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The Pillar To Post Training Program That Sets Your Home Inspection Business Up for Success

home inspection business

Exclusive Training Program

In order to start your home inspection business with Pillar To Post, you need to go through our exclusive training program. This program, called Foundations For Success, teaches you everything you need to know about running a business.

In-Class Learning

For the first stage of your training, you will visit our training center for the in-class portion. This 2 week-long learning session covers all your bases, giving you the knowledge you will need to get started. Some of the topics we cover in the classroom stage include:

  • The Pillar To Post brand
  • Business skills like bookkeeping and management
  • Technical aspects of home inspections
  • The software our home inspectors use
  • Our operations and brand standards

The in-class training portion is important to give you the background information you need to get started. After these 2 weeks of learning, you will be equipped to get your business started.

Training Experience

When you are ready to open for business, you will have the chance to learn online with support from a member of our opening team. There is no substitute for this type of training, and that’s what you get when you are ready to open for business. A member of the Pillar To Post team will be there as you make your first contacts, perform your first inspections, and market to prospective clients.

Ultimately, the purpose of the online portion of training is to ensure that you have the tools you need. Wherever your skills or experience are lacking—whether it is the business or technical side—Pillar To Post has the means to help you succeed.

How Can Someone with No Business Experience Succeed?

In addition to our outstanding training program, Pillar To Post gives all our franchisees tools they need to succeed, regardless of their experience. When you join our team, you benefit from our decades of experience in owning a home inspection business. Since we opened, we have learned the tools that franchise owners need to succeed.

Support Team

A huge advantage of joining the Pillar To Post franchise family is our support team. More than 30 people work on this team to help you get your business started. Even more importantly, they are available down the road when you need additional guidance or support.

Personal Coach

A key part of Foundations For Success is your personal business coach. This coach is your partner as you navigate starting your business, going through training, finding clients, and more. You can learn from your coach’s many years of experience in franchising to make the most of your business.

Networking Connections

With any business, networking is key to success. When you join us, you are immediately connected to our network of home office support team and fellow franchisees. But the best connection we offer our franchisees is with our real estate partners. We work closely with some of the biggest national real estate brands, which helps you get your foot in the door.

Continuous Learning

Learning new things is how we stay on top of our field. That’s why we help our franchise owners with continued training and ongoing learning programs. Stay up to date on the industry, technology, and best practices to really keep your business thriving.

We are proud of the Pillar To Post training program. We take the home inspection business seriously, and training our franchisees it one of the best ways that we can help them succeed. You can learn more about the Pillar To Post opportunity by contacting us for more information.

Home Inspection Franchise Reviews That Show the Value of Pillar To Post

Before you invest in a franchise, take the time to do your research. Finding a franchise brand that is a good fit for you is paramount to your success, so take this step seriously. At Pillar To Post, we are very interested in finding franchisees that are the right fit for our company, which is why we recommend our candidates read our home inspection franchise reviews as part of their research. Additionally, we want you to feel confident in your choice.

Some of the questions to ask as you research franchise opportunities include:

  • What do I want out of a franchise?
  • What skills do I have that work well with franchising?
  • What resources set Pillar To Post apart?
  • What is the Pillar To Post company culture like?
  • How many hours a week do I want to work?
  • What kind of work-life balance am I looking for?
  • How much am I willing to invest?
  • What financing options are available to me?
  • How much money can I make?

These are just some of the questions you may want to answer in your research.

Why Read Reviews?

Reviews need to be part of your franchise research, because they can help you answer some of these questions. While the information you get from the franchisor is incredibly valuable, it is from just one perspective. Reading reviews written by past or present franchisees gives you several different points of view, which gives you a more nuanced understanding of the brand.

As you complete your research, a wide range of perspectives will help you determine if the brand is a good fit for you, and that is the most important thing. Use reviews alongside other research—talking to the franchisor, interviewing franchisees, examining the FDD, and reading the website.

What Do Our Franchisees Have to Say?

When it comes to home inspection franchise reviews, Pillar To Post rates very well. We encourage our franchise owners and customers to review us, so that franchise candidates and prospective customers can learn what our brand has to offer.

Our franchise owners have a lot of positive things to say about our business. Here are some snippets from a few of our top franchisees.

Tom and Tracy Capuano

The Capuanos had several reasons for choosing Pillar To Post, including that we are the #1 home inspection franchise in North America. “After meeting the people and learning the system, we were sold,” the couple says. In 2005, the Capuanos were named franchisees of the year, and their Cincinnati, Ohio franchise has continued to grow.

Jeff Mackey

After ten years in construction, Mackey was “burnt out in the corporate world.” He knew he wanted to be in home inspection, but he thought he would open his own business. In the end, he changed his mind. “I am certain that buying a franchise gave me at least a three year head start,” he says, citing Pillar To Post’s “important network of like people, sharing great branding, goals and ideas with each other” as a major reason for joining us.

Paul Ferguson

When he invested in a Pillar To Post franchise in north-central Ohio, Ferguson and his wife were in debt. Now, more than 20 years later, Ferguson’s franchise is flourishing. In 2014, he hit an exciting sales milestone and he can’t wait to keep working toward the next stage, saying, “I’m just thank­ful to be part of a business that not only gives me that opportunity to strive for more, but the kind of backing that makes the ambition attainable.”

Looking for more home inspection franchise reviews from Pillar To Post? Check out our website!

Asking Yourself, “Is Home Inspection a Good Business?” Here Are 3 Reasons Why the Answer Is “Yes!”

As you research franchise opportunities, you are probably wondering is home inspection a good business? There are a lot of businesses on the market today, so what sets home inspection apart? First of all, you can own a home inspection business for a low upfront investment, especially compared to other business opportunities. Second, in spite of the low cost, you get to enjoy all the benefits of being a business owner when you work in home inspections. And finally, the home inspection industry is strong and full of opportunities for you to take advantage of.

Keep reading to learn more about why home inspection makes a great business.

#1 Low Startup Costs

A home inspection business requires a small upfront investment, especially compared to many other businesses. Your startup costs can stay low because most home inspection businesses don’t have a store front, meaning the amount you spend on overhead is negligible.

There are a handful of things that you do need to invest in when you start your business. Most notable of these are your marketing, training, and software for reporting.

  • Marketing: Be sure to invest in quality marketing to attract new business, form relationships with real estate professionals, and get client referrals. A well-made website and thorough social media strategy both go a long way in finding customers.
  • Training: In order to inspect homes professionally, you need to know what you are looking for, so training is key. In addition, each state or province has its own requirements for home inspectors, so make sure to learn what certifications you need before you can operate.
  • Software and Reporting: The software that you use to inspect homes and the reports you give to clients set you apart in the home inspection industry. A good software program will make it easy for you to inspect homes and create a comprehensive, easy-to-read report for your clients.

Hint: Investing in a franchise includes all of these important expenses

#2 All the Perks of Owning a Business

For hard-working, enterprising people working in a traditional corporate environment is not enough. Owning a business is a way for these people to enjoy a fulfilling career and stay independent. Being a business owner gives you the freedom to make all your career decisions, including when and where to work, the employees you hire, and so much more.

A unique benefit of owning a home inspection business—and a big part of the reason we answer “YES” when people ask “Is home inspection a good business?”—is that the amount you work directly translates to how much you can earn. The more home inspections you do, the more money your business can earn, so your only limit is as hard as you want to work.

#3 A Strong Industry Full of Opportunities

There are many reasons to join the home inspection industry. First of all, the industry works hand in hand with the real estate market, which is expected to continue to do well as the younger generation starts settling down and buying homes. The majority of home sales in North America are accompanied by a home inspection, which means that there are opportunities for home inspections everywhere.

As you can see, the answer to your question—is home inspection a good business? —is a resounding yes! At Pillar To Post, the #1 home inspection franchise in North America, we make owning a home inspection business simple. Learn about our franchise opportunity by downloading our infographic!

How Much for a Home Inspection? Several Factors Influence the Cost

There’s a lot that goes into a home inspection, and the home and the service both influence how much it will cost. When you own a Pillar To Post franchise, you will encounter this question all the time, and knowing how to answer it is important. The truth is that this question does not have one easy answer, because no two home inspections are the same, just as no two homes are the same. When a customer calls you looking for a cost estimate, arm yourself with this information to give a thorough answer to their questions.

The Home

Simply put, the amount of time that an inspector spends examining the home has a direct impact on the cost. Larger homes take more time than smaller ones, so they tend to come with a higher price tag. In addition, older homes may take longer to inspect than newer ones because of things like additions, old building codes, and the quirks that older homes get as they age.

The Service

A typical home inspection will cover all the home’s bases, inspecting everything for possible problems. A Pillar To Post home inspection looks at each of the following areas:

  • Structure and Foundation
  • Electrical Systems
  • Plumbing Systems
  • Roofs and Attics
  • Basements and Crawl Spaces
  • Gutters and Drainage
  • Walls, Floors and Ceilings
  • Porches and Decks
  • Property and Site

This includes a check of over 1600 items in your home and yard, including heating and cooling systems, windows and doors, built in appliances, and more. Each of our packages includes the home’s report (complete with photos), coupons for our partners (valued at over $1000 in savings), cost estimate guides, seasonal maintenance checklist, and our customer satisfaction guarantee.

We also offer a variety of add-on services to more thoroughly inspect our customers’ homes. Customers can add on an infrared scan to check for moisture, sample testing for a variety of allergens, inspections for rodents, and so much more. Adding on one or more of these services influences how much a home inspection costs.

Average Cost for a Home Inspection

You could have probably guessed what question our franchise owners get asked more than any other: “How much is a home inspection?” The cost of home inspections varies greatly by region, so always give your customer as accurate an estimate as possible. Being able to answer this question simply and professionally is important for your business. Next time you have a potential customer call you to ask how much for a home inspection, explain that each situation is different, and that they can choose a Pillar To Post package based on their needs and their budget.

Ready to invest in a Pillar To Post franchise? Contact us!



The Pillar to Post Franchise Promise: Franchisee Success Is Our #1 Priority

franchise opportunities

We know that there are hundreds or maybe even thousands of franchise opportunities on the market right now, but we believe that Pillar To Post offers something unique: a complete dedication to our franchisees’ success. When you invest in Pillar To Post, we invest in you with a team of experts, quality training, ongoing support, and a host of resources that you can use to your advantage.

Keep reading to learn more about how we prioritize your success.

Franchise Support Team

As soon as you join the Pillar To Post franchise family, you will be able to work with our outstanding franchise support team! Staying true to our dedication to put franchise owners first, we have carefully cultivated a team of experts in home inspection, franchising, training, communication, and more. Each of our franchise team members boasts years of experience in their respective fields, and you can benefit from that experience.

In addition to our teams at the Home Office, we also have a network of franchise owners all across North America. You can learn from your fellow franchisees’ experience to make your experience go more smoothly. We recommend that you build relationships within our amazing network.


A key part of your franchise preparation is training, and Pillar To Post takes training very seriously. We do both in-class training and in-field training to thoroughly prepare you for the day to day tasks of owning your business.

In-Class Training: Located at our headquarters, in-class training covers all the bases of owning a Pillar To Post franchise. You will learn the technicalities of home inspections—giving you the knowledge to inspect properties even if you do not have a construction background—and the ins and outs of owning a business.

In-Field Training: Preparing you to run your business on your own is the best way to help you succeed, which is why in-field training is so important. You will be matched with a personal business coach during your 2-week training in Toronto. After that, all your training will be remote through online learning and webinars.

Ongoing Support

We couldn’t honestly say that franchisee success is our #1 priority if we didn’t support them every step of the way. From the very beginning, we are in your corner doing everything we can to help your business thrive.

Our Foundations for Success program is an essential part of this support. Your personal business coach is an amazing support resource for your business, and you can turn to him/her at any time for advice or ideas. In addition, our network of Home Office team members and your fellow franchisees, mentioned above, are always available when you want to ask questions or bounce around brilliant ideas.

Exclusive Resources

Pillar To Post’s exclusive resources prove to our franchisees that we put their success above all else. Our resource go way beyond amazing training and support for the life of your business. We also give our franchisees the tools they need to succeed in the form of exclusive technology and professional marketing.


You cannot run a business without customers, and you cannot find customers without marketing. Our strong brand takes you far, and our professional marketing resources can take you even farther. A combination of digital and physical marketing, carefully crafted by our marketing experts, helps you get your name out there to attract new customers all the time.


It is no secret that technology is an essential part of our daily lives, and owning a business should be no different. Pillar To Post’s tested technology and programs make our franchisees’ lives easier, giving them the tools to communicate with customers and perform home inspections easily. In over 20 years in the business, we have found the programs that work for our franchisees. Even better, you will have access to our in-house tech support, who help you trouble shoot any technological issues that arise.

Franchisee success is important to us, and we work hard to help each franchise owner achieve their goals. If you’re ready to work for yourself with the support of an international brand, there’s no time to lose. Request more information and get the franchise process started!

Networking 101: Building Relationships in the Real Estate Industry

home inspection business

For new business owners—especially those with little or no business experience—the idea of networking can seem daunting. But it doesn’t have to be! Networking is an important part of being a business owner, as building connections can be incredibly valuable to your business.

As the owner of a home inspection business, forging relationships with professionals in both real estate and construction can help you earn business. Here are 4 networking tips that you can use to build up your business and create professional contacts.

1.    Practice the “Elevator Pitch”

If you haven’t heard of the “elevator pitch,” it’s an old piece of sales advice to create a succinct and convincing pitch that you can give in a short amount of time. An elevator pitch should give the listener a feel for your business, personality, and value in just a few sentences. Condensing your business to a few sentences is difficult, but it is an effective way to build your professional network.

2.    Keep Business Cards Handy

The perfect way to solidify your elevator pitch is by handing over your business card. Whether you are talking to a real estate agent or a prospective homebuyer, you want to be sure to have business cards with you all the time. Your cards should have a professional look, your company logo, and your contact information so that people know how to get ahold of you.

3.    Make People Know Your Name

You cannot build relationships with real estate professionals if they don’t know your name. Get out and about in your community and be a good neighbor, taking opportunities to give your elevator pitch and pass out business cards where they come up. Visit real estate offices all over your territory and introduce yourself, and avoid being all business, all the time. Make these visits with a true interest in getting to know the people with whom you plan to work, and your authenticity will show.

4.    Get Personal

When you meet new people, you want them to remember you, and a great way to do that is by being personable and personal. Be friendly, crack jokes, give compliments where it’s appropriate, and don’t be afraid to share personal stories. Even though you are seeking new business contacts, show people your personality to really get them interested.

Pillar To Post’s Built In Networking

Joining as a Pillar To Post franchisee gives you built in networking opportunities from the start! We are connected with leading real estate companies all over the United States and Canada, giving us preferred status when those realtors need an inspector. In addition, we are the biggest home inspection franchise in North America, so our name recognition and brand power can help you make connections in your market.

If you are considering franchising, Pillar To Post has resources to help you build a strong business, including our network of real estate professionals, Home Office team members, and over 550 franchises around North America. Read our franchisee testimonials to learn more about us.

Starting a Home Inspection Business: The Complete Guide

home inspection

So you’ve been bitten by the entrepreneurship bug, and you want to own your own business. Being a business owner can be a big change, but one that is worthwhile for the opportunities it affords you. Starting a home inspection business is one way to work for yourself in a thriving industry full of opportunities.

As the #1 home inspection franchise, Pillar To Post knows a thing or two about starting a business in this industry. That’s why we have put together this guide, to help you navigate the ins and outs of starting a business and working for yourself. Read this guide to learn:

  • The definition of home inspection
  • Skills you need to work in this industry
  • Options for getting started
  • The cost of starting a home inspection business
  • Tips for marketing your business

What Is Home Inspection?

Home inspections are a necessary part of nearly every real estate transaction, as surveys reveal that 77% of home buyers get a home inspection done before purchasing a home.

But what is home inspection?

A home inspection is when a third party inspects a home to check the structure and systems within it. Home inspections include an examination of such things as the heating and cooling systems, plumbing, electrical, structure of the roof and foundation, and so much more. A thorough home inspection will be able to tell the prospective buyer if there may be any structural issues with the home.

Your responsibilities as a home inspector will include:

  • Inspect the home from the roof to the foundation
  • Go in depth, climbing on roofs and into crawl spaces
  • Provide a detailed report to the prospective buyer
  • Keep up to date on necessary certification

Purchasing a home is the biggest investment most of us ever make, so the role of a home inspector is incredibly important. A home inspector isn’t a fortune teller, but you can keep a new homeowner from dealing with unpleasant surprises down the road.

What Skills Should a Good Home Inspector Possess?

One of the most exciting things about starting a home inspection business is that people from a wide variety of backgrounds have been successful in the industry. Even people with little or no construction experience can learn how to do home inspections if they are willing to work hard.

To be a good home inspector you will need:

  • A trustworthy demeanor: Advising prospective home buyers on one of the biggest purchases they will ever make puts you in a delicate position. Being an honest and trustworthy person and giving genuine advice makes you credible to your clients, who may then recommend you to their friends and family, building your network even more.
  • An enthusiasm for networking: It’s no secret that building a network is an important part of any career, but it is especially important when you own your own business. Establish relationships with other businesses in your community, especially real estate agents and others who can recommend your services.
  • A desire for ongoing education: Technology is changing everything, and home inspectors need to stay up to date. Starting a business means that you will need to be willing to learn new things about your industry as they become available. Design and construction of homes is not stagnant, and neither are you.
  • The proper insurance coverage: Insurance is essential for any business owner, and home inspection is not an exception. Errors-and-omissions insurance will cover you in the event you make a mistake in your inspection.

The good thing about home inspection is that many of the skills you need for the inspection itself are easy to learn. There are training classes through a number of organizations, but a simpler way to learn the skills is by starting a home inspection franchise and learn during your training.

Pillar To Post’s comprehensive franchisee training program teaches you everything you need to know about inspecting homes, looking for potential problems, and reporting back to clients. Even better, we have proprietary software that our franchisees use in the inspection process, streamlining the whole thing.

How Do I Get Started?

When it’s time to get going, there are three options for starting a home inspection business: starting your business from scratch, purchasing a business that is for sale, or investing in a franchise.

Option 1: Starting a Home Inspection Business from Scratch

One of the first things many people think of when they decide they want to be their own boss is that they should start their own business. But this isn’t as easy as many people tend to think, and starting a business from scratch comes with a lot of challenges.

For one thing, opening a business from scratch requires a lot of research and legwork. When you start your own business, you need to come up with a name and logo, research your market, test and select software and technology to use, and so much more. This is just the beginning! Advertising and marketing your business require significant investments of both time and money, which can be draining without any support.

In addition, starting a home inspection business from scratch is not recommended for people who have no prior experience in real estate or construction. Not only is starting a business a lot of hard work, time, and money, but going into it without knowing anything about the industry or the services you plan to offer sets you up to fail.

Option 2: Buying a Home Inspection Business for Sale

Purchasing an existing business is a viable option for many people, especially if you do not want to go through the process of determining your market and finding a clientele. Buying an established business has the potential to transition you into owning a business with relative ease.

One item to think about when considering buying an existing home inspection business for sale when you are starting out is that it typically costs more than starting a new franchise.

Option 3: Buying a Franchise

Investing in a franchise combines the good parts of starting a home inspection business from scratch and buying a home inspection business for sale. Buying a franchise allows you to work for yourself, enjoying the independence and flexibility of being your own boss. But when you invest in a franchise, you get to take advantage of an experienced network, transitioning into the role of business owner smoothly.

Here are just some of the benefits of buying a franchise:

  • Experienced team of professionals available to mentor and assist you
  • Training and certification built into the franchising process
  • Established processes and technologies that have already been tested and proven
  • Recognizable brand to attract clients to your business from the get go
  • Resources to help you with everything from marketing to operations to the inspections themselves

What is the Cost of Starting a Home Inspection Business

The startup expenses associated with starting a home inspection business vary depending on a number of factors, including where you are, how much equipment you need, your overhead, and more. Compared to many franchise opportunities in other industries, a home inspection business is a low-cost opportunity.

A few of the costs associated with opening a home inspection business include:

  • Equipment (ladder, flashlight, software, tools for electrical and plumbing measurements)
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Office setup and overhead
  • Insurance
  • Franchise fee
  • Start-up marketing expenses

How Do You Market a Home Inspection Business?

What is the most important way to bring in customers? By providing excellent service. The fact is that most established businesses regularly add customers through word of mouth advertising, so giving excellent customer service to each and every client is paramount, as your business is getting started and throughout your time as a business owner.

Tips for Starting a Home Inspection Business

Looking for some general tips on getting started in the home inspection business? Lucky for you, Pillar To Post has been working with franchisees for more than 20 years, so we have learned a few tricks of the trade.

Tip #1: Talk to Other Home Inspectors

The best way to get to know the industry is by talking to home inspectors and learning about their experiences first hand. Shadow a Pillar To Post franchise owner for a day or a week and see what a day in the life is like. Doing this will allow you to determine if home inspection is the right industry for you.

Bonus: Building a relationship with a Pillar To Post franchisee will give you an immediate network when you join our franchise as an owner.

Tip #2: Get Local

Join your local chamber of commerce or a local chapter of a national home inspection organization like the American Society of Home Inspectors. Not only will you make friends, but you will learn valuable skills and advice from your fellow business owners.

Tip #3: Work with Integrity

The job of the home inspector is not to give a home a “pass” or a “fail,” nor is your job to find as many problems as possible. Ultimately, a home inspector educates a prospective homeowner on their purchase. Show the potential buyer things to watch out for and help them gain a thorough understanding of the house they might buy.


Pillar To Post has been in the home inspection franchise industry since 1994. During that time, we have streamlined the process, making us the #1 home inspection franchise. Contact us to learn more about our opportunity.

Competition in the Home Inspection Industry

detailed roof

The multi-billion dollar home inspection industry is highly fragmented, meaning that there isn’t one large company that dominates the entire industry. This is a good thing! That means that you can open a home inspection business pretty much anywhere without worrying about competing against a large company that takes all your business.

As you are looking into home inspection franchise opportunities, look at the ways that Pillar To Post stands out from the competition. We have worked hard in our more than 20 years in business to create a franchise worth investing in, and we are proud of our brand.

How We’re Different

Pillar To Post stands out in home inspection franchising. Investing in our brand gives you the chance to take control of your career and work with some of the foremost experts in the home inspection industry, setting your business apart from the competition.

Huge Network

Remember how we said that the home inspection industry isn’t dominated by one company? That’s a good thing for your franchise, because you won’t be competing against a huge company and its resources. In fact, as a Pillar To Post franchisee, you will be part of the largest home inspection franchise in North America. Our network—and the resources that come with it—give you an advantage over the competition.

We have over 550 franchises in the United States and Canada, along with an experienced franchise development team. Each of these people can help you learn what it takes to operate a strong business and grow your franchise.

Relationships with Real Estate Professionals

A business’s network is essential for its success. Pillar To Post’s network goes beyond our franchise owners and home office personnel to include relationships with real estate professionals all over North America. Working with the National Organization of Expert Advisors (NAEA) has given us the chance to work with real estate agents everywhere. Indeed, there are many real estate agents or companies that work exclusively with Pillar To Post franchisees, because real estate agents (and their clients) love us.

The size of our network is a huge benefit here. We have preferred relationships with many of the largest national real estate brands, including RE/MAX, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services, and Keller Williams.

Better Inspections

Simply put, our inspections are just better. That’s why customers love us and real estate agents recommend us. But what is it that makes our inspections better?

  1. On-Site Report Printouts—Clients and realtors alike love that they can go over the home inspection report right there on site with the inspector. This makes it easy for everyone to understand the condition of the home.
  2. Insured Inspectors—All of our inspectors carry insurance to protect both the real estate agent and the client.
  3. Home Inspection Packages—Clients can choose from a variety of inspection packages, giving them greater choice. When clients can choose the inspection that best fits their needs, they feel more confident in the process altogether.

The Pillar To Post franchise opportunity is unlike any other in the home inspection industry. We have spent the last 25+ years creating an opportunity that works for our franchisees and our brand. We have continued to demonstrate our commitment to the industry, our customers, and our franchise owners, which sets us apart from other brands. Choosing to invest in a Pillar To Post franchise is choosing to invest in a brand that puts your success first.

If you’re ready to get started, fill out our form for more information about your investment.

What Does a Home Inspector Do? Frequently Asked Questions

A question that we often get asked is, “What does a home inspector do?” As the owner of a Pillar To Post franchise, you will need to be able to answer that question and several others that your clients will ask.

Being able to answer these questions succinctly and confidently will set you apart in the industry:

  • What is a home inspector?
  • Why do I need a home inspection?
  • What does a home inspector look for?
  • What happens if you find issues?

Continue reading to learn more about our industry and the work you will be doing as a home inspector.

Question 1: What Is a Home Inspector?

The question “what is a home inspector” usually goes hand in hand with the question “what does a home inspector do?” A home inspector uses specific knowledge and training to inspect the structure of a home and all of the key systems and components. A Pillar To Post home inspector uses their training and technology to find potential problems in a home and document them in a report for each customer.

Question 2: Why Do I Need a Home Inspection?

Clients often ask this question because they want to know what value they will get for their money.

Before making an investment, you want to know as much as possible about whatever you are investing in. The same applies to investing in a new home, and a home inspection can give valuable information to a home buyer. A home inspection is necessary because it gives you a better understanding of the building you are about to purchase. The home inspection can save you from buying a home that requires extensive repairs that you didn’t know about.

Question 3: What Does a Home Inspector Typically Look For?

A home inspector is looking for flaws or problems with the structures and major systems of the home. This can include code violations, poor construction, or wear and tear. It is important to remind clients that a home inspection is thorough but not perfect. There may be faults with the home that are not visible to the inspector for a variety of reasons.

Some of the most common problems found during a home inspection include:

  • Poor storm drainage, with potential to cause damage or water entry
  • Roof problems
  • Water leaks
  • Electrical problems
  • Foundation cracks

Home inspectors look for signs of these common problems as well as many other flaws.

Sample of Inspected Items

Pillar To Post home inspectors check over 600 items in the home on a standard inspection, ensuring a thorough check of the entire structure. Each inspector follows a checklist designed to be thorough and efficient.

Here is a big picture overview of what gets inspected in a typical home inspection.

  1. Structure—floors, ceilings, walls, foundation, and roof
  2. Exterior—landscaping, grading, drainage, wall covering, sidewalks, driveways, trim, doors, windows, and lights
  3. Roof and attic—walkways, roof surface, type of roof construction, gutters, framing, and ventilation
  4. Plumbing—distribution pipes, condition of toilets, showers, sinks, faucets, and traps; pipes used for potable and waste water, and vent pipes; water heater
  5. Heating and air conditioning—furnace, air handler, AC condenser, venting, ducting
  6. Electrical—main panel, type of wiring, circuit breakers, grounding, receptacles, and electrical fixtures
  7. Appliances—range and oven, garbage disposal, dishwasher, and smoke detectors
  8. Garage—walls, slab, ceiling, entry, garage door, opener, receptacles, exterior, lights, windows, and roof

Question 4: What Happens If a Home Inspection Finds Issues?

In conjunction with the question, “What does a home inspector do?” your customers want to know what happens if you do find issues with the home. The findings of the home inspection are documented in a comprehensive report for the customer. Our goal is to inform.

If the home inspection does uncover issues, what happens next depends on the specifics of the real estate transaction. While the home inspector is not involved in negotiations, the inspection report can help inform the next steps. A few possible outcomes include:

  • The customer buys the house anyway, armed with the knowledge of what needs to be done
  • The buyer and seller renegotiate the transaction to cover some or all of the cost to correct the issues
  • The customer chooses to cancel the transaction and look for another house

There are a number of outcomes if the home inspection finds any problems with the home. The important thing is that the home inspection lets both buyer and seller know the condition of the home. This helps both parties make an informed decision.

Pillar To Post home inspectors make a huge difference in the home buying process in the communities where we work. If you want to help people as they make the life-changing decision to buy a home, contact us! We are actively looking for new franchisees all over North America.

Foundations For Success: Getting Ready to Open Your Pillar To Post Franchise

What is a major reason why people invest in franchises, rather than starting their own businesses from the ground up? Training and support! When you invest in a property inspection franchise, you are investing in a system that has proven itself with a variety of owners in a variety of markets, which means that it has a higher chance of working for you.

At Pillar To Post, a major factor in our franchisees’ success is the training and support that we offer. Foundations For Success, our training program, was created exclusively to give our franchisees a leg up on building strong businesses.

#1 Home Inspection Franchise, #1 Training Program

It is no accident that Pillar To Post is the #1 home inspection franchise. We work hard to help our franchisees with every aspect of owning a business, and the key to that is Foundations For Success. This training program is multi-faceted, getting you ready to open your franchise and then adding training and support when you are open for business.

Foundations For Success matches you with a personal business coach, who then guides you through all aspects of owning a Pillar To Post franchise:

  • Technical training
  • Business startup
  • Operations
  • Marketing and sales

Personal Business Coach

There are a lot of things that make Pillar To Post unique, but one of our most amazing resources for our franchisees are our personal business coaches. When you sign on, we will assign you your very own personal business coach to help you along the road to opening your franchise.

The personal business coach is especially helpful if you have never owned a business before. Your business coach’s full-time job is walking new franchise owners through the process of becoming a business owner, so he or she is an expert in getting started.

Your relationship with your business coach doesn’t end when your Pillar To Post franchise is open for business. We are proud believers in continued support for our franchisees, so you can always call on your personal business coach when you have questions or need assistance with anything down the road.

An essential part of Foundations For Success is that it includes both in-class and in-field training so that you learn every facet of owning a Pillar To Post franchise.

Technical Training

It may come as a surprise that most of our franchise owners come to us with no experience in home inspections, construction, or any other technical field. You might be wondering, “How do they know how to do home inspections if they don’t have a construction background?” The answer is simple: we train them.

Technical training is critical to your success as a franchisee. Pillar To Post has a reputation for giving quality home inspections, and we can only do that if our franchise owners are trained in the technical aspects of our industry.

Business Startup

The majority of our franchise owners have no previous experience owning a business. This lack of experience is not a disadvantage to you; rather, it makes it easier for you to learn our business plan and systems.

As part of your in-class training, you will learn necessary business skills so that you can run your business with confidence. Some of the skills you will learn in our business startup training include:

  • Business planning
  • Bookkeeping
  • Communication
  • Accounting
  • Management
  • Leadership
  • Organization
  • Networking


One of the biggest perks of working with Pillar To Post is our proven operations systems. We have perfected the art of running a home inspection franchise, with company-wide programs in place that have streamlined our company.

The Pillar To Post operations team has dedicated regional business coaches as well as peer-to-peer support, so that any questions or concerns that you may have during training, your grand opening, and throughout the life of your business.

Marketing and Sales

Attracting customers to our business is critical to your bottom line. Pillar To Post has marketing resources and partnerships that we share with our franchisees so that they can bring in business.

Not only does Pillar To Post have partnerships with leading real estate companies in most major markets, but we also have a marketing team that works around the clock to create industry leading marketing tools and programs.

As part of your training, you will learn the basics of marketing and sales to make the most of your business. Not only will you learn ways to market your business in traditional formats—print, television, and radio—but you will also learn how to utilize digital marketing strategies and social media.

At Pillar To Post, we take our business seriously. We created Foundations For Success to give our franchise owners the tools they need to build successful businesses. Our industry-leading training program teaches you everything you need to know and keeps on supporting you throughout the life of your business.

Do you have what it takes to be a Pillar To Post franchisee? Check out our franchisee qualifications!