Why the Physical Demands of a Home Inspection Franchise Aren’t a Problem for Older Franchisees

For many, starting a home inspection franchise is the ideal second career. This is especially true for those who have worked in construction before, and have had experience in the day-to-day demands of the job. If you’ve worked in construction or contracting, and are looking to enter a less physical phase of your career, you may be wary of what, exactly, is required of you as a home inspection franchisee. You’ve already put in many years of strenuous labor and may be wary of embarking on a new career, at an older age, with potentially back-breaking work.

With a Pillar To Post franchise, physical fitness should never be a concern. We offer unparalleled versatility to our franchisees that lets them participate as much or as little in the day-to-day operations as they like. If they do choose to stay involved in the labor, that labor is minimal and generally safe. If you decide to remove yourself completely from day-to-day operations, you can do that too, and comfortably stay behind the scenes.

Minimal Strength Requirements

If you do decide to take a more active role in the hands-on operations of your franchise, you won’t exactly need to worry about lifting heavy cement blocks. You don’t need to be in pique physical condition, but you should be able to lift a ladder—probably the heaviest single object you’ll need to carry—and be comfortable crawling into small spaces. There are relatively minor physical tasks, though if you have any serious physical handicap, or are prone to claustrophobia, you might have some reservations about opening a home inspection franchise. For the vast majority of franchisees, these issues never arise.

Behind the Scenes Capability

One of the most attractive aspects of running a home inspection franchise is the ability to hire a team of inspectors and work from the comfort of your home. We understand that your career change may be prompted by a desire to play a less-hands-on role. Maybe you don’t have the stamina anymore, or need to step away from physical labor for health reasons. Pillar To Post recognizes the importance of allowing franchisees to run their business however they see fit—whether it’s conducting inspections themselves, or hiring a staff—and if taking a more behind-the-scenes role aligns with your lifestyle goals, we’re supportive of that.

One of the great benefits of franchising in general is being able to tailor your management style with unparalleled flexibility. For those entering a later, less-physically-demanding stage of their career, a home inspection franchise allows you to be as hands-on as you feel comfortable.

If you’re excited by the prospect of a home inspection franchise as a second career, reach out to us today.