Pillar To Post Recognized as Top 50 Franchise

Top Home Service Frabcguse

We are thrilled to announce that Pillar To Post franchisee satisfaction has earned Pillar To Post a Top Home Services Franchise award.   Based on franchisee satisfaction survey results from late 2015, the satisfaction levels of Pillar To Post franchisees compared to those of franchisees in other home service franchises, ranks amongst the very best in this industry category.

Dan Steward, President & CEO of Pillar To Post said, “This is an incredible award given the quality of all the home service franchise systems that exist in North America, we are soaring with eagles.  Congratulations to all our Franchisees, your staff and all the staff at Pillar To Post on this award”. 

Pillar To Post is driven to have “happy, successful franchisees who are meeting their goals, shooting for their dreams, delivering a great Pillar To Post experience to our customers and are proud to be part of our Brand”

Pillar To Post was further honored with the cover story to the awards issue.  Thanks and congratulations to Scott & Megan Frederick and their team in St. Louis MO for being great Pillar To Post brand ambassadors, and with a great looking truck, for the cover shot.

 This is the 4th year in a row that Pillar To Post has been ranked in the Top 50 for franchisee satisfaction. Click here to see the full report.