & Young, two of the biggest reasons that people quit their jobs are lack of flexibility and working long hours. As a business owner, the person in charge is YOU, so you get to determine your schedule.

Pillar To Post is a home-based business, so you have so much more flexibility to determine work hours to ensure you don’t miss those important moments in life. Working from home means that you will only set appointments when they work for your schedule, giving you more freedom than any corporate job ever could. In addition, a flexible schedule is helpful as you pass your business on, as it allows you to taper off the work you are doing while your new owner takes over.

Choosing a franchise opportunity requires a lot of research and consideration. At Pillar To Post, we want our franchise owners to make informed decisions before they invest, so they know they are choosing the right franchise opportunity. We think our franchise opportunity of investing in a business is great, but you don’t have to take our word for it! Check out what Entrepreneur has to say about us!