Our Story

We work hard to create an amazing opportunity for our franchise owners, and we are not shy about saying that.

This is where it all started.

Pillar To Post was founded in 1993 by Mike Brewer, an entrepreneur with experience in the automotive glass replacement franchise industry. He had bought a house and found the home inspection experience to be badly deficient in serving his needs. At that time, the organized home inspection industry was about ten years old, and for years before that home buyers had relied on friends and family with construction background to offer some inspection opinion prior to buying a home. Brewer began researching the industry and found that it lacked any deliberate technical training, business training, or standards by which an inspection was conducted.

By 1994, Pillar To Post was open for business with a formal technical training program, a detailed standard of practice for conducting the inspection, a business start-up and operations program, and a formatted inspection report to make sure every report was delivered to a consistently high standard for the inspector to provide to the realtor and


home buyer. Pillar To Post now offered a complete package to enable newly recruited franchisees to build a real business, with a brand behind it, and with an approach that was truly innovative for its day.

By 2000, Pillar To Post had become the largest home inspection company in North America, catching and passing those companies that had started ten years earlier as well as the numerous others that had been launched around the same time. A good number of our early franchise partners continue with Pillar To Post to this day, including Charles Furlough who began as a franchisee in Raleigh, NC in 1997, and who, in 2008, sold his business and joined the Pillar To Post senior management team and today is SVP, Operations.

In 2003, Mike Brewer sold Pillar To Post to The Franchise Company and departed the business. In 2004, Dan Steward joined the company as President and added the CEO role in 2009.

Brand Expertise

Pillar To Post is North America’s leading and largest home inspection company. For twenty years, Pillar To Post has taken innovation, professionalism and service to new heights in the home inspection industry. Every day, Pillar To Post franchise owners are helping people to buy and live in their home with confidence and peace of mind, and are adding to the reputation of the Pillar To Post brand. Since 1994, Pillar To Post has completed millions of home inspections, building unparalleled expertise in home inspection and in franchise owner success.

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Growth, learning & innovation.

In 1999, Pillar To Post began to focus more on providing technical leadership in both inspector training and customer experience. Dramatic changes were made with the introduction of computerized, onsite inspection report generation and presentation, replacing the carbonless forms that had previously been used, and in 2001, color photographs were included into the on-site report presentation package. These were major advances in speeding up and smoothing the real estate transaction closing process and did much to further create the reputation of Pillar To Post for innovation and creativity.

Pillar To Post franchise partners are the front line of the Pillar To Post brand experience to the real estate and home buyer communities. The Pillar To Post mission focuses on the success of its franchisees.

The brand experience for our franchise partners and our realtor and home buyer communities has been and remains core to the Pillar To Post brand’s sustainable competitive advantage. In 2007, Pillar To Post launched the Franchisee Satisfaction Survey to collect an independent, objective measure of franchisee satisfaction. This survey is done annually and has helped the company make important decisions. In 2009, Pillar To Post launched Navigator groups to work with highly motivated and ambitious franchisees to accelerate their growth and overall company-wide growth, and in 2010, the company launched Net Promoter System to more deeply and objectively embrace the customer experience into its business by measuring and reacting to the voice of its customers.

Our Mission

To have happy, successful franchise partners, who are achieving their goals, shooting for their dreams, delivering a great Pillar To Post brand experience, and are proud to be a part of Pillar To Post Home Inspectors.


Pillar To Post is led today by a deeply engaged management team, united by aligned and shared values, who blend wider business experience with Pillar To Post specific experience to drive growth and brand excellence for our franchisee partners, realtors, and home buyers.

With every chapter in the history of Pillar To Post building toward the present day, the brand of Pillar To Post is now

positioned to become the first true household name in the category realizing value, equity, and life purpose for its various stakeholders and partners.

Pillar To Post continues to provide amazing opportunity for those that are looking to achieve their desired work/life balance, achieve financial freedom, and ultimately, make a change in their life.

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