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Now Is the Time for Young, Business-Minded People to Invest in a Home Inspection Franchise

If we’re being honest, millennials get a bad rap. Called “entitled” and “lazy,” the younger generation is frustrated by a job market that doesn’t have a lot of options, so they are looking for alternatives to traditional corporate life.

These young, talented, business-minded people have a lot to offer, which is why we at Pillar To Post want to show you why investing in a home inspection franchise is a smart investment.

This is not yet another article about the industries millennials are “killing,” or the ways the younger—and bigger—generation is allegedly failing. Instead, we are here to talk about millennials’ potential and the habits you have that just work.

You Work More Flexibly

Post-recession jobs pay less—because the majority of the jobs created in economic recovery are low paying—even as more and more young people obtain college degrees. That means that you have to be flexible in your work, often working more than one job. While 29% of workers have second jobs, the same survey found that 39% of people age 18-24 and a whopping 44% of people age 25-34 work second jobs. So much for the lazy millennial.

You Save Harder

Low wages and hard work have resulted in millennials saving more tenaciously than the generations who came before them. A small scale survey revealed that your generation is saving a higher percentage of your paychecks than older generations (6-10%), both for emergencies and for retirement.

You Invest Differently

Research shows that millennials don’t trust public stock markets like previous generations have, and it’s no mystery why. In the span of the millennial generation, three major stock market crashes have killed your faith in traditional investments, so much so that 93% of your generation doesn’t trust the stock market.

So, What Are Millennials Investing In?

80% of survey respondents say that their jobs are a far cry from being dream jobs. Millennials have fewer options for retirement. Lack of confidence in the stock market means you are wary of traditional investments. So, what is a millennial to do?

Work for Yourself

Owning your own business is one way to alleviate all of these concerns in one fell swoop. As a business owner, you can make your dream job a reality and earn as hard as you work. Owning a business is an investment in your community and your future, which is what has driven 54% of millennials to start or plan to start their own businesses.

Start a Franchise

How do you take the leap to work for yourself with the security and support of an experienced network? Franchising!

Owning a franchise is different from a startup because a lot of the legwork is already done. When you invest in a franchise, you are investing in a proven brand with established best practices, which provides structure and stability. In essence, franchising is the best parts of entrepreneurship (independence, potential for high return on your investment, flexibility) combined with the best parts of working for an established company (thorough training, support network, clearly defined programs and services). Franchising alleviates many of the struggles that plague entrepreneurs as well, including high costs of real estate and startups.

In an interview with Entrepreneur, Paul Segreto—CEO of a franchise development firm—predicted, “In home-based and low-cost franchises, Millennials will make up 50 percent of new franchisees over the next two years.” Just such a low-cost opportunity is in the home inspection franchise industry.

Home Inspection Franchise

If you like working with your hands, remaining active, and working in a non-traditional environment, home inspection may be a good fit. Home inspection franchises like Pillar To Post offer:

  • Financial freedom
  • Schedule flexibility
  • Control over your future
  • Balance between work and life

The best part? The home inspection industry offers job stability and business growth! The majority of real estate purchases include a home inspection, and as the number of home buyers continues to increase the home inspection industry is expected to remain strong. Indeed, the industry is worth an estimated $3 billion annually, so investing in this a home inspection franchise is a smart move.

Pillar To Post is the #1 home inspection franchise, and we are currently looking for young, smart, and talented people to invest in our amazing opportunity.

We think we’re pretty great, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Read our franchisee testimonials to see what real franchisees think of our brand!

Tired of Being Bossed Around? Invest in a Franchise and BE the Boss

workers in front of van

Are you tired of working for someone else? Maybe your boss doesn’t appreciate you, or you work hours that keep you from your family, or you feel like your income is insufficient. Whatever your reason is for wanting to work for yourself, there are innumerable perks of being your own boss.

Perks of Being Your Own Boss

Job Security

Working in a traditional or corporate setting is not for everyone for a host of reasons, but chief among them is job security. Being subject to downsizing, outsourcing, and layoffs can be a big source of stress in your life. As a business owner, you will always know the state of your company, giving you job security that you can rarely find elsewhere.

Control over Changes

When you own your own business, there are plenty of factors you will not be able to control. Things like the economy fluctuate with or without you, but you remain in control of your company’s direction, operations, and any executive decisions that may have an impact on your life and your family in the long run. Compare this to working for someone else, where you can only exercise control over your specific job.

Potential for Income

When you work for someone else, collecting a paycheck each week, there is a cap on how much you can earn. This is especially true if you are working for an hourly wage, as there is a finite number of hours in a week and your pay rate can only go so high. When you own your own business, the opposite is true: your earnings are limited by how hard you work and your proficiency in growing your business.

Company Culture

What are some of the most common reasons that people quit their jobs? Bad relationships with their bosses, poor recognition for work, boring work, relationships with their coworkers. In other words, company culture is a huge factor in why people are dissatisfied with their jobs. When you are the boss, YOU decide the company culture. You make relationships with your employees, you choose the work you do, you recognize important achievements. You can create the company culture that you have always wanted.

How to Own Your Own Business

Although 57% of Americans would rather own their own businesses than work for someone else, not many people consider investing in a franchise as a path to business ownership. Franchising can be a great path to business ownership if you choose a brand that allows you flexibility and freedom to make the life that you want.

Franchising gives you the tools you need to start a business, without dealing with many of the struggles of an entrepreneur. For one thing, a franchise has already proven that its business model works by opening in markets in diverse locations. That saves you the time and headache of creating a complicated business plan, complete with products/services.

What else does a franchise provide?

  • Logos and trademarks
  • A recognizable brand name
  • Pre-determined products and services
  • Operational processes and protocols
  • Computer systems and programs
  • Training on the brand
  • Marketing support

Before you start your own business, make sure to take a serious look at investing in franchising.

Pillar To Post is America’s #1 home inspection franchise. Learn more about us!

How to Pick a Franchise Opportunity

If you have started thinking about investing in a franchise opportunity, even a small amount of research shows that there are thousands of opportunities out there. With all the industries and opportunities, how do you choose the franchise opportunity that fits you?

Ask Yourself: What Franchise Opportunity is Right for Me?

In order to determine what franchise opportunity is right for you, first you need to determine what you want from owning a business. Second, take stock of all your skills to get an idea of what kind of business might interest you. Contrary to what you might think, there is more to consider than what industries interest you.

walking the dog

Determine Your Needs

Before you start thinking about industries or brands, you need to decide what kind of life you want to live. If you are looking for a way to own your own business, you are probably interested in some kind of independence that you can’t get from working in a traditional corporate setting, but there is a lot more to it than that.

Here are some things to consider as you try to decide what you are looking for in your work:

  • What is your ultimate goal in owning a business? Do you want to earn more money? Spend more evenings at home? Have weekends off? Be able to visit your children’s school in the middle of the day? Take a spontaneous week off to go to Carnival in Brazil? Knowing what you want as far as work-life balance will narrow your options.
  • How quickly do you want to work in your business full time? Will you need time to transition from your old job, tapering off hours before committing all your time and energy to your franchise? Some franchise brands allow for absentee franchisees—that is, franchisees who hire management to take care of the day to day operations—while others want their owners working full time in the business.
  • How much are you comfortable investing? How are you planning on coming up with your investment? Franchise startup costs vary greatly, so determine this up front before you even start looking at brands to make sure you don’t fall in love with a brand that is out of your investment range.

Take Inventory of Your Skills

An essential part of finding which franchise opportunity is right for you is finding and defining your skills. Make an honest list of your strengths and weaknesses, work-related and otherwise. Most franchisors are not looking for someone with a specific work background, but with a range of skills and personality traits that fit their brand.

Some questions to ask yourself about your skills include:

  • Are you a good manager?
  • Do you understand budgets and bookkeeping?
  • Does the idea of sales make you cringe?
  • Are you a marketing genius?
  • Do you have technical skills or acumen working with your hands?
  • Does working with people make your heart sing?
  • Do you prefer to work alone or with a small crew?
  • Can you easily establish rapport with coworkers or strangers?
  • Are you organized?

The good thing about taking inventory of your skills is that there are no right or wrong answers. When you have a list of your skills, you can more easily filter through franchise opportunities. You may think that the perfect franchise opportunity for you is with computers because you like technology, but choosing a franchise opportunity based on your skills has a much higher chance of success.

Frequently Asked Question: Is Previous Experience Necessary?

The short answer is not usually. Sure, there are some franchise brands that will only work with people who have already owned businesses before, or who have experience in the specific field that the franchise operates in, but this is often not the case.

One of the biggest benefits of investing in a franchise, as opposed to starting your own business, is the training and support that franchises can offer. Most franchise brands provide extensive training to their franchise owners to prepare them for owning and operating within their brand. In fact, be wary of any franchise that does not offer training and ongoing support, as you may not receive all the tools you need to operate a successful business.

Pillar To Post, for example, is a home inspection franchise that does not require any construction or renovation experience in our franchisees. We train them on everything they need to know about performing thorough home inspections, keeping the books updated, marketing to find clients, and so much more. This kind of training means that Pillar To Post franchisees do not need to have any experience owning a business in order to thrive as part of our brand.

Check out what Pillar To Post looks for in our franchisees, and see if your skills match up with our brand!

Can Franchising in the Home Inspection Industry Be a Long-Term Career?

Starting a new career is a big move, and it is natural to want to give your time and energy to a career with potential to take you far. Investing in a home inspection franchise has real long-term career potential, as this industry is an essential part of the real estate market.

Keep reading to learn about the home inspection industry, as well as a few tips for helping a home inspection franchise thrive in the long term.

The Home Inspection Industry

Home inspections are essential in the real estate industry, giving this industry serious longevity. As many as 90% of home buyers get a home inspection before they finalize the purchase of a home, which means there is a lot of business to be had in this industry. Just like there is always a real estate market, there is always a home inspection market.

Demand for home inspections is expected to increase even more in the next decade or so. Older generations are moving into retirement homes and younger generations are moving into starter homes; both groups need qualified home inspectors on whom they can rely to check the homes they are purchasing.

An additional factor that is influencing the industry is that the number of homes being built is low compared to the demand. That means that there are not enough new homes for all the people who want to buy them, which is resulting in more people purchasing older homes. The older a home is, the more it needs to be inspected to protect the buyer. As consumers buy older homes, they will be getting even more home inspections.

Tips to Help Your Home Inspection Business Thrive Long-Term

As a home inspection franchise owner, you can benefit from the franchisor’s industry experience. Working with people who have been in your shoes before—or have helped new franchisees become experienced business owners—is an invaluable asset. Here are a few tips to help your business thrive, and always remember, if you invest in a good brand, they can help you with any questions or issues that arise.

Set Goals

Part of a successful life is setting goals. Setting both business and personal goals gives you something to work toward, which inspires you to work each day. Even better, setting goals in three- and five-year time periods will help you measure your success.

Setting and reaching for business goals is an obvious way to set your business up for success. As a franchisee, the company will work with you to determine goals for your business, such as sales, inspections, cash flow, and other numerical indicators of your business’s strength. You should also set financial goals for yourself to ensure that you are earning the living you want and need.

It may seem counter-intuitive, but personal goals are just as important—if not more important—than financial goals. Personal goals will help you find and maintain the quality of life you need from your career. Chances are, you have already earned a comfortable living at one job or another, so something is driving you to try something new. That something may be quality of life.

Recent research has found that employees who feel overworked are 31% more likely to quit their jobs than their peers, so building a work/life balance is crucial. Make a goal for time spent at home, with your family, or doing things you care about; then, as a franchise owner, you can see how you are meeting your quality of life goals as well as financial goals.

Meet Your Fellow Franchisees

Before you invest in a home inspection franchise, take some time to meet and talk with other franchise owners in the brand and industry. These people have been in your exact position before, and they can tell you what it is going to be like to own a franchise.

Learning from your fellow franchisees both before you invest and as you continue your career as franchise owner can help you build a stronger business.

Starting a home inspection business can easily become a long-term career. With the proper discipline and hard work, you can build a strong business as the owner of a home inspection franchise that lasts a long time.

Pillar To Post is a home inspection franchise with locations all over the United States and Canada. We support our franchisees at every turn, giving them the tools they need to build a long-term career. But you don’t have to take our word for it; check out what Franchise Gator has to say about Pillar To Post.

Build a Business to Pass On: Utilize Your Construction Experience to Invest in a Franchise

Investing in a business later in life changes the way you think about it. If you are looking for a second career, choosing a business that you can pass on is a top consideration. At Pillar To Post, many of our franchise owners invest later in life and are looking for a business that they can build, then pass on to their children or grandchildren.

When you think about passing your franchise on, it is important to think about the relevance and longevity of the industry. Additionally, choosing a business that allows you to be flexible is incredibly convenient as you get older.

Pillar To Post is the franchise company that makes passing on your business easy. Here are a few reasons why our franchise opportunity is a good one for anyone interested in investing in a business they can pass on, whether it’s now or in 30 years.

building a house

The Industry Is Essential

Home inspections are a necessary part of the home buying process. Many experts recommend getting a home inspection before making a purchase as large as a home, and buyers seem to be listening. In a survey of home buyers in the United States, more than three-quarters of respondents bought their home after having it inspected by a professional.

The home inspection is an essential part of any home sale, and consumers need an inspector who they can trust. Home inspectors provide an important service in the real estate industry, and owning a home inspection franchise will let you bring that service to your community.

You may be wondering how Pillar To Post fits in the construction industry. As home inspectors, we need to be able to see issues with a home’s construction at a glance. Though Pillar To Post franchisees have nothing to do with the actual contracting or constructing of a home, you will be trained in spotting problem areas for your clients.

The Business Has Longevity

Because home inspections are such a necessary part of the home buying process, starting a Pillar To Post franchise is an investment with staying power. There will never be a time when people are not buying and selling homes, and as long as there is a real estate market there will be a home inspection market.

Many franchise owners who get in the business later in life or as a second career choose to invest in construction franchises because of their longevity. A Pillar To Post franchise is something you can pass on to your children or grandchildren when you are ready to be done working. Build a business now that you can pass on to your posterity, and see how proud it makes you to see them building on your accomplishments.

The Career Can Be Flexible

According to a survey by Ernst & Young, two of the biggest reasons that people quit their jobs are lack of flexibility and working long hours. As a business owner, the person in charge is YOU, so you get to determine your schedule.

Pillar To Post is a home-based business, so you have so much more flexibility to determine work hours to ensure you don’t miss those important moments in life. Working from home means that you will only set appointments when they work for your schedule, giving you more freedom than any corporate job ever could. In addition, a flexible schedule is helpful as you pass your business on, as it allows you to taper off the work you are doing while your new owner takes over.

Choosing a franchise opportunity requires a lot of research and consideration. At Pillar To Post, we want our franchise owners to make informed decisions before they invest, so they know they are choosing the right franchise opportunity. We think our franchise opportunity of investing in a business is great, but you don’t have to take our word for it! Check out what Entrepreneur has to say about us!

Franchising or Entrepreneurship: 4 Reasons Why One is Better than the Other

If the idea of owning your own business appeals to you, you are not alone. Nearly 60% of Americans and 32% of Canadians want to own a business. It’s not hard to see the appeal of owning a business: freedom, independence, flexibility, and stability are all things that come to mind when we think of owning a business.

One thing that many people discover when they begin learning about owning their own businesses is that investing in a franchise can be a great option for owning your own business. As part of your research into owning a business, you owe it to yourself to look into quality franchise opportunities that provide many of the positive qualities of entrepreneurship, but with some added benefits.

Take a look at these 4 benefits of franchising vs. entrepreneurship, and see how investing in a franchise may be the opportunity you are looking for.

#1 Franchising Empowers You

There can be no doubt that one of the biggest benefits of owning a business is the sense of accomplishment you feel every day. As a business owner, you can make your own decisions and work toward your own goals; this is in sharp contrast to working in a corporate environment, where you work as part of a system to meet someone else’s goals.

As a franchise owner, you are empowered to look at the big picture of your business as well as the day to day. The thing that makes franchising different from starting your business from scratch is that a franchise has proven its ability to succeed in a variety of locations. This history of success is backed up by processes and systems that empower you to build your business without getting bogged down in the details of pricing, computer systems, and more.

#2 Franchising Lets You Use Your Skillset

People are often surprised to learn that many of the skills they have learned in a lifetime of work. Whether you have worked in a corporate environment (sales, marketing, management, etc.) or a more literal hands-on environment (construction, carpentry, manufacturing, etc.), you have developed a set of skills that translate well into owning a franchise.

Franchising is an incredibly popular career choice for veterans, who learn a host of valuable skills in the military. Hard work, discipline, teamwork, flexibility, leadership, and decisiveness are all things that members of the armed forces learn through their service, and they all translate into business ownership.

#3 Franchising Supports You

We’ve already mentioned that franchises have proven that their business models work in a variety of markets, but there is a lot more to it. Any system worth its franchise fee offers new owners training to teach them about their businesses. In franchise training, you will learn about the industry, the systems, the products/services, and anything else that is relevant to your business.

In addition, once you have finished training, the franchise has teams in place who help with things like technical support, marketing, market research, and a variety of other things. Many franchise companies boast ongoing support for the life of your business; indeed, between the corporate agents and the other franchisees in the company, you have a built-in network of people in your corner.

In contrast, there is no training schedule or support system when you start a business on your own. There are local support resources—like the Small Business Administration—but these do not offer the kind of resources specific to your business.

#4 Franchising Teaches You New Things

In addition to bringing out valuable skills, owning a franchise teaches you new things every day. For one thing, we already mentioned the training that the franchisor gives to new owners. You will learn about a new industry, and how that industry fits into your market.

On top of the training, owning a franchise teaches you about independence. Learning how to operate the finances of a company (or any other skill that you did not already possess) is a skill that will take you far, whether you stay a franchisee for decades or move to another opportunity later.

The decision to own your own business is not one that should be taken lightly. The most important thing you can do is research both franchising and entrepreneurship to see which fits your goals and personality best.

Find out if you have what it takes to be a franchisee, and see if Pillar To Post Home Inspectors is an opportunity you are interested in.

Financing Your Franchise: How to Get Started

So you’re thinking about taking the leap to become a franchise owner. Good for you! This is a life-changing decision, and there is nothing as satisfying as owning your own business and meeting your own goals every day.

Starting a franchise is no small feat, and financing your business is the first of many big considerations. There are so many options and strategies for funding your franchise that it is difficult to know where to start. Use this guide as a springboard to help you make the decision of how to find the funding that you need to get started as a franchise owner.

Start from the Beginning

Before you can finance your business, you need to get your ducks in a row first. You cannot go to a bank or other lender to ask for money without some basic information, so arm yourself with organization and facts surrounding your financial situation.

You may have a basic understanding of your financial situation, but a lender doesn’t so you need to present your finances to them in a way that makes sense. In addition, having a full understanding of your financial situation will prepare you for the lending process, how long it may take, and the likelihood that you will be approved.

Here are a few things to get together before you approach a lender:

  • Net worth
  • Assets and liabilities
  • Credit score
  • Liquid capital
  • Job and work history

Make a Business Plan

Having a business plan before you go to a lender is another necessity. Upon reviewing your financial situation and your track record, the lender will want to know what their money is going toward. When you buy a car, the bank wants to know the year, make, and model so they know that their money is going somewhere worthwhile. Asking for a business loan is similar.

Your business plan should include detailed information of the franchise brand and its industry, projections, cost analyses, marketing strategies, goals, and more. There are a number of ways that you can receive professional help writing your business plan, including sources online. A thorough business plan can make all the difference in your loan application.

Traditional Bank Loans

Going to a bank or credit union—especially one where you have a history—is often the first place people look for funding their franchises. Your credit score is incredibly important when you are applying for a bank loan, as is your working capital.

In addition, according to the Wall Street Journal, banks like to invest in companies with well-known brand names. The brand name makes the bank feel confident in a franchisee’s likelihood of success. In addition, many bank loans require collateral—like your home—and a substantial down payment, often as much as 20-30%.

SBA Loans

The Small Business Administration is a national organization funded by the federal government. Also known as the SBA, this organization aims to offer resources to small businesses to help them thrive; one such resource is the SBA loan.

SBA loans are still financed through a bank, but they are backed—and partially guaranteed—by the government, so banks feel more confident that they will get paid. Going the route of an SBA loan can sometimes ingratiate you to a bank that was unwilling to lend to you before; the government guarantee can make a big impact.

Home Mortgages

Many franchisees finance their investments through taking out another mortgage or a line of credit on their homes. A line of credit can be a smart way to finance your business because it is revolving, so you do not have to borrow in one lump sum. The obvious downside of financing with this method is that it puts your home on the line; if you cannot pay back the amount you borrowed, you may lose your home.

Pillar To Post Financing

If you choose to invest in a Pillar To Post franchise, we offer financing to qualified franchisees. Our franchise fee is just $21,900, and we offer financing for $9,000 of the fee. Depending on how you qualify, our financing can be extremely helpful as you start your new business.

Starting a franchise can be a big investment, but the finances do not have to keep you up at night. Funding for your franchise can come from a variety of sources, and knowing your options is the first step to getting started.

Check out our unique franchise opportunities for existing builders, tradesmen, and contractors who are looking for the chance to own their own businesses.

No Renovation Experience? No Problem! Put Your Business Skills to Use as a Pillar To Post Franchise Owner

A successful franchise owner is a certain kind of person—one who is willing to work hard, learn a proven system, and take a calculated risk to build a career. Many of our franchise owners leave a career in a corporate setting, sometimes after decades of working the daily grind, to start their own businesses in home inspection.

One of the most common concerns that these franchisees have before they get started is that they do not have any experience in renovations or home inspections. They fear that their lack of “relevant” work experience disqualifies them for our opportunity; this could not be further from the truth.

At Pillar To Post, your experience matters less than your abilities—you can have all the renovation experience in the world, but without a willingness to work hard and adapt to our proven systems, you will not be a good fit. When we are reviewing franchise candidates, we do not only look for one kind of experience; instead, we look for skills that work well for franchise owners, a set of personality traits that indicate that we will work well together, and a willingness to delegate responsibilities when necessary.

stair case

Transferable Skills

A large number of our franchisees come from a corporate background without any experience in renovations and home inspections. Lacking technical experience may feel like an insurmountable obstacle, but in reality, this is just one aspect of owning a business. In most cases, a career in a corporate setting sets you up to own a Pillar To Post franchise better than almost anything else.

In the corporate world—whether you are in sales, middle management, finance, real estate, or any other setting—you learn a handful of skills that are relevant and necessary to own a business. These are just some of the transferable skills that many of our owners bring to the table:

  • Customer service
  • Ability to build relationships
  • Understanding of budgets and expenditures
  • Marketing
  • Sales

There are so many skills that you have cultivated during your corporate career, you will be surprised at how relevant they are. And even better, Pillar To Post’s thorough training will help you learn the skills that you are missing—whether you just need technical training or you need to learn how to best utilize profit and loss sheets. Our training is one of a kind, so you will be prepared to open your business with confidence.

Traits We Look For

As we already mentioned, your experience does not matter as much as your willingness to work hard and learn our systems; indeed, those are the first two traits we look for in a franchisee. Most of our franchisees have a certain list of personality traits that make them successful. Take a look at these qualities of a franchise owner and see how you measure up:

  • Affinity for hard work
  • Focus on the big picture
  • Confidence in the future
  • Readiness to take a calculated risk
  • Affection for working with people
  • Willingness to learn our proven systems
  • Ability to follow the proven system

These are certainly not all the qualities we look for in our franchise candidates, but this is a good place to start. With the abilities you already have, if you are prepared to learn from us, utilize our systems, and keep the future in mind, then Pillar To Post might be a good choice for you.

At Pillar To Post, we offer a franchise opportunity unlike any other. Use the skills you have, learn new ones, and build a business that can grow with you. You don’t have to take our word for it—check out what some of our franchisees have to say about working with us.

“All Franchise Income Goes to Royalties” and Other Myths about the Financials of Franchising

The franchise industry is growing every day and more companies than ever are seeing the value of franchising as a growth strategy. Franchising is an incredibly smart and convenient way to start a career as a business owner; however, there are critics who spread a bad light and false myths.

Critics are spreading franchise myths—especially regarding the financials of franchising. As always, trust Pillar To Post to set the record straight and present the facts to our readers. Take a look at 3 of the most common franchise myths and learn the facts, so that you can make an informed decision when you decide to franchise.

Myth: All Franchise Income Goes to Paying Royalties to the Company

Many people are concerned about working within a franchise because they are afraid that all their profits will be paid to the franchisor and they will not be able to make any money for themselves.

Fact: Only a Small Percentage of Revenue Goes Toward Royalties and Fees

While it is true that the franchisor does collect royalties and fees for allowing franchisees to use their name, logo, products, services, and other benefits, these fees are nominal. At Pillar To Post, for example, our royalty fee is 7% of your franchise’s gross income. An additional 4% of your gross income will go toward brand advertising to help our brand garner attention, which in turn helps your franchise gain customers.

Myth: Starting a Franchise Is an Effortless Way to Make a Lot of Money

A common misconception with franchising is that when you join with a proven business model, you will not have to do any work to build your business.

Fact: Your Franchise Only Works as Hard as You Do

Even though a franchise company has established its viability as a brand, that does not mean that the individual franchise owners have no work to do. In fact, the opposite is true! Franchise owners have to work hard to find clients, market their services, manage finances, and so much more.

Building a business does not just happen overnight. If you invest in a franchise and assume that all the work is done for you then you are in for a rude awakening. Willingness to work hard is the most important trait of a franchisee. That being said, do not be discouraged by the amount of hard work that business ownership requires. When you are working for yourself and building something you believe in, that is the most satisfying work of your life.

Myth: I Can’t Afford to Start a Franchise

Starting a business can be expensive—from the startup costs to the rent and insurance to the ongoing expenses before your business starts making a profit. Often, prospective franchise owners are discouraged by the investment.

Fact: You Can Afford to Invest in Your Future

It is true that starting a franchise is quite an investment, costing anywhere from $30K to $2 million. But if you think of your investment in a franchise as an investment in your future, your career, your family, and your community, it seems a little more affordable.

Additionally, there are so many franchise opportunities on the market that you can find one to fit virtually any price point. Choosing a franchise that offers training, ongoing support, and other resources make the investment even more worth it because you won’t be going alone. As a franchise rated by Entrepreneur Magazine as a top low cost franchise, Pillar To Post would be a smart franchising investment.

With the popularity of franchising, it is understandable that some rumors would get started. Make no mistake that investing in a franchise is not a cakewalk—you will need to invest money, time, and hard work in order to succeed—but if you learn the facts surrounding some of these myths, you can see the benefits of choosing this path.

If you are looking for more information about the Pillar To Post low-cost franchise opportunity, learn more about us!

Take a Risk and Reap the Rewards: Investing in a Franchise vs. Starting a Business

There is a reason that owning your own business and working for yourself is considered the ultimate business success: working for yourself means making your own decisions, meeting your goals, and becoming truly independent. An increasing number of people are looking for the right way to gain this independence, which leaves many of them wondering which is better: franchising or entrepreneurship?

The answer to that question is not an easy one; it depends mostly on you and what you are looking for. Take a look at these benefits of both franchising and starting a business from scratch, and see which fits what you are looking for.

Stay Creative

A common misconception with franchising is that the individual franchise owners have no creative control over anything they do. This is untrue in most franchise systems, where the franchisees are the ones who come up with the big ideas. A McDonald’s franchisee famously invented the Big Mac, which then became the primary product for the chain; this kind of creative control is typical of most franchise systems.

Enjoy a Flexible Schedule

We don’t want to sugar coat it: owning a business is a lot of work. Whether you start your business from scratch or invest in a franchise, you are going to be working long weeks while you perform all the duties of a business owner. However, because you are the boss, you will have the flexibility to make your schedule however you see fit.

Meet Your Goals

When you own a business—whether through franchising or entrepreneurship—you have the pleasure of working toward your own goals, NOT someone else’s. There is no feeling as satisfying as knowing that you are working every single day toward something you want to accomplish; this feeling can come from franchising or entrepreneurship equally.

Learn from the Experts

When you invest in a franchise, you have the benefit of working with a group of people who have been in your shoes before. These people are experts in their field, and they pass on their knowledge to the people who invest in franchises. Starting your own business from scratch does not afford you this kind of guidance and support.

Grow with Professional Marketing

A huge perk of working within a franchise system is that you will have the benefit of dedicated marketing teams to help you build your business. Most franchise systems have dedicated marketing teams who help new franchisees with their grand openings and benefit the whole brand with widespread marketing initiatives. If you start your own business, the marketing department is you!

Gain Customers through Brand Recognition

Probably the biggest reason to invest in a franchise instead of starting a business is brand recognition. To establish their brand, a company has to spend years gaining customers, creating a reputation of excellence, expanding into new locations, and proving that it provides superior products and services. When you invest in a company with a strong brand, you have automatic brand recognition, which attracts customers to your business.

If you are looking for a way to work for yourself, own a business, and create a career that you can be proud of, franchising may be the way to do it. Investing in a franchise gives you the support you need with the freedom you crave, so the decision is a no brainer.

At Pillar To Post, we have built our business around creating amazing franchise opportunities all over the United States and Canada. We have the expertise, brand recognition, flexibility, and creativity that you have been looking for. Learn more about our franchise opportunity, and see if you are a good fit for our company!