Franchising Today features Pillar To Post

Franchising Today recently featured Pillar To Post. As the largest home inspection franchise in North America, Pillar To Post Home Inspectors is poised for growth, as is each individual franchisee in the system.

“The most important factor in our business,” says Dan Steward, president and CEO of the Tampa, Fla., and Toronto-based franchise chain, “is the service we provide to our clients, made up mostly of members of the real estate community. We grow the company by adding qualified franchisees to our system. Our franchisees grow their businesses by following our excellent programs, leadership, training and support systems. They also work hard and are highly motivated since they know we are all in this together. Everyone wins.”

Embarking on a franchising endeavor might seem overwhelming, but Pillar To Post Home Inspectors franchise business model allows franchisees to start small and grow the business as they see fit. Through steady growth and a focus on the homebuyers and owners, Pillar To Post Home Inspectors guarantees a larger, equity-rich company in the long run.

Once aboard, the company will provide franchisees with a comprehensive two-week training program to show them the ins and outs of the home inspection business, including business operations, marketing and management. Franchisees will get both classroom and hands-on and ongoing training at the Pillar To Post Home Inspection Academy, offering a detailed focus on the science and technology of home inspection and how to use the company’s industry-leading proprietary technology.

After the initial training is complete there is continued guidance in a 12-week quick-start program covering every aspect of a successful home inspection business. Additionally, Steward has 11 regional directors posted across the country to offer further assistance as needed.

According to Steward, anyone from any former career field can start a new life as a home inspector as all the technical training will be offered. The company has found that many franchisees have come from other walks of life or industries.

“Wherever there is a downturn in a business segment, we get a big bump of leads for new franchisees,” Steward says. “Many have lost their job, or seen their companies disappear. In 2008 it was the mortgage industry and Wall Streeters. Now we see many from the automotive, oil and gas industries, all that have recently suffered as a result of changes in the economy and lifestyle.

“These people are ready to change their lives,” Steward continues. “They want a new beginning in a career where they can depend upon themselves in a situation with support from us. They want a lifestyle change because they’ve ‘been there’ with job insecurity. As long as prospective franchisees enjoy being around homes and construction, learning how a house works, setting work hours that work for a busy lifestyle and have a knack at communicating with people, they are encouraged to contact Pillar To Post Home Inspectors.”