Take Control of Your Career with a Property Inspector Franchise

Franchising is a unique opportunity because it allows you to transfer your business or industry experience from the role of a subordinate to that of an owner and operator. When you run a property inspector franchise, you’re able to leave that restrictive corporate environment, be your own boss, and structure your own workday.

Many franchisees who leave a corporate environment are worried about the transition and want to make sure that they’re entering a stable industry. Fortunately, the home inspection industry is stronger than ever, and Pillar To Post makes our franchisees’ transition as easy as possible.

Transitioning from Corporate

Franchising is a perfect fit for those who are sick of their corporate job and want to be their own boss. Opening a property inspector franchise can really maximize that sense of freedom potential franchisees are craving. Doing so alleviates the pressures of working in a corporate environment and adhering to a set of imposed corporate rules.

We don’t expect our franchisees to have previous franchise experience. We understand that you might be new to this, as well as unsure of what it takes to be successful in an independent, non-corporate environment. That’s why we give you all the tools you need to run a successful property inspector franchise. We make sure to provide low upfront costs, an extensive training program, and a sophisticated, comprehensive marketing plan to help your business grow. You also will benefit from a strong brand with a built-in base of loyal clients, as well as a network of franchisees who want to help you succeed.

Proven Industry Strength

While there are many drawbacks to a career in a corporate setting, one consistent benefit is the stability it provides. Despite their disenchantment, many employees stay with their companies for longer than they’d like, simply because it gives them a reliable source of income and job security, and because they are wary of jumping into a new, potentially risky industry. Luckily, the home inspection industry is thriving. Our industry is worth $3 billion right now, with 4.6% annual growth, and since 2012 the average gross revenue of a Pillar To Post franchisee has increased by 35%. Our franchisees’ average gross revenue is strong as well, and projected to grow steadily in the future. When you’re leaving a relatively stable career to invest in a franchise, you want to be sure that you’re investing in a lucrative opportunity, with room for both profit and growth. A property inspector franchise allows for both. 

If you’re sick of having no control over your career or resent the lack of flexibility of your corporate job, transitioning to a Pillar To Post property inspector franchise may be for you. Reach out to us today for more information.