Looking for a Low Cost Franchise? Check These 4 Things Off Your List

Every prospective franchisee wants to minimize costs and maximize profits, but sometimes they’re fighting a losing battle. Many industries are in decline or oversaturated, or are plagued by a single company dominating the market share. Luckily, we don’t have that problem. Home Inspection is a 3 billion dollar industry that’s only getting bigger. Pillar To Post’s sophisticated support infrastructure for franchisees ensures that you not only benefit from our low-cost franchise fees but also take full advantage of a booming industry and see the highest possible ROI. If you’re determined to invest in a low cost franchise, here are four things that should boost your confidence in Pillar To Post. 

Affordable Startup Costs

Investing in a low cost franchise with minimal upfront expenses and high ROI is on everybody’s checklist. We want you to launch your franchise without feeling like you’ve broken the bank and have to play catch-up. That’s why our franchise fee is a low $21,900, with affordable financing available for $9,000 of the total. If you’re a veteran or an existing home inspector, there’s further financing available. In fact, in 2016, 20% of our new franchisees were veterans. We also only require 7% of gross revenue as a royalty payment, and an additional 4% to be reallocated across all of our franchisees to assist with advertising costs. These low startup costs make us the most affordable home inspection franchise in North America.

ROI That Pays Off

Now that you know about our manageable startup costs, you’re probably wondering: “Okay, so how much money can I actually make here?” Of course, every franchise is different, and your success will correlate directly with how you choose to run your business. However, since 2012, the average gross revenue of a Pillar To Post franchisee has increased 35% and is steadily growing. Our average gross revenue for franchisees is high as well, and increasing at a healthy clip. When you take these trends into account, investing in your own low cost Pillar To Post franchise is an easy decision.

Strong Support System

If you don’t have a ton of business experience, don’t worry. You won’t be going it alone. We have a team of 30+ people dedicated to assisting you with growing your franchise and guiding you toward success. We pair each of our franchisees with a personal business coach, who will help you achieve your goals. Our business coaches have years of experience in franchising and are well-equipped to answer questions, provide guidance, and give you the tools and resources to make your investment worthwhile.

A Thriving Industry

Unlike many industries, there is no monopoly on the home inspection industry. No single company dominates the space, meaning there’s plenty of room for your franchise to grow and compete. Currently, home inspection is a 3 billion dollar industry with 4.6% annual growth. In franchising, timing is essential, and it’s a great time for the housing market. Nearly 6 million Americans purchased homes in 2016, with that number expected to rise. This year, millennials, eager to settle into their first house, will comprise 33% of home-buyers. If you’re looking for the perfect time to enter the housing arena—this is it.

Ready to take advantage of a booming industry with a low cost franchise? Check out our infographic to learn everything you need to know.